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Chapter 1

Callie had been at a loss for words since she had last spoken to Arizona. She had been confident that she knew the other woman, that she had finally figured out the cause to Arizona's reluctance to having children. The weight of their argument had seemed to fade away when Callie mentioned Arizona's brother to Mark. She had solved the problem and all she had to do was let the blonde know that she understood.

She had not been prepared for the look she received. She had seen Arizona display an array of emotions. Happy, sad, surprised, confused, loving, lustful, overwhelmed, supportive. She had seen them all. Even when the other woman was upset, her blue eyes were always bright and alert and focused. The look she had received was like nothing she had ever seen from the smaller woman. It was beyond angry. It was far from simply being upset or tired. It was hatred. When the look was directed at her, Callie had barely recognized Arizona. She was not the cute, confident and flirty new doctor who had kissed her at Joe's. She was not the confused woman standing in an elevator asking her on a date. She was not the smiling girlfriend confessing her love to her.

The look had startled Callie enough to realize that this argument was larger than it seemed. The hatred she saw in those blue eyes she loved so much was not directed at her. It was directed inward. Arizona was protecting herself from something. The words had shocked Callie next. She had always heard people talk about others' words "dripping with venom". She understood that phrase now. Arizona had always spoken to Callie with nothing but reverent tones. Never had the dark-haired woman felt more important than when Arizona Robbins spoke to her. It didn't matter what they talked about. When the blonde spoke to Callie, her words and tone of voice were always light and musical. It was as if every word had been rehearsed to ensure that they had the most powerful impact. Arizona's words to Callie had never "dripped venom". Not until today, that is. Callie was too overwhelmed to say or do anything. She had sat and listened to Arizona talk about not being broken. She had seen the look in her eyes and the tension in her shoulders as she informed her that she hoped she wasn't wrong about enjoying her life with Callie in it.

It had been too much. Callie had gone from thinking she knew Arizona Robbins, that she knew the root cause of their argument, to having the floor fall away beneath her feet. She didn't know anything. Worst of all, she felt like she really didn't know the blonde as well as she thought she did either. As Arizona had gotten to her feet and headed to the door, Callie's mind had frantically told her to say something, to do something. All she had managed was a weak, "Wait" before Arizona had left the room.

Callie had remained in the room for more than an hour going over everything she had ever talked about with Arizona. She had replayed their last conversation in her mind until she couldn't stand it anymore. She knew that things didn't add up. The anger she had received from Arizona had not been justified. If the other woman just did not want kids, she couldn't seem to understand where all the anger was coming from. Why not just tell her that her brother and her job had nothing to do with her decision? Why all the venom? In the end, Callie had decided that, as much as she wanted children, she wanted Arizona more. Her past relationships had paled in comparison to Arizona. She had cared for George and had thought she was in love with him. Her desire to have children, then, had come from a different place. In those days, she had thought that having a child would cement things between herself and George. She had hoped that a baby would make their relationship real and important to him. She'd had selfish reasons for wanting a child then. When she got involved with Erica, well, kids weren't really on her mind, what with all the self discovery and all.

With Arizona she felt loved and respected, desired and needed. She felt like an equal with Arizona. She had to try to save that before throwing in the towel. She had to try to understand things before she gave up. Calliope Torres didn't like being confused, so she had decided that she had to try to get the blonde to open up to her before completely shutting her out of her life.

When Callie walked into her room and saw Arizona lying on her side of the bed, she smiled. As upset as the blonde was with her, she had still come home to their bed and laid down on Callie's side. Callie hesitated only briefly before lying down next to the smaller woman. She was slightly hurt that Arizona turned away from her, but she was determined to say what she had to say. Lying against the blonde, she placed her left hand on Arizona's side as she bent her head slightly to breathe in the woman's scent. She loved the way Arizona smelled. Once upon a time, she had thought it odd to be so wrapped up in something as simple as the way a person smelled. Like everything else with the peds surgeon, nothing was simple. Arizona smelled like Japanese cherry blossoms. It was light and subtle, but it drove her crazy.

"My cousin's baby punched her in the face" she said as she let out a sigh. "Literally. She had a black eye from a one year old." Arizona's only response was a deep sigh. The sigh told Callie that she was tired of having this particular argument. The dark skinned woman continued to stare at the back of the blonde's head. This was harder to say than she had expected. Everything she had been feeling was threatening to come out.

"Who needs that, right? she asked when she received no other signs of response from Arizona. Her voice wasn't as strong as it had been. Arizona looked confused at Callie's words and the emotions behind them. "I don't need that" Callie continued, her statement sounding more like a question.

"They scream, they're grimy, they smell like poop. The whole house...smells like poop." Arizona turned over to face her lover as the other woman started to cry. Her heart hurt for Callie. She, literally, felt sick to her stomach seeing the raven haired woman break down into tears. Calliope was right about one thing. She didn't need that, meaning, she didn't need her. Arizona wanted to tell Callie everything. She wanted to explain things to the other woman so that she would understand. She wanted a lot of things. Calliope didn't need Arizona keeping her from her dreams, her desires. She didn't need all the extra baggage that Arizona came with.

"Don't" the peds surgeon whispered to Callie. She had meant to say more, but all that she could get to come was that single word. Callie continued to cry as the enormity of the situation came crashing down on her. She was emotionally exhausted. She hated fighting with Arizona. She hated feeling like she was being left in the dark. She just wanted them to go back to casual lunches in the cafeteria. She wanted sexy time in an on-call room and playful banter about chicken pox. She wanted late nights at the batting cage with her arms wrapped tightly around Arizona's waist. She wanted to dance in her living room and conspire with the blonde to play matchmaker for Bailey. She wanted to sit in the park and eat pizza. What she didn't want was this gut wrenching feeling she was currently experiencing.

"Don't" she heard Arizona repeat herself, but couldn't stop the flood of emotions from overcoming her. She felt Arizona shift in the bed and felt her hands come to rest against her face. "Don't" Arizona sighed against her lips before softly kissing her. That was all it took for Callie to let go. She didn't want to think about things anymore. She just wanted to experience everything her senses could tell her about the woman next to her. She kissed Arizona back as she mirrored the other woman's actions and brought her hands to Arizona's face.

Moving slightly, Callie brought the hand that was on Arizona's face to the side of her head so she could support her weight above her. She leaned into the blonde as she dragged her tongue over Arizona's bottom lip.

"Calliope..." the blonde half sighed-half moaned against her mouth. Callie didn't give Arizona time to form any further protest. She kissed a hot path down the woman's chin and neck, stopping only briefly to place a gentle kiss on her pulse point, before her lips came to rest against Arizona's right ear. She nuzzled the small space behind the blonde's ear with her nose before whispering, "I love you" and placing a light kiss on Arizona's ear lobe. She heard and felt the blonde let out a gasp. Arizona's hands found their way to the top of her head and let her hair down. Her nails scratched lightly against Callie's scalp. Callie realized that the other woman was trying to pull her head up.

"Calliope, don't." It was obvious to the ortho surgeon that Arizona was finding it difficult to concentrate on resisting. She didn't know what the blonde was trying to tell her. A part of her was screaming that she needed to listen to Arizona. She needed to talk to her. The other, and larger, part of her was demanding that she just FEEL the other woman. She was tired of talking. Talking had gotten them nowhere. She just wanted to touch and taste Arizona. She wanted to find her peace in the body of the woman currently breathing heavily into her hair.

Moving her head slightly, Callie positioned her mouth against Arizona's ear once again. She let out a sigh that she knew would send chills along Arizona's body. Her right hand was slowly finding its way under the hem of the blonde's shirt and she felt the rewards of her actions when her hand grazed chill bumps on Arizona's stomach.

"I love you" she repeated in Arizona's ear. Her tongue was drawing lazy circles along Arizona's ear lobe. The blonde's hands in her hair were tightening into an almost frantic grip and the breaths against her head were quickly becoming pants.

"Just let me touch you, baby, please," Callie whispered, "feel me, be with me." She knew she sounded almost desperate, but her body was telling her that this was what she needed. Her mind was telling her that this was what they both needed. Callie brought her head up so that she could look down into the blonde's blue eyes. They were two shades darker than her normal hue and that alone sent an electric shiver down Callie's spine. Arizona's hands had moved from her hair down to her chest and where down flat against her sternum. Callie knew that Arizona could most likely feel her heart pounding against the inside of her chest. She leaned down to kiss the blonde and was relieved when she felt no resistance. Arizona moved her hands to the back of Callie's neck and proceeded to, once again, wrap her fingers in her hair.

"Calliope," Arizona whispered before Callie's lips could connect with her own, "You drive me crazy. I want you. I want you so badly" she sighed. Callie's only response was to kiss her. She felt as if Arizona was trying to tell her more with her words. In her lust induced state, it was hard for her to follow that train of thought. She felt Arizona kicking the sheets off the bed to free her legs. Callie shifted so that she was directly on top of the smaller woman. It wasn't often that Callie was in control of their love making. Arizona was a bit of a control freak and rarely gave up control of anything. Callie was determined that, tonight, she would be in control. Pulling back from the kiss, she straddled the blonde's slim hips and looked down at her. Arizona looked uncertain, but highly aroused. Her hands were kneading Callie's thighs and making their way slowly up to the apex of her legs. Callie couldn't suppress the moan that escaped her mouth. Breathing heavily, she looked back down at Arizona before grabbing her hands and pulling them away from her body.

"Arizona, you don't have to be in control of everything all the time, baby." The blonde looked confused as she felt the Latina shift her weight above her and pin her hands above her head. Arizona immediately tried to remove them from Callie's grasp, but the larger woman pressed them back against the pillows at the headboard.

"Don't" she told her. Arizona looked up into Callie's eyes and saw that she was very serious. Something was transpiring between them. Something larger than the two of them. Callie was trying to make a point. She was trying to get Arizona to see...something. If she was honest with herself, she had to admit that she was extremely turned on by this power play. It wasn't often that Arizona Robbins let anyone top her. This was different. She had never been so turned on in her life. She was convinced that her heart was going to pound out of her chest. She couldn't seem to get enough air into her lungs, if her heavy breathing was any indication. She shifted slightly under the weight of her girlfriend and realized how wet she had become.

"Don't, Ari." Callie looked down at her before repositioning herself so that her weight rested on her left side where her left hand currently held the blonde's hands above her head. Arizona was watching her every move as she tried, desperately, to draw air into her lungs. The blonde's eyes were fixed on Callie's. She saw her own arousal mirrored in the dark pools before her. Arizona felt Callie's free hand moving down her body. She swallowed a sharp gasp as the other woman's hand reached the hem of her shirt once again. Callie leaned forward and kissed Arizona. The blonde had never experienced a more heated kiss in all 32 of her years. Calliope's body was on fire and her tongue was forcing that heat into Arizona's mouth. She moaned into Callie's mouth as she fought for a breath. The dark skinned woman's hand was now under her shirt and moving upwards along her stomach.

"Oh God" she groaned. She didn't know what was different about tonight, but something was. Arizona felt as if she would die from sensory overload. She attempted to pull Callie into another kiss, but was disappointed when the other woman pulled back.

"Ari, keep your eyes on me" Callie said as she looked down at the woman beneath her. The hand under Arizona's shirt had reached her breasts and was currently tracing a path around one of the blonde's nipples. Arizona arched her back in a desperate attempt to deepen the contact between them. Her eyes closed as Callie moved her hand to her other breast. She was being driven mad by the other woman. Her hands were still pinned above her head and Callie refused to even remove the blonde's bra so she could feel her skin against her own.

"Open your eyes. Look at me, baby" the blonde heard Callie say. She opened her eyes and was overcome with arousal when she saw the look the dark skinned woman was giving her. She was amazed by this entire experience. Callie had not even really touched her that much. They were both still fully clothed, but Arizona was finding it extremely difficult to even care too much about that minor detail. One moment she had been lying in their bed contemplating the day's events. The next moment, Callie was crying and giving up her dreams for her. And now? Now she was writhing beneath the woman she loved more than anything else. Now, she was gasping and panting as she tried to remember to breathe. Now, she was flooded with sensation and emotion as she stared into the eyes of her lover.

"Calliope," she breathed as she tried, yet again, to deepen the physical contact between them. "I need to touch you. I can't...I can't..." The rest of the sentence was cut short when the blonde felt Callie's hand start a downward path towards the drawstrings of her pants. She moaned deeply and loudly as she felt the raven haired woman's fingers working on untying the loop to her pants. Her hips moved and bucked of their own accord. Once Callie had the knot untied, she proceeded to push the pants down Arizona's legs. The blonde helped her in that endeavor as she practically kicked herself out of, what she considered now, the offensive garment.

"Touch me," Arizona moaned as she looked at Callie, "touch me." The blonde's hands were still grasped in Callie's and she wanted desperately to touch the other woman, but Callie's grip was strong and she found that she couldn't break the hold. She felt Callie shift her weight marginally and her grip loosened for just a moment. It was enough. Arizona tore her hands from the loose grip and immediately buried them into dark tresses. She brought her lips to Callie's and moaned at the contact. Her tongue didn't wait for an invitation before invading the darker woman's mouth. She was breathing heavily through her nose as she felt her tongue come into contact with Callie's. Both women gasped at the feeling.

Callie was trying to regain control when she felt Arizona wrap her legs around her waist. Deepening the kiss with the smaller woman, Callie slipped her hand under Arizona's panties. The blonde moved her hips forward trying to get Callie's hand where she needed it. She broke away from the kiss to draw, much needed, air into her lungs. Callie removed her hand from Arizona's panties as she moved to rest her weight on her left arm. Pulling back, she used her right hand to remove the blonde's hands from her hair and put them back above her head. Once there, she leaned into Arizona and shifted her weight so that she could grasp the blonde's hands, once again in her left hand.

"Just wait" she said softly to Arizona. It was spoken so lightly, that Arizona wasn't sure if she had actually spoken. She looked up at Callie and saw her smiling down at her. Whatever was happening between them, it was important. Callie moved her hips down against the blonde causing her to moan as she closed her eyes. Arizona felt soft lips against her own before hearing Callie say, "Eyes open, Zona"

Callie was trying to kill her. It was the only explanation that the blonde could come up with. She couldn't touch the other woman. She couldn't close her eyes and Callie wouldn't just get on with it. Arizona didn't know if it was tormented pleasure she was feeling or exquisite pain. Her panties were soaked with the evidence of her need. She just wanted Callie to touch her.

Breathing deeply, she attempted to slow her pounding heart. Opening her eyes once again, she looked back up at Callie. The other woman sighed before saying, "This feels good, Ari. This IS good." Callie ground her hips down again, causing Arizona to let out a long moan. The blonde's hips were moving up and down trying to feel the woman above her. Her legs, wrapped around Callie's waist, tightened as Callie continued to rub herself against the blonde.

The dark skinned woman was amazed at the look in Arizona's eyes. It was breathtaking. She found it hard to keep her own eyes open. The feelings and sensations running through her were mind blowing. She moved her hand back down to Arizona's panties and slipped her finger inside. The blonde bucked her hips wildly as she groaned deeply. Callie couldn't believe how wet the other woman was. Slipping her fingers through her folds, she couldn't help but moan herself. Arizona was looking at her through hooded eyes. The dark haired woman could feel the blonde's breath on her face as she gasped for air.

"Callie..." Arizona whispered. Callie locked eyes with Arizona before dropping two fingers lower and sliding them into her. The blonde's eyes went wide as her hips surged forward to intensify the contact. She was finding it insanely difficult to keep her eyes open, but the look Callie was giving her made her continue to try. Callie was in awe of Arizona. The emotions running over her face and through her eyes was almost enough to give Callie her own release.

"You feel amazing, Ari"

Callie's head dropped slightly to rest against the blondes and their breathing evened out to match the others. Arizona leaned forward to kiss the darker woman. Her hips were still moving forward trying to get Callie's fingers deeper. The ortho surgeon was so wrapped up in what she was experiencing, that she failed to notice Arizona pulling her hands free from the grasp above her head.



Both women looked into each others eyes. Arizona's right hand was running down Callie's spine while her left was wrapping itself around Callie's right wrist. She slowed the fingers inside her with her touch. Callie looked at her, afraid that the blonde was going to end what was happening between them.

"I love you, too" Arizona said softly before pushing Callie's fingers deeper insde her. She gasped as she felt Callie curl her fingers. The two women had locked gazes and were panting heavily against one another. The blonde's legs were digging into Callie's waist and back as she felt herself nearing orgasm. The hand wrapped around Callie's wrist was threatening to cut off the darker skinned woman's circulation.

Callie broke eye contact briefly to slam her mouth into Arizona's. Their tongue's were battling for dominance and as the two women breathed the others air. Callie took Arizona's bottom lip between her teeth and nipped her playfully before running her tongue along it to sooth it. She felt the other tightening around her fingers as her hips gave way to a frantic pace. Pulling her gaze back up to the blonde's, she whispered softly to her "Let go, baby. For me, just let go." Her words had a double meaning. She wasn't sure which meaning Arizona took, but the next thing she knew, her fingers were being cluthced tightly as Arizona stiffened beneath her. The blonde's hips froze as she dug her feet into the back of Callie's thighs. Arizona heard herself moaning and panting, but it sounded dim over the pounding in her ears.