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Bella's POV

I stayed face down on the couch as Paul left the room. I'm willing to bet that he thought I hadn't heard him when he said that he always messed things up. No matter how much he wants to blame this whole situation on himself, it wasn't true ; I'm always the one messing up.

It always seemed like anywhere I went, I always ended up as the damsel in distress with knight in shining armor willing to put his life on the line for my own. Everyone always came to save me. I won't let that happen this time, I can't. There are too many wolves in the Makah pack and Paul had confirmed my fears. They were larger and stronger than the La Push pack. Not one of them would make it out alive in the end. Paul wouldn't make it out alive. I only knew one thing; if it was me that they wanted, it was me they were going to get.

I quieted my racing breath and listened closely so I was able to catch the quiet conversation the guys were having in the next room over. I waited a couple seconds and when I was sure they were all deeply involved with the conversation, I deemed it time to go. Without thinking about what I was doing, or what I was going to do, I swallowed my fears and put on my big girl panties.

I jumped off the bed and made a run for the door, making sure it wouldn't slam shut as I left. I was never one for being stealthy, but in this case I had to be. There was no time to put on shoes or a coat, if I were to stall for any amount of time Paul or one of the others would notice I wasn't on the couch anymore and would stop me before I even had the time to put my plan into action.

My plan was not thought over throughly, as I had only a few seconds to come up with it, but I immediately started seeing the flaws that should have been thought over as I willed myself to keep running. For one, I had no idea where the two packs were even going to be meeting, and I had no idea what I was about to do if Paul figured out my plan and caught up with me.

I ran into the forest, knowing at the very least the two packs would be meeting in the cover somewhere. I figured that if they wanted me as badly as they said they did, they could come and sniff me out.

Panic was finally settling into my body, making my moves clumsy as I tripped over rocks and roots. The pain in my foot burned with a new passion, and I knew without a doubt that if I couldn't find the Makah pack soon, myself and my plan were done for .

Not dwelling on what would happen to me once I handed myself over to them I pushed myself harder, seeing a less dense path though the trees a couple feet ahead. I felt the tears running down my face as I broke through them, making my cheeks burn against the frozen air. Before taking another stride, I wiped the tears from my face. I wasn't expecting what happened next. Not so soon anyways. Without my own consent, I found myself screaming when I felt two extremely hot hands grip my waist painfully tight.

I looked up and was met with the face of my previous captor, the cruel smile of delight never having left his features. I felt the first trickle of doubt start to cloud my mind. I heard myself scream once again, not knowing how I could let this happen. I could see black struggling to take over my vision and make my journey more peaceful, but I fought hard against it. I was not going to let this man taunt Paul with my screams and broken body, he would be hurt enough.

I found the will to silence myself as Mark leaned down to hover above my face. He had never gotten this close to me before, not like this. I started to feel sick to my stomach, knowing I had gotten myself into deep trouble this time. He brought his mouth slowly to my ear, and he chuckled lowly.

"Oh... have I got plans for you, little girl." Almost like he was trying to be seductive, but managing to terrify me all the more by doing so. He brought his tounge up to trace the shell of my ear as I attempted to pull away from him, disgust marring my thoughts and most likely my features. He kept me pressed against him though until he saw fit, paying no attention to my struggles and cries for help.

It all happened in one seemingly flowing movement. Mark straightened his back, keeping his painfully tight hold on my waist as he jumped into the cover of seven larger wolves. They seemed to revolve around him, forming a cover of fur and flesh as I saw the reason for his sudden stop. Paul and Sam entered the little field in their human forms, looking deadlier then ever, flanked by the rest of the pack in wolf form.

Not having eyes for any other once Paul came into the picture, I focused solely on him. Hoping he would somehow know how sorry I was, but that I had no other choice; I had to keep him safe.

I will never forget the look on Paul's face when his eyes met mine. A mixture of angst, anger, determination, and so many others giving way at last to his raw look of pain. I knew he was shaking, dangerously close to phasing, yet I also knew he was too stubborn to give himself the benefit and relief of turning into his other half.

When Paul started to tear up I had to look away. I knew I was the one to cause his pain, all of his pain. I've been told before I even met Paul that he was a ruthless, man whore, that never showed his emotions. Either that had been false, or I had broken him.

"I love you.." I whispered, forgetting that everyone in the clearing would be able to hear me.

That exact moment was when the violence started.

Paul's POV

I had no idea how I was about to tell Bella that we were leaving and she was not to come with us. I know she wants to help out, but I would never be able to have her within thirty feet from that pack again. What they did to her will always play over and over again in my memories.I would make sure she was safe this time.

I caught Sam looking at me with an expression that clearly said 'Go on, we don't have all day.' I sighed and got out of the chair I was currently sitting in, my movements slow and deliberate as I tried to think of the perfect thing to say to Bella.

Hearing an impatient grunt from one of my brothers had me walking towards the living room. I stopped for a second, straining to listen to the sound of her heart that could calm me when nothing else could. I furrowed my eyebrow when I couldn't hear it. Maybe she went to see Emily?

Even quicker this time, I strode into the living room, my throat closing in panic when she wasn't there. I looked over to the door, her coat and shoes were still here, as well as her crutches. That had to mean she was just upstairs, right...

My form blurring as I ran with intent up the steps and barged in on the girls who were all in the guest room. I whipped my head from side to side, scanning the room for anything that could be Bella. I didn't find anything.

I ran back down the stairs, leaving the startled girls in my wake. Just as I was about to bound off of the steps I smacked into Sam. He was looking at me with concern and confusion, it was obvious he had no idea what was going on.

"Sam... I think... she went... -" Sam's forceful smack on my back had me stopping enough to catch my breath. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a crazed fucker look plastered on my face. I knew it wasn't an inch off of what I was feeling.

"Calm down Paul. Now where's Bella?" He looked me directly in my eyes and for some reason, that irritated the hell out of my wolf. I growled and pushed him away from me.

"I don't know! I don't know, I don't know, I don't know! This is incredible, why would she go out when she knows there is someone out looking for her bloo..." I stopped mid sentence, my eyes going wide as I figured out where she would be.

"Fuck, fuck, fuuck! Why does she pick now to be the martyner! I only just got her! Shit, I have to go find her before they do. Sam..." I looked at him for guidance, something I never did. I was usually all for my plans, but I had no idea what I was going to do. I had a bad feeling about this...

I saw Sam's eyes get wide with panic. He knew what would happen if they got their hands on her again. Without another moment passing Sam went into alpha mode.

"Everyone, scout out Bella or the Makah pack! Go in two's, I'm with Paul! And Paul, you will stay human!" Once he had finished his sentence I was out the door, no questions asked. Even if I wouldn't admit it, I was glad Sam had put that injunction on me. Bella would need me human, not as my wolf.

I faintly heard the others as they rushed to get into their wolf forms, yet I paid no attention to it. I knew Sam was following behind me, but I never once looked back to him, I knew if I couldn't find Bella soon then things wouldn't end well.

My eyes were burning, my lungs were heaving, my thoughts were jumbled, and my moves were clumsy. I felt like I was about to be sick as my stomach churned and threatened to shove my breakfast back up my throat. I heard a stream of screaming then.

I fell to the ground then as I got sick. My stomach was empty of all its contents before I could get back up. This couldn't be good...

I felt Sam's hand on my shoulder, stopping me before I could start to run towards my Bells. I looked at him with violence in my mind. I was going to kill someone this time! His eyes were all sympathic and concerned. Like I needed it! Bella was going to be just fine when I had her locked safely in my arms tonight.

I felt my eyes burning again, and as salty tears ran down my face. I ran faster then, shaking Sam's hand off of my shoulder. I would find Bella, and she would be safe and sound. My steps faltered when the screaming all of a sudden just... stopped.

She couldn't be... she... I shook my heads of the path my thoughts were trailing down. Choking on air, I felt my limbs start to shake as I ran towards the break in the forest. Please... Please be okay.

I couldn't tell you when Sam had caught up to me, whether it was before or after I broke through the vines that made the path. I could tell you one thing though. As soon as I saw that... that thing gripping Bella from across the treaty line, I wanted to break something. No. I wanted to kill someone. If he would even be considered as a person after what he's done.

As I caught Bella's eye from across the distance I forgot about everyone else. I wanted nothing more then to hold her and have her safe in my arms. This was all my fault. I fucked up twice in the span of a few days. I swear, I would get her back with me today and no one was about to stop me.

The fire started once again every time I would blink my eyes. I had no choice but to let a few of them fall and race down my cheeks. At the same time, I tried to somehow show her, tell her that she would be okay. I was here now, and I wouldn't let anyone hurt her.

"I love you..."

My gaze burned into hers not even for a second. All this time, I've been waiting to hear her say those exact words, but now I knew. I knew that she had given up. She didn't think that I was able to save her, she thought that she was going to die. I snarled.

That's when everything went horrifically wrong.

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