One day later: still procrastinating. Hopefully I'm better at writing than living, because I fail at life.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true. In other words, thoughts consciously or subconsciously cause actions which lead to an unavoidable outcome.

So what if two people think they are perfect together. They belong together simply because they know they would be miserable with anyone else. Hypothetically, no matter what situation they are put into, no matter how great the distance between them, emotionally or physically, wouldn't they keep coming back to each other?

Tony has never liked the idea of fate. He doesn't like the idea that there is the possibility that it could have already been predetermined that he is going to die alone and miserable, and that there's nothing he can do about.

But when he though of Jeanne, and the separation of the team, and Michael, and the Somalia tragedy, and then looked over at Ziva, sitting in the bull pen as an American citizen, as a permanent part of his life, he couldn't help but think that maybe fate had the right idea, and that his life was one giant self-fulfilling prophecy that kept bringing him back to her.

I feel like that last sentence is way too long, just cause it's kind of confusing to read. But I'm pretty sure it's not a run on... if I'm wrong on that correct me. This is why I'm a bio major. :(

Anyways, I think I'm done procrastinating. I need to go start studying.

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