One Week.

Summary: One week is all it takes to understand what these two go through, the flurry of emotions that grace Duncan and Courtney in one single week.

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A Note: Someone! Please! Stop me from writing! I'm joking, right, this is a completely random thing that I came up with while listening to the song 'One Week' by Barenaked Ladies, it instantly made me think of Duncan and Courtney so here we are! However this isn't a song fic, I will be using lyrics from the song to help my story flow, but that's it, there's no real story to this, its just pretty much an insight to Courtney and Duncan living with each other, anyway I hope you enjoy.

Also, this will be updated all the way to Sunday, hence the name of the song, 'One Week'.


Chapter One: Monday: The Living Room.

It's been one week since you looked at me
Cocked your head to the side and said "I'm angry"…


Duncan froze when he heard a shrill scream cawing his name out, he furrowed his brow and angrily left his room upstairs and strolled down the stairs, he knew what this was going to be about and had expected this sooner or later, he just preferred later.

This was starting to become a daily occurrence for him, he normally came home from work a good two hours before Courtney did and by the time she came home she had already made a list of twenty things that he had done that had pissed her off.

Duncan had been in the bathroom bandaging up his left hand that was bleeding slightly, how he had gotten it was the reason why Courtney was pissed.

However this time was different, instead of walking down the mahogany stairs not knowing what he had done wrong, he knew exactly what he had done wrong, and it was pretty big, slowly he finished the staircase and dragged his feet towards the living room.

As he strolled lazily into the living room he was instantly met with the red face of Courtney, she looked furious. He brown eyes were shaking in anger and her long brown hair was slightly matted.

"I'm not happy" She growled low in her throat.

"Why?" Duncan mumbled.

Courtney's eyes widened so much they looked like they were going to pop out of her head, "Why? Can you not see our living room?" She shouted pointed round to the room behind her.

Duncan cocked his head to the side to look over Courtney's shoulder to see that his living room was a complete mess, the once cream decorated living room was trashed beyond repair, their sofa had chunk ripped out of it and several white lamps had been knocked over and shattered and the wallpaper had been pretty much torn off the walls.

Duncan couldn't help but let a little laugh escape his mouth, earning a disapproving glare from Courtney.

"Did you do this?" Courtney hissed at him, "I knew you didn't like how I decorated our house but there was no need for you to go and completely destroy our living room! You're so inconsiderate!"

"Whoa relax Princess" Duncan said coyly, "I didn't do this!"

Courtney blinked, "Well if you didn't do this…then who did? The Magic Elves?"

Just as Courtney said this, a very odd croaking noise from behind an armchair on the far side on the room with a huge hole in the middle, suddenly a tiny black hand reached out and grabbed hold of some of the stuffing from the sofa.

Courtney slowly turned her head back round to meet Duncan's face, "What…was…that?"

Duncan let a smug grin spread across his face, "You're new pet".

"My new…WHAT?" Courtney snapped loudly.

"I knew you'd like it" Duncan said sarcastically.

Courtney immediately made a beeline for the arm chair, she kept her distance and nervously peered around the side, "You're going to have to get closer than that Darlin'" Duncan said to her.

Courtney scowled at him and slowly edged closer to behind the arm chair, she slowly got onto her hands and knees and crawled behind the chair, there was a slight pause as Courtney's whole body disappeared behind the chair, until there was a loud scream followed by the same croaking they had heard earlier.

There was another loud thud and Courtney immediately reappeared from behind the sofa looking worse than before, her hair was messed up and Duncan could swear that she had a chunk missing, her neat work shirt had been ripped and torn in several places and she was missing a shoe.

"You ok?" Duncan asked lazily, still standing in the door room, Courtney promptly took her shoe off and threw it and Duncan who quickly ducked and let it fly over his head.

"Do I look ok you Dick?" Courtney shouted at him.

"What the hell is that thing?" Courtney asked again jabbing a finger towards the sofa.

"Like I said, your new pet" Duncan replied.

"That's not a pet that's a-." Courtney froze when the croaking started up again and a small grey raccoon trotted out from behind the chair with Courtney's shoe still firmly gripped in its mouth.

"A Raccoon?" Courtney snapped looking at Duncan, "Again?"

"Yeah, well yesterday at dinner you said you wouldn't mind getting another pet, there you go" Duncan said pointing to the Raccoon who was now sitting on its back legs in the middle of the living room chewing on Courtney's shoe.

"When I said pet, I meant a Dog or a Cat, or a normal animal!" Courtney growled, "Not another Raccoon! I think we dealt with enough stress from Britney before she ran away".

"Exactly she ran away" Courtney hissed, "She ran away because we were fighting…and you left the door open".

"Alright fine, then I won't leave the door open again!" Duncan snapped back walking over to the torn up sofa and sitting down, "Look you wanted a pet so I got you a pet, you could at least show a little gratitude!"

"Yes I wanted a pet" Courtney growled storming over to Duncan, "Not something that would destroy my home, look at that thing! It looks like you picked it up on your way home from work!"

"Yeah…I did!" Duncan said rolling his eyes, "Come on Babe, it'll be fun looking after a Raccoon again!"

Courtney's lip curled as she looked back at the Raccoon who was now foaming at the mouth, "That thing looks like it has rabies!"

"Now that's not nice!" Duncan said placing his hands behind his head, "So what if I found it passed out on the way home from work, it's so much cheaper than buying one or getting a dog for that matter".

"Alright then" Courtney hissed jabbing a finger into Duncan's chest, "If you think it's so cheap, then you're sorting this mess out, and guess what? It's coming out of YOUR paycheck!"

With that Courtney stormed out of the living room, but not before snatching her chewed up shoe out of the Raccoon's mouth who was now passed out of the floor again and storming up stairs.

Duncan snarled angrily and jumped up, "Alright fine!" He shouted up the stairs, "But guess what Princess, I'm decorating it the way I want to, meaning Skull wallpaper here we come!"

Duncan smirked to himself knowing he had won this, he walked back to the living room and picked up the Raccoon by the scruff of hi neck and opened the front door and placed him back on the ground, "Run free little guy!" Duncan said before closing the door, then he walked back into the living room and eyed the sight in front of him.

Ok, so maybe this was all his fault, but hey, he was just trying to make his Princess happy…with a slightly odd way to expressing it.

Three days since the living room
I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you
Yesterday you'd forgiven me
but it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry…

I could imagine Duncan doing something like this to annoy Courtney, in a loving way of course!

Sorry it's a bit short, but it's meant to be that way, stay put and tomorrow the Tuesday Addition will be posted!

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