A/N: so I went trick-or-treating as Robin and I had a Starfire and a Beastboy and a Raven. So this is where Cyborg was on Halloween.

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Halloween with Cyborg

Cyborg opened the door and his jaw immediately dropped.

Trick-or-treaters were standing at the open door. They were witches and demons and vampires and superheroes. And all at once, the children screamed, "Trick or treat!"

The dark-skinned hero's eyes turned from amazement to shock as he stammered desperately for words that wouldn't come.

A long minute passed. Then a little blonde boy in an overly-muscled Superman suit spoke up. "Are you gonna give us candy or what?" he barked out demandingly, holding out his bag as if to receive the sugary goodness.

Cyborg came back from his stupor. "How did you guys get here?" he asked.

"We walked," responded a witch in the back, her pointy hat tilting off to one side as she pushed up her thick black glasses on her nose.


"Candy?" reminded the small Superman. "We didn't come all the way out here to stand outside the door and ask for candy multiple times from a tin man."

"Yo, y'all are totally whacked! You can't walk to a frickin' island!"

"Yeah, we kind of can if we have legs, nimrod," a dark vampire off to one side argued. Then he hissed menacingly at the dark-skinned hero. "Candy. Now."


"It's called a boat," said the witch. She pushed her way to the front of the group and held her bag out to the half-robot. "Now give us our candy, foo."

"Y'all are just..." Cyborg groaned as he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed some freakishly large fruit from the fridge, knowing he and Beastboy had downed the last of the candy last night. "Y'all are whacked," he said, walking back to the door with fruit in his arms. "Just walk back to your little boat and split all this fruit evenly, m'kay kiddies?" He shoved it into the Superman's back and closed the door with a sigh of relief.

The doorbell rang again. "Dangit, I didn't even know we had a frickin' doorbell." He threw open the door and got pelted by fruit.


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