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Bella's POV

`It's been a week since Edward left. I think. I thought he would never hurt me. But he did, in more way then one. I still remember that day clearly, the argument.

"Bella, my family and I are leaving." He stopped in the middle of the forest somewhere and turned to look at me. I noticed his eyes were black, telling me that he was hungry. I didn't think anything of it though. He had me wrapped around his finger back then. Never again will that happen.

"Alright, I just hoped you would have given me more time I mean, to say goodbye to Charlie and I wanted to finish school first but if we have to…" I left the sentence hanging, looking up at him gauging his reaction.

When he looked into my eyes again he looked livid. I took a step back, only for him to take another step forward. I felt scared.

"Without you Bella. I don't want you to come." He said in a deadly calm voice and I just watched him as his words soaked into me. I felt hot tears running down my face a I forgot about my fear and strode forward, gripping onto his arms.

"Please, just let me come with you. Or stay here until I'm eighteen. I don't want you to leave me. Please," I asked, looking down at the ground, still clinging to him.

I heard a feral growl deep in his chest and I felt a cold hand at my throat, gripping me tightly as I found it impossible to breath. My eyes widened as I felt his grip tighten and felt as he lifted me into the air and slam me into a tree.

I clawed at his hand, trying desperately to fill my lungs with the air that I needed to stay alive when he locked his eyes on my neck. I saw as his gaze went to my jugular and everything clicked in.

I was nothing but a human to him. I never was anything but a prize to him. A pet. My thoughts were soon backed up by his next words.

"You know my pet, nothing sounds better to me now then something to drink. You know what I want you to do for me?" He asked in an agonizingly slow voice. I was seeing black spots dance around in my vision as I kept gasping for air.

If I live through this, I thought. I'm going to have to cover up the bruises to keep anyone from knowing.

He shook me when I didn't answer and chuckled. "Oh, I'm sorry you humans really are fragile though. You need this and that to live while I only need one thing." He buried his head into the junction of my throat and breathed in. I shivered from the cold his body radiated.

"Keep still." I heard him whisper as I felt what could only be his teeth sink into my skin and the unbearable pain that went with it.

Surprising myself I screamed and his hands flew off my throat to cover my mouth as he continued to drink from me.

It seemed like forever when the pain died down a small amount and I felt his cold face being removed from my throat as my blood trickled down it.

I looked up at him and began to sway. I didn't realize I was still screaming until he slapped my cheek with strength only a vampire could have. He threw me to the ground and I crumpled in on myself, wanting my life to end.

I felt another blow to my ribs when I finally passed out.

"Bella, I think you should go to school tomorrow. It's been a week since he left and you need to get out of this slump you've been in. It's not healthy for anyone." Charlie came into my room for the fifth time today. I had made sure to cover all the marks Edward left on my body. Hoping Charlie wouldn't look too closely at how my behaviour was. I was lucky that he never was that observant.

I thought from the day it happened and I dragged myself back into the house after who knows how long he would begin to notice how I would flinch away from his touch. Avoided going to the grocery store and the phone calls from Jake. The physical wounds were easier to hide. A turtle neck sweater and some makeup was all it took for those.

"Dad, I think I just need some time. Maybe, do you think I could go to the beach for an hour or something. I'll be back before dinner's done, I just need some time to think about what I'm going to do." I said wincing when I heard how lifeless my voice had gotten. Knowing Charlie would never know the real reason why.

I hadn't told anyone what happened after that day, when the Cullen's left town and I started to act like a 'zombie' as Charlie would like to call it. As long as he thought it was because I was missing him and his family I could keep everyone in the dark. No one had to know about what happened.

"Yeah, don't do anything stupid though Bells. I know how clumsy you can be." He smiled at me and I had to look away from him. I nodded my head and went down the stairs and ran out the door and into my truck.

When I finally got into my red pickup truck and put the keys in the ignition, making sure to crank the heat up. I couldn't stand the cold now, I liked to have everything around me at a nice warm heat so I couldn't remember how his touch felt. How the pain he cause me had felt.

I headed towards First Beach in La Push. The only place I ever really felt like I wasn't going to fall apart. As I look out my windshield I can see a few drops of rain descending slowly and sighed. It looked so nice out before and now it was raining. Another typical day in Forks.

I parked my car at the side of the beach and jumped out, heading towards the log that was my special place. The one that Jacob sat with me the on day and told me about vampires. He said something about werewolves too, I never thought into it though. Edward never said anything about them other then them being extinct for a long time now.

I brushed my wet hair out of my eyes and looked around, searching for the beat up driftwood I liked to call home now. I haven't been here in so long it feels good to come back. I haven't seen Jacob recently either, not that I was going to go looking for him anytime soon. That boy was way too observant for me to get away with anything.

I stopped dead in my tracks as I felt my eyes widen as the shock ran through me. Here, in this place- I don't know if it was just La Push or if was this beach- I felt safe. If not completely safe at least more then in Forks. More then in my own home.

I shake my head and expel the feeling, I shouldn't feel shocked just because I feel like I was safe. It should just be something that comes naturally.

I spotted my log and started for it again, now knowing how to get to my destination. When I got to it I just sat down. Not caring that the seat would be soaked because I already am.

I shivered and wrapped my arms around me. Trying not to remember anything that would cause me to hold myself together. Why didn't I remember to bring my coat? Oh, that's right I was trying to escape Charlie. I laughed at myself. All my worries felt so far away now.

I looked around the beach to find that I'm not alone anymore. I see four huge guys walking up the beach. All they had on were some cut-off jean shorts and they all had super hot bodies and short cropped hair that was so unlike the Quileute traditions but their tanned skin indicating that they are from La Push.

I didn't think of what they could do to me. Even though they were some much larger and stronger then me this was La Push and everyone knew everyone and no one would hurt me. I was hoping that wouldn't happened anyways.

One of them had a football in his hands and I took it that they came here to play. But it was so cold! I mean, they had to be even colder then I was standing out there in nothing but shorts. Not one of them looked uncomfortable though. They all looked at ease and relaxed, with smiles on their faces.

I hadn't even realized I was staring until one of them when the tallest one looked over at me and glared. I quickly whipped my head around and blushed, not believing I got caught looking at them.

Although that guy, he looked really familiar. I know I didn't really know him, but it feels like I've seen him before. I shook my head, banishing any thoughts. It didn't even matter anyways, I was nothing to anyone anymore.

I started to hear voices getting closer and closer to me and I decided it was time to go home. I looked up at the sky one more time, taken aback of how dark it really was and lifted myself off my old piece of driftwood.

I brought my gaze up for a fraction of a second and saw it was the guys from before and they were all passing the football to each other. I looked back down at the ground again, panic flooding through my system.

I followed the path that I made in the sand before, trying to place my feet in the same place they were before when I walked into something and closed my eyes for the impact when I hit the ground.

The only thing is, I never hit the ground. Hot hands came around my waist to steady me. I looked up and suppressed the scream that had built in my throat. I had ran into someone not something.

He never let me go so I looked into his eyes, watching how his expression went from amused to emotions I don't think I could describe. I looked back down, feeling like a peeping tom when I tried to wiggle out of his grip feeling uncomfortable being this close to a boy. He didn't loosen his hold on me though and it didn't look like I could just slid out of it. I looked around blindly, panicking and trying to figure out who to call out to if I needed help.

I didn't even remember the other guys that he was here with until one of them coughed to obviously hide a chuckle. I shivered, feeling the heat radiating off of this stranger but still feeling the cold through my flimsy shirt. That seemed to shake him out of whatever kind of dream he was in.

He kept his one arm around me while moving his other one to pull my chin up from the ground so I was looking into his eyes. I didn't notice what colour they really were until now. They were really dark brown that could be mistaken for black if you didn't try to look. The same colour Edward's eyes were when it happened. I felt hot tears start to make an appearance in my eyes as I tried not to let them spill over.

Not the same, not the same, not the same. I chanted in my head.

Why was I trying to look then? I didn't want anything to do with anyone anymore, weather I was at the beach or not, I don't think I would ever trust anyone like I did with Edward before.

That thought made me stop in my tracks. I had just thought that without any pain. Was it because of this stranger?

"Hey, that's Bella!" I heard someone shout out and then people rushing to get over to where I was. I once again fought off the scream that had been building inside of me but not being able to keep back the tears as so many men swarmed around me. I was wrenched out of the guy's grip and brought into another's. I swear I heard a low growl when I was crushed into another chest.

I pushed blindly on it. Wanting to get away as I felt more hot tears slipping over my face. The grip on me tightened even more and without knowing I was going to I screamed.

They guy instantly dropped his hold on me and I stumbled back a few steps until I fell onto the ground. I looked up at them and they all had different emotions on their faces. Shock, sorrow, guilt and from the one I felt a weird connection to, I saw heartbreak on his face. I was scared of what it all might mean.

Then everything went really fast. The man with the dark eyes started to growl and shake, stalking towards another with murder written on his face as the other backed up at the same pace with his hands in the air. Apologising to him.

I remember wondering what happened when a snarl filled the beach and I watched as the one of the men ripped out of his skin and morphed into a huge silver wolf, running at the other guy who seemed to be vibrating until he morphed into a smaller grey wolf.

I sat there and stared in shock, thinking of all the possible ways this could go wrong for me. I didn't want to be here anymore, I wanted more then anything to be with my mom, wherever she was traveling with Phil and be in the safety of her arms as I cried. Not facing death from a vampire you thought loved you and then, surviving that knowing your going to be dead by a werewolf.

Edward lied to me. I thought to myself. Werewolves did survive in this world and it seemed as though I was going to get eaten by one now.

"Embry, Paul! Stop and phase back NOW!" I heard a deep voice boom out and I covered my ears, hearing as the snarling and growls stopped instantly. Then, before my eyes I saw as the two wolves morphed back into humans, the same guys somehow, noticing how they were stark naked but not feeling it in me to care anymore as I felt myself fading into blackness. The last thing I heard was someone shouting my name. it was like they were in pain or something.

when I woke back up I was in an unfamiliar house and I was currently situated on a white couch. All my memories caught up to me then. I looked around frantically to find someone leaning against the couch, his head lolling to the side as he slept. He was handsome and I took a quick survey of him.

He had no shirt on, only shorts and I saw how every breath he took his muscles rippled with the movement. His hair was short and black, I swear I saw him before. Then it clicked. He was the man that I bumped into on the beach. He was a werewolf.

I tensed, hoping he wouldn't wake up feeling all my terror well up inside of me. But also I felt sort of safe with this man. For some reason, it felt like I could trust him. I shook the feeling off, I couldn't trust anyone anymore. I would just get hurt.

I propped myself up with the help of my elbow, cursing when I was met by dizziness. I tried to force myself up even more, it took a lot of effort but I did it.

As I went to swiftly jump off the couch and survey where I was I heard a loud creak come from underneath me. This couch had to be centuries old and you could tell by how squeaky it was. I can't believe all this happens to me!

I caught movement at the side of my vision and I knew it was the man waking up. Terror grasped my chest as I tried to keep my breathing even and not freak out. I wasn't doing a very good job.

"Hey sleepy head." I heard a voice chuckle but I never responded back. I was trying not to remember the coldness of his body along mine as he bent over my throat and- "Are you okay? You were out all night."

I heard genuine worry in his voice and I thought to myself, ' why would he care anyways.' I shook my head, trying to forget the pain when I was lifted up into a warm embrace and placed down on someone's lap.

"Ssh, it's okay. Don't cry, please, if you cry I don't know what I'll do. Please-" The man's voice sounded chocked and I looked down, squeezing my hands together. "What happened, what's the matter Bella?"

How did he know my name? I whipped my head to look into his eyes, trying not to melt when I saw how devoted they looked. I thought I would feel uncomfortable in his lap with his hands running up and down my arms comfortingly but surprisingly… it didn't.

"Who are you? How do you know me?" I asked, breaking the perfect moment any girl would want. He was hot and he was holding me, comforting me and I could take advantage of the situation very quickly. But I didn't, I don't think I'll ever feel safe in that kind of situation again.

"I'm Paul… one of Billy's friends. Do you remember what happened? I saw you on the beach and you passed out. Do you need anything? A doctor?" He asked, getting slightly hysterical, his breathing coming in pants.

"No, I'm fine. I just want to go home." I said looking pointedly at his arms that were now wound around my waist, his grip gentle but could get so painful. He was so much stronger then me, even without turning into a werewolf, he would dominate me.

"Please… don't go yet. I have to… to tell you something." He said, choking on his words.

"Paul, finally handing your man card up to a girl I see." I heard someone chuckle as I searched the room finding another hot guy staring at us.

The grip Paul had on my waist got tighter and I was sure there would be bruises after. Flashbacks swam around in my eyes as I struggled with his hold. He didn't even seem to notice and I felt him start to shake underneath me.

"Please let me go," I whispered but he didn't seem to notice I said anything. Either that or he just wasn't going to let go. I felt sobs at the back of my throat as tears made there way down my cheeks. Racing each other as one sob more tore threw my throat.

"Paul, man stop. You're hurting her. Let go." The guy said seriously in a calming voice, his eyes watching Paul's face.

I couldn't see his expression but I heard his shaky intake of breath as he dropped me- too fast- so that I tumbled to the ground, landing on my back.

He looked like he was a thousand miles away as he just stared at me. I started to crawl away when he took a small step forward. Another sob.

I watched as his eyes filled with tears and he started shaking his head, the other guy came up close to him and put a hand on his arm but I could tell both of their gazes were on me.

I felt myself swimming on the boarder of consciousness and I couldn't get enough breath.

Paul's POV

I don't know what I even felt. I had just hurt her. My imprint. My Bella.

I whipped my head to each side, trying to get a hold of my emotions and tell her that I was sorry and beg for her to forgive me. Beg her to trust me. I knew it wouldn't be that easy though.

I felt tears welling in my eyes and I tried to banish them. Paul Meraz does not cry. Much less over a girl. I couldn't stop the tear that rolled down my cheek followed by many more though. I had hurt her.

I felt a hand on my arm and I turned to look at who it was, ready to jump in front of Bella if I had to. I only saw Embry though, he was still watching Bella. I turned so that she filled my vision again.

She looked like she was trying to catch her breath when Embry took a slow step forward, causing her to scramble back. Away from us.

"Bella, please… let me help you." I choked out. I got down on my knees, trying to somehow show her I wasn't going to hurt her. I saw a flicker of something other then fear in her eyes and I held onto that. I knew she had to feel the pull of the imprint. Not as strong as me but she had to feel something.

Embry followed my lead and crouched down on the ground, staying further back then me. I saw her take some deep breaths as her tears started coming slower and I tried to do the same but my tears never seemed to slow down.

I heard voices outside and I quickly positioned myself in front of Bella, growling a little and I felt Bella grab my arm. A shock ran through it but it wasn't unpleasant, I kind of liked it.

She trailed her hand down until it reached my hand and she twined her fingers through them. They seemed to fit together perfectly. We fit together.

I wondered what had made her release this sudden confidence though. I wasn't complaining, not at all, I just wanted to know what I did right. What made it so she felt safe enough to touch me.

The voices I heard from outside got louder and I quickly determined them as Sam and Jacob. I calmed myself down and turned around to face Bella, not liking the way she flinched back from me. I wondered if it was because of what happened before or if her reaction was because of something totally different.

Without a second thought I wrapped her tiny frame in my arms and held her close. I breathed in her scent and felt her stiffen against me. Then in the end she let herself feel what should be natural to her. To feel safe.

"I'm so sorry Bella. Please let me explain. I need you to listen, just… please?" I asked, knowing if she wanted me to beg and gravel then I would. I know it sounds corny, but I just wanted her to be happy. Then everything would be okay.

I heard her sallow loudly and take a deep breath before nodding. I smiled a little and let the hold I had on her body go, replacing it for her hand and dragging her over to the couch, never taking my eyes away from her. I sat down first and wound my arms around her waist, making sure it was okay to do so and then pulled her forward so she was sitting in my lap.

I breathed in, ready to rush into my explanation when she snuggled into me. Sighing contentedly.

"Why do I feel like this when I'm with you. I feel almost… safe? Not quiet but almost. It's felt like ages since I've felt like this." She whispered into my chest. I couldn't help but feel her warm breath fanning over my bare chest and what I could do to her to feel like I am right now when I finally came back to my senses and tried to answer her.

"That's the imprint. I know you don't know what that means right now but I'm going to tell you. That's what I wanted to talk about. So anyways an imprint is basically when a wolf sees her for the first time. He looks into her eyes and suddenly all his ties to the world are gone. She's the only thing keeping there. You just know when you look into her eyes that she's your soul mate. And Bella you're my imprint." I finished in one breath, looking at her, scared of rejection. Now I knew what girls felt like when they asked someone out, like they were holding their breath. It wasn't a pleasant feeling.

"Wait, wait, wait. Did you just say… wolf?" She asked me in a slightly panicked voice. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised that when I tell her she's my soul mate she has to bring up the one thing I don't want her to notice.

"Umm, yeah. It's sorta me and the guys I hang around with. We turn into werewolves. If you remember, you already know what we look like more or less." I said nervously, playing with her hair.

"Oh yeah…that. I kinda forgot about that if you believe me." She giggled and my eyes snapped up to her face trying to figure her out. "So, what does this 'imprint' thing mean. I know you already explained how it felt when you first saw me but does it change anything?" she asked me.

I looked at her for a second, trying to figure out what she meant when I caught on.

"Well, it's basically like this. I can be whatever you want me to be. Your mate, your best friend, your brother. Anything you want me to be I'll be it. But you don't have to accept me. You can go on living your life normally and find a husband and not live in my world at all. It's all up to you." I whispered, slamming my eyes shut and trying not to envision her telling me to stay out of her life.

"What about you?" she whispered back. I felt her touch my cheek and I leaned into her palm, opening my eyes. I loved it when she touched me. There was nothing that could compare to how it made me feel.

"Well, if you accepted me then we could live together and have a long life and I would love you and we would have kids or I would be your best friend and you'd tell me all your secrets or I could be your brother and beat up all the guys who hit on you." I smiled, hoping she wouldn't go for that option but still seeing it play out in my head. That wouldn't be so bad.

"And if I didn't accept you?" She whispered and I felt a tightening force in my chest. I shook my head, forcing myself not to cry.

"I.. I don't know. No one's had to do it before. I know I wouldn't be able to love anyone else. I'm devoted to you, completely. I would never leave you. But if you wanted me to stay away from you. If you asked me to leave, I would… I'd do anything for you." I said, rummaging up enough courage to look her in the eyes and I spilled out all my feelings for her. Even though I only knew her for half a day, I loved her.

I knew it sounded like some creepy stalker line but it was true and it didn't feel weird at all.

"Well just to have my input out there, that's completely messed up and unfair. I mean, not only do I feel a pull for you, if I chose to just walk away right now you wouldn't be able to love anyone else?" She shook her head and I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but I closed them so she wouldn't notice.

"Wait, wait!" She almost screamed. I looked at her after blinking my tears back. Where's my man card? "That didn't mean I was going to say no. I, I'm willing to have a go at this. I mean, I want to take it really slow, but eventually we could get there you know? I just… I just don't want to get hurt again." I heard her whisper the last part and I wanted to make sure to reassure her.

"I would never hurt you Bella. I don't think I could even if I tried." I whispered and saw the sad smile that graced her lips. Without a second thought I felt myself leaning forward, and then I tasted her on my lips. She tasted like strawberries.

I felt her melt into the kiss and she ran her hands up and down my arms causing me to moan in the back of my throat. I slid on of my hands to he back of her neck, bringing her closer to me as I lowered her onto the couch so her back was completely on it and without breaking the kiss pressed our bodies together so I could feel only her. I moaned again, unintentionally getting rougher when I felt her wince and try to gasp.

I broke the kiss at the same time, jumping off her, and asking her what was wrong. Hovering over her body as she was gripping her neck, trying to tell me she was fine while holding back tears.

I could hear it in her voice and it instantly went straight threw me as I felt myself trying not to cry too.

I was trying to figure out what I did. Did I put too much weight on her? Ws I too rough and by accident use too much of my strength with her?

I took her in my arms and looked around for Embry. I knew he was here before. I heard voices outside again and I was grateful for once that Sam had Emily with him.

"Sam!" I yelled, hating how my voice broke so clearly form the sobs I was trying to push back. I looked down at Bella's face, seeing her expression thoroughly one of pain and her cheeks with tear tracks down them. I closed my eyes as I felt a few of my own tears get by my barrier as I heard everyone who was outside come barrelling in the door.

"Paul, what…" I heard Jacob's voice and I lifted my head to see everyone. They all looked blurry through my tears and I roughly wiped my hand across my face.

"She won't tell me what's wrong! Sam, do something, please." I begged, looking up at him as I saw panic overcome his features as he looked into my eyes. I faintly heard Jacob asking what was wrong and who was with me. I started to shake against my will.

I couldn't phase now, not when Bella needed me. I tried to stop the shaking but I couldn't. I looked up at Sam again to see him moving closer to me. He looked like I was a tiger that he wanted to pet as he walked up to me. Was instantly confused. Why was he so scared. Then I started to hear his words.

"Paul, I want Emily to take a look at her, but you have to put her on the couch first and calm down. I don't want anyone hurt and I know what you're feeling right now okay. She'll be fine though. Just calm down." He kept saying until he was right in front of me and I nodded. I didn't want to phase with Bella so close to me. I wanted her to get better and I wasn't doing anything for her right now.

My shaking stopped slowly and Sam nodded at Emily who was standing near Jared and Embry.

She crouched in front of Bella for a second and then came to life.

"Jared go and get a bowl of warm water and Embry you need to go and get some washcloths, Jacob go and get my nursing kit." She turned to me and her face softened.

"Don't' worry Paul she'll be just fine. But I do need you to put her on the couch. You can hold her hand if you want but I need you to stay out of the way okay?" I nodded slowly and carefully placed her on the couch and watched as she clutched her neck in pain.

"Paul?" She moaned in a pain filled voice as soon as I let go of her. Grabbed her hand and started saying comforting words, hoping she didn't hear when my voice would break. I wanted to take all her pain away.

Everyone got back at about the same time and handed Emily what they had in their hands and backed off. I never stopped whispering sweet nothings to her. I didn't know what to do.

"Bella, tell me where it hurts the most," Emily said in a calm voice. Keeping her cool. I wish I could be like her. I think I was becoming a wuss just like all the other guys who have imprinted.

"Wait a minute! That's Bella. My Bells! Paul what did you do to her! Oh my god, Bella," he said as I heard him coming closer. I couldn't help the growls that ripped through my throat then. He did the same thing back to me.

"That's it! Jacob, go outside and stay there until I come out to get you!" Sam shouted and I knew he wouldn't be able but to follow his orders.

"I'm fine," she breathed still clutching her neck. Emily's gaze was locked on the hold on her neck.

"Bella, I know your hurting and I want to help you. You have to let me know what happened." she spoke in a reassuring way trying to get information out of her.

"Emily just check her neck please. I want to know if she's going to be okay." I said, trying not to lose my temper.

When Bella didn't say anything Emily started to get a little pissed. "Okay Bella, this is the last time I'm going to ask you. What happened?"

"Nothing like I told you. Nothing major, Edward and I just got in a fight and it got a little out of hand. It doesn't matter anymore, were done so… I think I'm going to go now." She said, trying to sound strong when her voice only came out as a whisper.

"No! No, don't go Bells. I want to make sure you're okay." I whispered to her closing my eyes, fighting the urge that made me want to let her go. "Sam, don't let her go." I begged taking in a long breath through my nose.

"It's okay Paul .she's not going anywhere at least until Emily checks her out. I think she was talking about Cullen." He growled out and my eyes widened.

So My Bella was the human we heard of who was running with the vampires. Billy told us it was Charlie's kid but I never guessed… what did she mean they got into a fight?

"Paul , I need you to hold her hands so she can't stop me from seeing where she's hurt." Emily whispered and looked up at my face. I felt torn. I wanted to make sure she was okay, but I didn't want to put her in anymore pain. She must have seen it in my face. "If you can't I'm sure Sam will . I just thought you'd like to since she's yours."

"No… I can do it." I said in a strained voice. I took Bella's other hand from her neck because I already had her other one and I saw more tears pooling in her eyes. I felt some more of my own tears slip out. "We're just going to give you a check up okay Bells. We're not going to hurt you, we just want to make sure you're okay." I whispered and closed my eyes, making sure the grip I had on her hands wasn't too tight.

I felt Sam's hand on my shoulder. "It's alright Paul, she will be okay and it's not your fault." I heard him say.

I heard water sloshing around and opened my eyes again, watching as Emily took a washcloth and soaked it in the warm water, wrings it out and brought it up to Bella's neck.

She started to squirm before Emily had the washcloth up to her neck but now she was using all her strength. Once she got the washcloth on her neck Bella stopped and took a deep breath as more tears streamed out of her closed eyes. She was in so much pain, I could tell by the way her jaw was set and her breaths were now little pants.

Emily's intake of breath brought me back to reality.

"What? What is it?" I asked frantically. Something wasn't right and it was written all over her face.

"Sam, come and check her neck. Please, tell me it not…" She didn't finish her sentence.

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