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Welcome to camp. This isn't just any camp. This is a special camp for special kids with special abilities. They come from all over the country to come here to train and learn about their powers and talents. This is Camp Element.

Chapter 1

When I went to the beach last summer I expected the same trip as every other summer. I stay with my aunt and cousins, go to the beach some, hang out, shop, and then leave a week later. Little did I know that this particular beach trip would change my life forever...

It all started when we went to the beach. We just came out of the water and were about to eat lunch when my cousin suggested we eat on the sand dunes. We grabbed our sandwiches and walked across the hot sand to the tall grassy dunes. We sat down and started eating when I saw something glimmering in the sand. I reached over and picked it up. I expected it to be a shell or a quarter or something but it turned out to be a necklace with a light sapphire gemstone that was blinding in the sun. I showed it to my cousins, "Look what I found." I said holding up my treasure. "Wow!" Kati said pulling out of my hand to get a better view. "I've never seen anything as shiny!" My younger cousin Ali said leaning in next to Kati. It was true. They way the sun caught it, the little blue crystal inside shot beams of light in all directions. "I don't know if I should keep it you guys. Someone might really be missing it." I said looking at the necklace sparkle in the sun "You know what they say…" Kati said handing me the necklace. "Finders keepers," Kati said. "Losers weepers!" Ali chimed in. Instead of giving the necklace to my mom or laying it back in the sand, I put it on. A chill ran up my spine and my whole body felt like it was pricked with a billion ice cold needles. The feeling took my breath away. "Oh my gosh." I gasped. I touched the necklace and it was as if it had turned to ice. I didn't think much of it. I just thought that I had a chill…in 95 degree weather. I reached around to try to take the necklace off but the clasp disappeared. I figured I was just being stupid so I gave up on that. Unfortunately it was time to leave the beach, for that day, and for the summer. We packed up our things, stayed the night and left the next morning.

When we got back home, after a very tiring five hour drive, I ran started to unpack while my mom got the mail from our neighbor. "Clara!" my mom called from downstairs, "Mail for you!" Who would send a letter to me? I thought as I ran downstairs. I grabbed the letter addressed to Miss Clara Belington. I opened it up after I ran back up to my room. It was small yet perfect for me. My guitar was in the corner ready to be played, the walls were a light aqua blue. My bed was white with a white sheet and bright blue pillows. My bulletin board was full of pictures of my friends, my cat Bert, and other random things like concert programs, ticket stubs, key chains, ect. I jumped on my bed and opened the letter. It read:


Your son/daughter has been accepted into the Elemental Music Camp. Only 160 fine musicians make it every year. Please, don't deprive your child of this life changing experience! A full scholarship has been provided so you won't have to pay a penny for this 6 week camp full of music, learning, fun, and friendship. Don't miss out. Return your application by July 6th!

I dumped out the rest of the contents of the envelope and found a brochure full of cheesy pictures, applications, forms, and a bus-pick up info sheet. 6 weeks in the Montana lived in Washington so it wasnt like a cross country trip. I wanted to go really badly, I knew I was a good singer and I would benefit from this camp but what would mom think? I brought the envelope back down to her and let her go through it. "Sounds good to me." She said signing off on the applications. "Both me and dad will be at work all summer. This will be better than you sitting at home alone all day." She signed the last paper and had me run the forms to the mailbox. I couldn't wait for the day when that big bus pulled up and took me away from a boring summer.

I ran over to Nathan's house after I went to the mailbox. He lived next door and we had grown up together. Making mud-pies in my back yard, dressing up Bert on goofy clothes that were for my dolls. We had been friends for years. I ran up to his doorstep and let myself in. "Hey! I'm here!" I called as I walked through the door. His parents were at work so he was alone with his sister. "Hey!" he yelled from the living room. I walked in to find him playing Halo and talking to someone on the little microphone. He was such a nerd! He pressed pause and moved some pillows so I could join him on the couch. I sat down and started to tell him about the music camp. "You're kidding right?" he asked looking shocked. I never thought about Nathan. What was he going to do over the summer? I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. "Well, I already turned in the papers but I guess I don't have to go when the bus comes." I stammered out. "No! This is great! I'm going to the same camp!" He said. This was going to be an AMAZING summer!

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