A Matter Of Boy Issues, Where The Boys Are!

By Pretty Lass

Note: A revised and enhanced ongoing story that explores the trouble an eighteen year-old redhead finds her behind in as she goes where the boys are! Rated M. spanking and anal discipline.

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Chapter One

The red headed eighteen year-old had gotten more and more full of herself or too big for her britches and her mom had had quite enough!

Lauren walked up beside her mom and makes a suggestion of what her mom can do for her and her friends.

Lauren in her most convincing sincere voice flicking her teenage red shoulder length hair

"You could take me and my friends to mall, leave and pick us up, leave us for a couple of hours, then come back and pick us up and take us to McDonalds".

Lauren's mom looks at Lauren with a perturbed look on her face and says,

"Or…I could take you to the mall and give you a spanking in front of your friends".

Lauren looks at her mother with a stunned look on her face.

Arriving at the center court of the mall Lauren tried to frantically talk her mom out of the public mall spanking in front of her best friend Becca and her other curious friends.

"N-Now M-Mom..." Lauren stuttered,

Her hands reaching back to cover her backside. "C-Can't we t-talk
about this?"

The smile she gave her didn't reach Lauren's eyes.

"Oh yes...we're going to talk about this." Judy Lauren's mom gritted her lips

"I'm going to talk...and you're going to listen."

She stood at the wall of the mall's fountain and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Don't make me come get you…"she warned her softly but firmly.

"Mom…", Lauren implored her for sympathy, but to no avail.

She reached for her daughter and Lauren came to her, knowing instinctively the foolishness of trying to evade her.

She sat on the edge of the bricks and stood her between her legs as she unfastened her rust corduroy pants and lowered them to her knees.

. "Bend over my knee." She instructed her, patting her leg. Lauren swallowed hard and stared at him with huge, puppy dog eyes, begging her mom not to do this to her.

Judy ignored her tear-filled eyes and assisted her over her jean -clad thighs.

Lauren wanted to die…it was mortifying to be over his knee with her fanny stuck up in the air waiting to be spanked. She didn't have to wait long…her mom's big, hard hand lifted and then descended on her soft, plump bottom with a loud crack!

Lauren whimpered and tried to squirm away, but her mother's arm over her back held her down and her legs were trapped under her other thigh so she couldn't move

. Smack! Smack! Smack! His hand built a fire on the seat of her silky, white sheer panties. Lauren began to sob uncontrollably as Judy continued to rain a series of stinging smacks to her plump, round bottom.

Smack! Crack! Whack! Spank! Slap! Whap!

"Please, stop…you're hurting me!" Lauren wailed a she kicked her feet on the tiled floor in desperation.

The hard palm of her mom's hand was relentless and the heat continued to build on the surface of her fanny.

She meant to teach her a lesson and Lauren had to concede that he had. She sobbed slobbering broken over her knee as Judy vigorously applied her red stinging hand to Lauren Miller's sore, hot bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Judy could see that her bottom was beginning to get really red.

The seat of her panties were turning a shocking shade of pink and she was crying uncontrollably.

Now Judy, Lauren's Mom had the sassy teenage daughter right where she wanted her and
as she savored with satisfaction the view of Lauren's Private Panties Visible through her
rust corduroy pants as her brief panties nervously wiggled back and forth energetically as she was now over her mother's knees.

Lauren stammered, arrogantly telling her mom

"Your spanking doesn't really hurt"!

Judy Miller, Lauren's Mom could see this was a false bravado as she prepared Lauren's trembling bottom for a more enthusiastic wig added vigor spanking.

Lauren struggled but it was of no use as she felt Mom reach around to the front of her pants waist and undid the button of the rust corduroy pants "ZZZIPP", down came her zipper and with a tug pulled the pants down off her fleshy bottom revealing her white brief panty-clad bottom bucking in the air

"Stop It Mom" Lauren fumed in response to having her pants taken down.

Lauren's squirming body caused her long red curly hair to buck on her back as her revealing the tightly stretched white sheer brief panties, mortified her bottom were now on display to her friends at the mall to witness her hard teen spanking.

Becca, Lauren's best friend was afraid of Judy as she watched Lauren's mom prepare her for her very embarrassing public spanking on the seat of her sheer panties.

Judy Miller, her mother could see this was a false bravado as a bright shaft of sunlight from the mall skylight shone on Lauren's sheer panty clad bottom and all her friends could see Lauren's baby fat butt trembling through her brief sheer white panties.

Suddenly with a new sense of horror the teen felt her mom's finger nail dig into the top of her bare ass crack, just visible above her panties.

It took an inkling of a second for Lauren to realize her mother intended to pull her panties down and bare her white baby fat red freckled butt in front of all her friends assembled at the mall to watch her spanking.

Lauren begs her mom contritely now,

"Don't Pull My Panties Down Mom, Not Here'

Lauren demanded as Becca offered Mrs. Miller her cherry wood hairbrush to Lauren's dismay.

Becca was really afraid of Mrs. Miller and she had shared this with her best friend.

Judy cocked back the hairbrush telling Lauren that she dressed unladylike showing her visible panty line and she would also long remember this corporal punishment for being mean and bitchy to her mom. Lauren's snowy white bottom was trapped in position for ...

Spank! Smack! Crack! Whack!

The hairbrush connected digging deep into the creamy white butt meat across the crown of both cheeks. As the hairbrush stripe turned from pink to a red blood line, Lauren yelled out, twisted her deep pained bottom as the sting continued to build for 30 second after the hairbrush had departed her bottom.

Judy grabbed her legs and put them in the ankle holes thus spreading Lauren's bottom wide open revealing her tiny pink pucker of her private butt hole.

Mom went to work on the tapestry of Lauren's behind spanking her bottom
with such severity that Lauren lost control and farted


As she blew as she tried to absorb the pain of the hairbrush.

The farting incident earned her a series of hard swats "SWACK" "SWACK" "SPLAT"

"thwack" "FWIICKKK" as her ass skin was searing with steam from a rapidly forming crop of blood blisters.

Mom stopped as Lauren blubbered and cried

"Boo-Hoo- Hoo", Lauren cried having trouble catching her breath. Her mom put the hairbrush down and could see blood red dots deep into her welted ass meat where she could feel the heat radiating of her angry red throbbing bottom.

As her whimpers continued she explained to Lauren that she was now under her control and she would feel the rewards of her sarcastic attitude to her mom Judy.

Lauren knew now that she would have no choice but to obey Mom and her severely hairbrush ass which stung with fire and she knew she had angry red pulsing blood blisters across the crowns of her bottom cheeks, decided to try being nice to Mom and hopefully save her agonized hairbrush butt from further punishment.

Lauren's red shoulder length hair could not matched the shine of the blood red angry red hairbrush oval purple marked bottom cheeks.

Lauren was trying to compose herself when she felt her beaten ass cheeks tapped lightly and Lauren heard her mother say into her ear,

"Lauren If You Can't Hold Your Farts In Girl. Mom told her this was just the beginning of your punishment and to get used to it!"

"We Will Just Have To Plug your rude, stinking comment hole for you when we get home "Smarty Pants",

Her smiling mother informed her and Lauren's red blotchy and purple bruised bottom visibly trembled at what her mother had just promised the well spanked teen girl when they returned home from the mall.

Lauren was allowed to climb off her mother's lap, stand up and pull her tight rust corduroy pants over her burning swollen fire engine red bottom and follow her mom to the car her visible panty lined pants bottom now rubbing against the tormenting heat of her well spanked bottom as she winced with each step she took out of the mall,

Her assembled friends had watched the spanking spectacle and Lauren reduced to the crying sound and antics of a little girl being punished.

Mom reached over and spanked Lauren's pained red hot throbbing bottom as well knowing that by tomorrow those red throbbing hairbrush marks will be purple and sore bruised giving her sassy spoiled daughter a treat every time she sat down for the next week!

Lauren's mom tells her, "Smart mouth me missy, my spankings don't hurt!"

SPANK! with a hard swat across the bruising hairbrush marks, right across the teen's naughty unladylike visible panty lined cord panted bottom.

"YEE-OOOUCH" Lauren pouts and then yells as the fire of her spanking is relit in her punished behind, while her girl friends look on in shock and her boy friends try to hide their shit eating grins. ;)

Now get out to the car young lady and sit your hot seat in the car."

Her mom ordered her sternly, giving her sore fanny another sharp spank for good measure. This brought fresh tears to Lauren's brown eyes as she hurried out of the mall.

To...Be...Continued Soon!