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Everything had been going great. It really had been. I was actually happy. Everything comes to an end though. That's where I was now. My life had crashed one day and I've never recovered. I wasn't the same Rose Hathaway everyone had once known and loved. But then, love wasn't even a question for me. In fact, I had hated the very thought for three years. See, I was in love once. He was my world until he stole my heart only to shatter my soul. Dimitri Belikov still had my heart, but he had long since refused to keep it. He just didn't seem to understand I couldn't take it back. I didn't want it back. Does that mean I still loved the man who destroyed me? Not even a little bit. I just came to the conclusion that he branded me for life and I had to trudge through the grime he left.

As things stand now, I have been doing a lot better about that than I had thought I ever could back then. Of course, that was because I hadn't seen him since that horrible day. I'm not go into detail about that day. It won't change anything, but I will explain. See Dimitri told me that he didn't love me. In fact, he took it further and told me he had been lying. He had never loved me. He was just playing with me. Can you believe that? Well I didn't believe it at first. See, that hadn't been the first time he claimed he didn't love me. What made me believe him was when I caught him with a woman we both knew very well. I don't plan on dropping the woman's name. The very thought of her sends my blood boiling, but yes, she was the factor - especially when you put into light that the bitch wanted him almost as much as I did. After that moment, my life ended.

It took me forever to get where I was today. I mean I loved him and losing him like that had destroyed me. I was an empty shell for months. As the days dragged on, the pain never faded. I merely learned to live with it. Well, if you can call it living. Really, I wouldn't call it that. I talk to my friends. I socialize. I mingle. I put on a happy face for my friends and family. That wasn't my reality though. I was the only one who seemed to realize that I was pretending. It was a game only I knew the rules to. My mask was always in place, but left alone to long and my charade would fall. Those were my weakest moments. Those moments I would fall back to that girl who had been lovesick for the Russian God. I hated those moments. I hated that Rose. More importantly, I hated him for turning me into that. There was one other difference between who I was back then and who I was now. My ability to forgive and forget had become practically non-existent and I was a lot more trigger-happy and cynical.

Well on less dreary memos, I still had my friends. Lissa Dragomir, my best friend, was always there with me, for me. I always found that ironic seeing how I am her guardian now and as her guardian she is supposed to come first no matter the situation. That was the thought in my head as I shoved my stake into my belt and headed down to the dining room for breakfast. It was actually a real smile for now too. I hadn't thought of Dimitri much for a week and my dreams of him had been non-existent. That meant I have actually slept a few full nights. It happened occassionally, but those breaks were practically non-existent. So, yes I certainly had to milk up the reprieve for all it was worth. So I entered the dining room with a smile so bright that I was sure that it would carry the same effect for Lissa - and her fiance Christian Ozera - the same way the sun might.

My theory didn't get the chance to play out, because the moment I walked into the room, I saw the one thing that could wipe that cheerful smile right off my face. He was there; Dimitri was just standing there and talking to Lissa and Christian. I couldn't really tell if they were as surprised by his presence as I was, but they did seem happy to see him. I doubted the two traitors had been clueless, and I accusatory thoughts appeared to be accurate when all three of them finally noticed me standing there. Christian wore that stupid, cocky grin of his. Dimitri didn't show any real reaction. I would call it a poker face but that term didn't do it justice. He was wearing his guardian mask. Then, there was Lissa. Not only was her expression guilty, but her emotions just screamed that she had known. And me? I just stared at the group like the idiot I was. Really, what would you expect. I hadn't seen Dimitri in three years. I wasn't merely stunned; I was that lovesick teen who had just gotten her heart crushed.

"Hello, Rose," Dimitri said, breaking the awkward silence as he held my gaze.

I didn't bother replying. At the moment, I knew that I was just as blank-faced as he was. I just wasn't sure how strong my hold was. I was afraid that if I spoke that all the pain and horrid emotions for him would be obvious. So, instead, I hurried to the table and sat down. It was a rectangle and huge. Seating capacity was maybe thirty people. That was the only reason I didn't bother leaving. I mean what was the likeliness of Dimitri and I sitting together. Sadly, he must have realized what I was doing because he took the chair on my left.

"Are you going to ignore me during my entire stay here?" he asked so quietly that I was sure only I had heard him.

"What are you doing here?" I said, staring around the room and refusing to look at him.

The room was beautiful. It's sapphire blue, silver, and white color theme was relaxing and vibrant. It managed to turn my sour moods into something brighter. Like Dimitri. Oh no, I wasn't going to go there. Not now. Not ever. I was berrating myself when Dimitri spoke, answering my question.

"Lissa and Christian's wedding is coming up," he said. "Tasha was invited. I was invited."

I flinched despite all my will power trying not to. I could have sworn something flickered in his eyes, but I brushed it off as my imagination. I couldn't believe I had gone three without hearing or saying that name. In my opinion, Tash Ozera had ruined everything. Lissa and Christian were considerate. They never mentioned his aunt by name around me.

"Yes, but that isn't for another two months," I argued. "Why are you here now?"

"Rose, it's your birthday in a few days," Lissa suddenly piped in as if that explained everything. "I invited everyone to come, and Tasha and Dimitri refused not too."

That did it. I was no longer stunned stupid. I was back to being the volatile homocidal Rosemarie Hathaway that everyone either loved or I hated. I got to my feet just as the door to the dining room opened. Tasha walked in with a bright, sickeningly cheery smile on her face. She saw me and began rambling a long-winded string of words that I didn't hear. Instead, I turned to Lissa spoke directly to her.

"I don't want them here," I sneered menacingly before I left the room without looking at anyone.

I was fuming, absolutely fuming, and I wanted to get out of there before I ended up doing something stupid. It wasn't a question of if I would do something stupid. There was no if about it. The question was when. I was half way down the hall toward my room when someone grabbed me by the shoulder. I turned around just lost it. I punched and kicked and punched some more. Some of my attacks landed; others my oponent blocked. I was angry and so out of it that I didn't even register who I was fighting. I was kicking my victim's ass up until he got me face down on the floor.

"Stop it," he said in my ear.

My eyes went wide as I recognized his voice. Oh god, it can't be him. I wasn't ready to face him. I didn't want to face him.

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