The Capitol: Amelia Airhate

I watched, and I waited. Lights appeared on the screen and the President was shown. He smiled a smile worthy of a circling shark, going in for the attack.

Panem's anthem played out to us through the television screen and our emblem was shown.

"This year, the Reapings will be held on a very special day. It was the day that the districts fell, and the Capitol rightly took its place in power once more. It is a fact that all of the rebel leaders were females. Therefore, in honour of this historic event, all districts will submit 2 females. There will be 36 tributes in total, because however hard the districts may try, numbers are nothing when you are faced with inevitable death. Ladies and gentlemen, let the 28th Hunger Games begin."

I froze with shock, and Marylin squealed beside me.

"These will be the best Games ever!" She cried, and I nodded eagerly.

Let the games begin.

District and Tributes:

District 1 male - Precious Gems and Jewels: Rolf Cadomay (17)

District 1 female: Ivory Noire (16)

District 1 female: Sequin Allure (17)

District 2 male - Medical and Military Research: Floyd Barabe (18)

District 2 female: Isabella Rose (13)

District 2 female: Trista Angel (17)

District 3 male - Technology and Machinery: Michael Rubins (12)

District 3 female: Mimi Madeline Lombardi (16)

District 3 female: Tara Green Flowers (16)

District 4 male - Fishing: Perkele Fin (18)

District 4 female: Morganna Renn (17)

District 4 female: Mylene Frostblight (16)

District 5 male - Mathematics: Nicandro "Nico" O' Malley (12)

District 5 female: Kelby Fuse (15)

District 5 female: Kiera May Winters (15)

District 6 male - Scientific Research: Wolf Spanes (12)

District 6 female: Rosemary Angel (13)

District 6 female: Anya Rayne (14)

District 7 male - Lumber and Paper: Derek Tyras (15)

District 7 female: Lacey Kalax (16)

District 7 female: Somber Thrax (17)

District 8 male - Materials and Fabrics: Charlie Haven (13)

District 8 female: Schatten "Shadow" Tomar (13)

District 8 female: Kendal Resista (15)

District 9 male - Food: Tristan Workle (17)

District 9 female: Tatiana "Tanya" Braeburn (13)

District 9 female: Brook Callins (14)

District 10 male - Cattle and Herding: Ashton "Ash" Samuels (15)

District 10 female: Cori Wren Harlow (16)

District 10 female: Mare Warrens (18)

District 11 male - Agriculture: Ruse Kennedy (14)

District 11 female: Annaliese "Anna" Konra (16)

District 11 female: Azalea Rose Caloway (13)

District 12 male - Mining: Samuel "Sam" Jacobs (16)

District 12 female: Gisli Raylor (17)

District 12 female: Marta Wren Harris (15)

Ladies and gentlemen... may the odds be ever in your favour...