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Oxygen-colbie caliat-leland fic

Emma Lebeaux couldn't believe she was actually going to do this. Tell him how she felt this was stupid she was just emmie to him. One of the guys not girlfriend material. When they'd met she was an angry victim of abuse who worked out at his gym. She felt she lived in a world of angry people and it slowly tore her apart. Until he came along with his sunshine smile hell bent on helping her heal and she soon found out it was like his life's mission to make her smile or pull a genuine laugh from her sulky spirit. She wasn't sure when she tripped into love with him maybe that wasn't a strong enough word it was more a head over heels thing where she felt like there where bricks attached to her feet and was tossed in the ocean. In short she was sunk. Not that she minded.

Her hand lingered on the door to Da kine bail bonds he looked up spotting her. Well shit she couldn't bail now but she couldn't breathe either. He smirked like he knew something she didn't.

She swung the door open with more confidence than she really felt tossing her light brown hair over her shoulder. "Hey Le…" she stepped into the office good I'm making progress she thought at least I spoke. Just don't turn that smile on full blast and I'll be fine god this is so utterly stupid. He was talking to her concentrate Emma she chanted internally. "What gods do I owe today getting to see your pretty face Emmalina?" that was their running joke the gods liked him he was friends with her after all. "Hello Emmie?" Speak you idiot she thought." Can I talk to you a minute outside?" away from prying ears she thought.

"Sure…" he followed her out.

"What's up girly need me to beat someone up?"

"No no nothing like that…" god she needed air breathe Emma.

"Em, you look pale seriously what's wrong?"

"You know how you always say I can tell you anything?"


"Well there's this one thing I can't it gets stuck in my throat… but I have to tell you because for one you are with the wrong girl,"

"Am I?"

"Yes, don't go getting all pissed because you and I both know Veronica is a shallow bitch…but I have to tell you because I'm done living in fear and waiting for it to go away when it only gets stronger day by day. The fact is…" oh god here we go deep breaths… "I love you…"

"I love you too…:

"No I mean I'm in love with you like rent shitty movies I hate trudge my way through ufc Kinda love."

"I know what you meant and I meant I love you too. Just waiting on you to say it with your past I didn't want to spook you." pulled her to him kissing her full on the mouth.

Lyssa looked out the window. "Leland's kissing Em." she said as if it was nothing new. "What?" Duane lee asked "damn near a make out session look for yourself." Lyssa poked her head out the door. "This mean what I think it does?"

"Wait you knew?"

"It was rather obvious Leland."

"What where you thinking earlier when you where smirking?"

"I was picturing you naked." Emma tossed her head back and laughed.