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Chapter Seven: Sunday: The End.

Three days since the living room
We realized we're both to blame,

but what could we do?...

Courtney let out a gentle4 sigh as she looked around her living room, six days ago it had been trashed beyond repair, she had screamed at Duncan, blaming him for it all.

She had to admit, screaming at him did have its pluses, he got the job done fast enough, and despite what he said, he didn't decorate it with skulls, everything was just like it was before it was destroyed.

She smiled, she was hard on Duncan but it got things done, it was just a simple procedure, if she was a little snappy here and there then things turned out ok in the end.

But things hadn't turned out ok; it had been a week since the living room was trashed and they were still finding ways to trip the other up, it shouldn't be like this, they were in a relationship, not at war.

She sighed again, maybe it was to do with her this time, maybe it was because she had never thanked Duncan for re decorating for her.

That was it.

She blinked as she thought of two little words that would make everything ok, thank you! She then realized it, it wasn't I'm sorry, it was thank you, those two words were going to make everything ok as soon as Duncan came home from work.

She bit her lip and walked into the cream living room and sat herself down on her sofa, now, she just had to wait for the perfect way to say thanks.

Soon she was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of the door opening; Courtney slowly stood up and waited for Duncan to walk in and see her, but he didn't

Courtney raised an eyebrow curiously as she heard footsteps passing the living room and making their way to the kitchen, slowly she stepped out of the living room to follow the footsteps, and there she saw him.

Duncan had his back turned to her and was placing some plastic bags on the counter in front of him, Courtney didn't think that he knew that she was in the same room as him.

Slowly she walked up behind him and placed her arms around his waist and hugged his back, Duncan looked up and craned his neck around to see Courtney behind him, hugging him tightly.

"You ok Courtney?" He asked a little unsure of why she was suddenly showing affection.

"Yeah" She replied, not letting go.

"Well…is there any reason why you're cutting off the circulation on my back?" He asked turning himself around so Courtney was now hugging his front.

"Duncan…thank you".

His ears pricked up when he heard those words, something all week he hadn't been expecting, "What?" He asked, still very unsure of what she had said.

"I'm saying thank you" Courtney said, looking up at him, "For…well everything, the living room's amazing, its like nothing happened to it".

Duncan looked at her blankly, he had finished the living room days ago and she only chose to realize this now? He had to be fair though, she had been running around like a madwoman all week for no reason, no wonder she only just realized.

"Its cool Babe, I only live to make you happy" He said as he turned back around to fished something out of his bag behind him, then he pulled out a small container.

"Here" He said handing it to Courtney, "I got it after work today…it's chocolate, just the one you like".

Courtney smiled and placed the container back down, "Thanks" She said kindly before pulling Duncan into another hug, and then leaning up to kiss his warm lips.

This was something that the two of them had missed all the time that they had been fighting for, the taste of each others kiss that actually meant something, true they had been kissing all week, but this was the first time the two of them could actually feel passion seeping off each other, it was as if all their problems from this week were melting away.

They soon pulled away and rested in each others arms for a while, before Courtney pulled away, "Wanna watch a movie?" She asked, "We've got ice cream!"

Duncan smirked, "Sure Babe".

The two were now snuggled on their new couch in each others arms while they watched a romantic film, Duncan had let her choose to save them fighting again, if he had the choice it would be a slasher movie where no one survives and every actor in the films is involved in a blood bath, still he couldn't complain, Courtney was so involved in the film that she hadn't noticed that Duncan had slithered a hand from her waist to her behind and now had his hand resting on it firmly.

"Isn't that sweet" Courtney mumbled as she watched the two main people in the film kissing each other in the rain.

"Yeah" Duncan mumbled, praying that soon someone would die.

Courtney craned her neck up to look at Duncan, "What's wrong? You don't sound too happy?"

"I'm fine Babe" He said back to her, "Seriously, I'm all good".

In reality Duncan was thinking, the other day, Courtney had tried to make amends by saying that she was sorry, he laughed at it however, still he hadn't said he was sorry to her yet, for laughing at her Grandmother's cat's funeral, from making herself look like a fool in front of her parents the night before, and from the whole ice cream incident the day before that.

He pursed his lips, he wanted to make those final amends but something inside of him just couldn't do it.

If Courtney managed to do it, then why couldn't he? He strained to think of a reason why he couldn't say he was sorry for all this? Was it because he was so in love with her he wanted to keep her hanging or what?

"Alright, something is bothering you" Courtney said, now sitting up, "What is it?"

Duncan sighed; it was now or never, "Court, I have something to tell you".


"I…" He fell silent, sorry seemed to get lost in his mouth, "I don't know if you've realized but my hand's been on your ass for a long time now and my God its feels good".

Courtney blushed furiously and slapped Duncan's shoulder, "You pig! I thought we were having a moment there!"

"Nah, sorry to burst your bubble Babe!" He said laughing, until he realized what he just said.


"I came out so easy there, so why couldn't he just say 'I'm sorry'? It was still a mystery, he watched as Courtney moved away from him slightly.

"Come on Princess" He said laughing, pulling her closer, "I love you" He finally said, he could feel her soften against him.

"I love you too" She finally mumbled.

"Good to hear!"

"Nice to hear it from you too".

Duncan let a lazy grin spread across his face, sorry will just have to wait for another day, for now, he was just going to live in the moment of having Courtney, the most perfect girl in the world resting against him.

And God did he really love her.

Yesterday you just smiled at me
Cause it'll still be two days till we say we're sorry…

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