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First Kiss

It was too dark and too cold for this. The leaves crunched beneath my feet as I tried to walk softly through the trees that stood behind my house. I silently damned my brother and his late night hide-n-seek games. Emmett had started the tradition when he was fifteen. Then it had only been him, Edward, Alice and I. Now that we were in high school and he was getting ready to graduate, it had escalated into a huge group of our mixed friends. I really just wanted to crawl into bed after a long week of school, but there was no way in hell I was letting Edward play with Lauren hanging around.

Sure, he and I were just friends, but I knew what happened when people, specifically boys, got caught up with the likes of her. Sure, I'd made out with Tyler more times than I could count, but I wasn't about to let Lauren get her fake claws into Edward.

I leaned against the tree and sighed. I didn't know when I developed my ridiculous crush on Edward, but I sure wished it would go away. There were so many things wrong with it and so many people involved. I didn't know how to handle it. Ever since my birthday, things had only escalated between us.

Every time Edward looked at me with those piercing green eyes, I felt the blood rush to my face. When he ran a hand through his hair and smiled, my heart would beat so fast I couldn't breathe. I hated it. Edward was like an older brother to me. He was Emmett's best friend. He was always there when I needed him, whether the problem was big or small. But that was Edward. Ever since we were kids, he was always the one to look out for us, all of us. I could tell him just as much as I told Emmett or Alice, sometimes even more. Edward didn't judge me, he listened and gave advice, told me when I was being stupid. Most of all, he calmed me in a way I didn't know was possible. It was inevitable that I would develop feelings for him one day; I just wasn't prepared for it. I wasn't prepared for the way my entire body felt like jelly any time he was near. And most importantly, I wasn't prepared for the burning fire I felt from my head to my toes any time he touched me.

I pushed myself off of my hiding spot and set off again. Alice was 'it' and she had an uncanny knack to find everyone. I hadn't gotten very far when I heard the rustling of leaves under a pair of feet. I turned off my flashlight and stood completely still, hoping it wasn't Alice. As the footsteps got closer and I cautiously took a step back. As I moved my heel got caught against a stray root and I went flying backwards. I cringed and waited for the impact but it came later than expected. Instead, two hands came out of the darkness and long fingers wrapped around my forearms. The hands didn't stop my fall completely because soon enough, our feet were tangled together and we were meeting the hard, cold ground.

"Ow." His voice was quiet, his breath warm against my skin. He smelled like spearmint.

I could barely make out his features in the dark, but could tell it was Edward's body on top of mine before he even spoke. Tide and Dove soap filled my senses and I could feel his heart beating just as quickly as mine. He placed his palms on both sides of my head and looked down on me. I could feel the intensity of his gaze and see the shadow of his hair in the moonlight.

"Thanks for breaking my fall." He grinned down at me.

"You scared me," I whispered back and silently cursed myself for not having something wittier to say.

He chuckled softly.

I could hardly breathe.

His face was inches, centimeters even, from mine and I wanted nothing more than to kiss him - to taste his tongue and feel his lips against mine. I unconsciously pulled my bottom lip between my teeth and watched his gaze move from my eyes to my lips. With a shaking hand I reached up and brushed a stray hair from his face. My fingertips retreated down his cheek feeling the soft stubble there, over his defined jaw and then around his neck and into his hair.

His lips parted slightly and his heart sped up; I could feel it pounding out a rhythm against my own. I lifted my own head from the ground as I pulled his to mine in one quick, surprising movement.

Our lips met and I heard angels singing, saw fireworks, a supernova of lights. I saw all of those ridiculous things because it felt like his mouth was made for mine. My fingers wound through his hair and he dropped to an elbow to bring us closer, his free hand gently cupping my cheek. It felt like we were there for forever, but somehow not long enough with lips pressing gently and tongues meeting softly. When he pulled away, I sighed softly.

I was pretty sure I'd never want to kiss anyone else ever again.

He placed a light kiss on my jaw, then my neck and gazed down at me. Even in the dark, surrounded by the cold air and bare trees I could see his eyes shining with something I hadn't seen in them before.

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do that," he gently pressed his lips to mine again and my whole body erupted into goosebumps. The ground around us vibrated and I heard soft voices coming from the distance. I pulled away from him and glanced around then at Edward's face once more. He frowned and sighed sadly. As the footsteps got closer I could see the flashlight bobbing in the dark. Edward sat up and gazed down at me one last time before launching himself to his feet. He reached down to help me and I felt the same spark when our hands touched, that I had been feeling for so long now. After a quiet moment he gently brushed a thumb over my lips before kissing me one more time.

"Gotcha!" Alice called triumphantly and then faltered, stumbling a bit when she saw us. "What's going on?" her gaze was locked on mine and Edward's hands, still clasped together.

We let go quickly.

"I fell," I explained and she giggled.

"What's new?" she threw a tiny arm around me and pulled me away from her brother.

"This has been such a good night! Don't you think?" She asked as we walked with Edward close behind.

"Yeah," I said softly as I brushed my fingers over my lips. "Great night," I said, hoping Edward would hear the smile in my voice and maybe, just maybe, feel the same.