Old Feelings Die Hard

Pairing: Alice/Rosalie

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Chapter 11


Rosalie stared up at the sky through the towering treetops and she smiled softly to herself, her golden eyes shimmering with hope and happiness. She had never felt this way when she was with Emmett and that made her feel guilty, as if she had been leading him on, but truthfully she had not known what love felt like. He brought her comfort and satisfied her lust, he made her feel complete, but not in the same way that Alice did. This was an emotional completion. It was perfect.

Gently she stroked her fingers through short dark hair, twisting it around her fingers as she lay in a comfortable silence. She knew that they would have to return to the house eventually, they could not continue lying on the forest floor naked forever.

Alice's smile spread clear across her face as she nuzzled her nose against Rosalie's long pale neck, taking in the scent of her hair and skin as she planted a soft kiss on the sensitive flesh she found there. She felt her lover shake beneath her and smiled even more so, knowing that she had been the cause of it. That such a simple kiss could cause someone so strong to quiver.

"Mm…I don't want to ever return home." Alice muttered softly against Rosalie's neck.

"Neither do I." The blonde vampire admitted as she trailed her fingers down over the other woman's neck. "But, we are going to have to face them eventually, Alice." She reminded her.

Alice groaned out and pouted at these words and Rosalie laughed, shaking her head at the adorable immaturity. That was one thing that she loved about Alice, her innocence and childishness. Those personality traits were a perfect contrast to her seriousness and harshness. They brought out another side to Rosalie that she hadn't known existed.

"It is only the truth."

"I know, but I really don't want to face them." She pouted more. "I love this, and I don't want them to ruin it."

"Is that what you think will happen?" Rosalie asked pulling back a little and forcing Alice to look down at her. She could see the worry written all over her face and she wanted to help put her at ease. "Alice. I don't care what they do to us, I don't care what they say, they can even force us to leave the family, it is not going to change the way that I feel about you."

"I am just worried that they will say something to get between the two of us—"

Rosalie silenced her by placing a gentle kiss upon her lips and smiling against them. Pulling back she watched as Alice's eyelids fluttered and she laughed softly. "They aren't going to come between us. I love you too much to ever let that happen."

"You promise?" She asked.

"I promise."

Alice let out a sigh of relief at this and she smiled brightly, her eyes glimmering again. She no longer appeared worried about the situation, not now that she knew that no matter what happened she would always have Rosalie. That had been what she was worried about. That Jasper and Emmett would do something or say something to change the other woman's mind.

That she would go back to Emmett or it would be too difficult and she would give up, but now she knew that would not happen.

She still felt extremely guilty about everything that she had put Jasper through, she loved him, and she hoped that one day they would be able to maintain a friendship. 'Though that probably will not be happening anytime in the near future…' She thought sadly. But, a friendship was all that she wanted with Jasper, she loved Rosalie and she wanted to start a relationship with her.

"Alright, in that case, we probably should return. They are waiting for us." Alice informed.


Upon entering the house, they were immediately interrogated by everyone. All of the other vampires talking at once, until Carlisle silenced them all. "Silence, everyone please allow me to speak with the two of them." He said, casting a glare in Jasper's direction that both of the women noticed. It was obvious that everyone in the room was most worried about how Jasper would react, but currently he was doing alright.

In fact, he had not said anything. He was simply staring at them with black angry eyes, a clenched jaw, and tense muscles. He looked prepared to pounce at any moment.

"Carlisle, I know that we have broken the rules, but we would both really appreciate it if you allowed us to stay at the house." Rosalie told him, holding onto Alice's hand tightly, protectively.

He looked them over and crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes landing on their connected hands and the way that they fit perfectly with one another, before he looked toward Jasper and Emmett. "I am not entirely certain that you two have broken the rules, Rosalie."

Her golden eyes widened. "Wait, what do you mean? The rules clearly state that we are not to steal—"

"—another's mate. I am aware. I did instate the rules, but that is not what I am uncertain about."

"What do you mean?" Alice chimed in, hope in her voice that served to disgust her husband. He hated that she was hopeful to be able to escape him, to be able to be Rosalie's mate.

Carlisle looked the two of them over once more as if he were trying to peer through them, read their emotions, but he could not yet tell if they were meant to be together or not. He supposed that you could never truly tell if someone was meant for someone else. It was something that you had to feel. "You may very well be each other's mates. It will take a while to fully determine that, but do you feel it? Do you feel that pull to always be with Alice, to protect her, to love her?"

"Yes I do." Rosalie nodded hesitantly, feeling guilty as she felt her husband's sad eyes land on her. She hated hurting him.

"And it is stronger than your pull to be with Emmett?"

She furrowed her brows uncomfortably, but answered, "Yes."

"And you Alice, you feel a stronger pull to be with Rosalie than with Jasper?"

She nodded silently, not wanting to set off her husband who looked like he wanted to slaughter her girlfriend. It was intimidating and she knew that anything could cause him to break; he was rather temperamental and extremely territorial.

Jasper's body tensed as he watched his wife nod her head at the question. He wanted to lunge forward and kill Rosalie, show her that she had no right stealing the woman that was rightfully his for so many years, he would have too if Emmett and Edward were not holding him back. Jasper's nose was filled with the scent of their sex, it was overwhelming. He could smell Rosalie all over Alice, and worst of all, he could smell Alice all over Rosalie. It sickened him and made his stomach twist in knots.

If their obvious sexual encounter was not enough to cause him to grow angry, their undying love for one another that he could feel emanating from them, was enough. It was disgusting. He hated them both.

"I am still uncertain—" Carlisle started only to be interrupted by Rosalie.

"—Well, I am not. I know that I love her Carlisle and you can choose to believe me, or not, but I refuse to sacrifice my relationship with her because of some ridiculous rules. You cannot decide who my mate is, only I can, and she is my mate. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone, and it breaks my heart knowing that these words will hurt Emmett, because I care deeply for him, but it is the truth. If you cannot accept that, we will leave."

Emmett stared at Rosalie with sad eyes and a broken heart, it hurt hearing that she wanted Alice, that she loved her more than she loved him. As brave as he had been acting he had always hoped that in the end she would choose him, because he loved her and he always would.

"I think that it would be best to call it a night and figure things out further in the morning." Carlisle said as he noticed that Jasper was growing more irritated.

The girls both nodded and started to walk away, but he stopped them. "Wait, you two." They turned back around to look at him. "You will be sleeping in rooms on opposite sides of the house tonight. I think that everyone needs to take the night to think about what they truly want, and until we figure everything out, this is for the best."

They nodded begrudgingly.

Neither of them wanted to be separated for the evening, but they knew that opposing his rules now would be suicide, so it was best to simply agree for now. See how things played out. He told them where their new rooms were located and they both started to walk across the living room in opposite directions.

On her way out of the room Rosalie walked past Jasper. She held her head up high and confident, stubborn as always, she would not admit that she was sorry for hurting him nor would she apologize for getting her way. This of course only further irritated him, and his eyes darkened more so as she walked by and the scent of his wife's sex filled his senses. She was all over the blonde vampire.

The scent was so overwhelming that he finally snapped.

Reaching out quickly he grabbed ahold of her strong arm, his grip tight around her bicep, his nails digging into the hard flesh. It hurt, but she did not wince, she did not want to give him any satisfaction in hurting her. Instead she continued to stare forward as if nothing had happened.

He glared at her and growled out. "I can smell her all over you. You fucked my wife and I will not allow you to live."

"Let her go Jasper." Edward warned, moving to stop him.

Jasper glanced over and caught sight of Edward and Emmett who both appeared ready to do whatever it would take in order to protect Rosalie. They had known her longer than him and he did not doubt that they would kill him to save her. With one final glare up at her he told her. "You better watch your back."

"That's enough!" Emmett shouted and Jasper pulled his hand away from the other blonde, clenching his jaw and biting the insides of his cheeks painfully.

Alice was watching the scene warily from the other side of the room. Worry filling her eyes as she waited to see what Jasper would do. She did not want to stand up for Rosalie and make him even angrier. Thankfully he let go of her arm and backed away.

Jasper looked over at Emmett and Edward and he laughed humorlessly. "Whatever." He spat out before turning and walking out of the room, heading down the hallway to the room that used to belong to him and Alice.

Alice walked up to Rosalie and looked over her arm worriedly, before glancing up at Carlisle. "I would feel safer if you allowed me to stay with Rose. I don't want Jasper to do anything stupid."

"We will not allow him to do anything. I promise. You two being in the same room will only make things worse Alice, for now, until we sort things out, these will be your living conditions."


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