Naruto Namikaze: The Legendary Shinobi Mage

Hey everyone it's me with a new story from Challenger's Naruto Rise of the Mage challenge. Now then this fic will be crossed over with other games, anime, manga, etc. This is also an inspiration from the Author of Naruto Chaos Mage fg7dragon who I must say made one of the most badass crossover fics I've ever seen.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except for what I create meaning the weapons, bloodlines, characters, spells, etc.

Chapter 1: A Mage in the Making

10 years ago the Kyuubi no Kitsune (Nine Tailed Fox) appeared out of nowhere in front of Konoha and attacked. The Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow) and Kiiroi Senkou (Yellow Flash) Minato Namikaze faced Kyuubi with everything he had but the fox proved to be too much even for someone of his skills so Minato had no other option but to seal the fox into his only son and heir using the Shiki Fuin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal), turning him into a Jinchuriki (Human Sacrifice).

Sarutobi had to re take his position as the Sandaime Hokage (Third Fire Shadow) and created a law about Naruto's condition stating that it will not be revealed to the younger generation about his condition. While almost every ninja and some civilians honored the Yondaime's sacrifice, others considered the boy to be the reincarnation of the fox and have made some attempt to harm him. When he was first kicked out of the Orphanage by the owner when he was 5, he was trapped by a mob in a n alley that proceeded to attack him but it was stopped by a group of ANBU who were in the area.

When Hiruzen heard about the attack and the fact that the owner of the Orphanage kicked him out, the man was beyond furious that these people had the nerve and gall to go against his orders. So Hiruzen decided to take things into his own hands and had Naruto live in the ANBU HQ for a few years since no one was stupid enough to try and attack the Base of the Hokage's Elite Ninja.

When Naruto turned 6, Hiruzen started to teach Naruto the basics of the Ninja Arts whenever he had time to or had his bodyguards teach him a little about it. Once Naruto turned 7 he talked to the boy privately that he was the container of the Kyuubi and who his parents were. At first Naruto was stumped that the man he looked up to sealed the most powerful creature on earth into him but was ecstatic that he was the son of the most powerful and well respected ninjas to ever live in Konoha.

So ever since that day Naruto wanted to become a ninja and make his family proud and Hiruzen was pleased that the boy took all the info so well. One day, when Naruto was exhausted from training he decided o take a short nap and in his mindscape he met Kyuubi who happened to be a vixen and also met another person. She was once known as the Jubi who was defeated by the Rikudo Sennin centuries ago but even before his time she was one of the most powerful Mages during the age where magic existed.

Her name is Evangeline Rorek. She was apart of a group who were the first to discover Chakra as well as other energies like Ki, Reiki (Spirit Energy), Celestial Energy, and Mana but kept these a secret from the world. They were known as Mages. When they discovered these energies they were capable of performing things ninja's could only dream of.

They had the ability to manipulate the natural elements and not just the one they conjure using they own energy. They also had the ability to shape shift into anything organic and non- organic and could also create illusions that could actually injure their targets. Another thing they could do was summon mystical beasts that were even more powerful than the summons the ninja use today and also had the ability to gain the power a human or demon is born with from only a drop of said person's blood.

They could also remove a person's soul form their body and could also create weapons out of pure energy. They also went by other titles such as magicians, warlocks, witches, wizards, sorcerers/sorceress, and Paladins.

Evangeline was the Granddaughter of a Headmaster named Malchior Rorek who was the leader of the Mages and master in all the Mage arts including the Dark Arts, Forbidden Arts, White Magic, Black Magic, Alchemy, etc. She was a natural born genius and a hard worker of the body and mind. She was so skilled in the arts that she was the first in her generation and the youngest to become a Master Mage and was even more powerful than her Grandfather was in his prime.

But her current strength wasn't enough and she wanted to become the First Supreme Grand Master in the Mage Arts since not one Mage in history has ever gained that form of status in their lifetime. She wanted more power so she traveled around the world, facing and gaining the abilities and souls of high ranking demons but one day every soul and ability she gained became too much and she ended up losing control of her power.

This action resulted in Evangeline transforming into a creature called the Jubi no Akuma (Ten-Tailed Demon) and went on a never ending rampage that wiped every mage from existence including her family. Throughout the years she left a path of chaos and destruction until one day she faced a man known as the Rikudo Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths) who used his power to defeat her and separate her soul from the body and sealing both away. Thousands of years later when Minato sealed the Kyuubi inside Naruto, but the Gods/Goddesses also sealed Eva's soul into Naruto. The reason why is because she wanted to repent for her crimes in the past when she was the Jubi by teaching and helping Naruto, the Child of the Prophecy in the Arts of the Mage.

Ever since the three met Akemi (The Kyuubi no Kitsune) and Evangeline helped Naruto in understanding the concepts of the Ninja Arts as well as the Mage Arts.

Hokage Tower

In the Hokage's office, Hiruzen Sarutobi was currently relaxing in his chair smoking his pipe while outside his office his secretary was filing some paperwork and placing them in the filing cabinets until the voice of a young boy spoke up. "Hey Kiyone-san." Said secretary looked over her desk.

Standing in front of her desk was a boy who was 10 years old. He had shoulder-length wild spiky blonde hair with jaw length bangs on the sides (Younger Minato's Hairstyle) a tan complexion, deep blue eyes with slit pupils and his canines jut from his upper lip. He was wearing a white short sleeve t-shirt with blue flames licking the edges of his shirt and sleeves and had a leaf symbol on the front and the kanji fire on the back. He also wore blue cargo shorts that stopped below his knees and wore black ninja sandals and had a black backpack

He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of the late Yondaime Hokage (Fourth Fire Shadow) and Kiiroi Senkou (Yellow Flash) Minato Namikaze and Aka no Mashin (Red Devil) Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. Kiyone saw the 10 year old blonde and smiled. "Hello Naruto-kun, how are you today?" She asked the blonde who smiled back.

"I'm fine. Is Saru-Oji busy?" He asked while she giggled at the name he gave to the most powerful man in the village.

"No not at this moment. You can go on ahead and enter." She said getting a nod from him and he heads towards the office. Hiruzen was exhaling the smoke from his mouth until he saw the door open and Naruto walked in.

"Hey Saru-Oji." Naruto said happily while the man smiled back at his surrogate grandson.

"Hello Naruto. What can I do for you?" He asked the young blonde who removed his backpack, opened it, and pulled a book on basic sealing out.

"I wanted to return this book back to you since I'm done with it." He said getting a raised eyebrow from the man.

"You finished that whole book? Naruto most chunin rank ninja can't fully understand the schematics of basic seals yet you're telling me that you can fully understand how to make and operate the seals?" He asked only for Naruto to blink in confusion a couple of times and nod.

"Hai. I even used some of the blank scrolls you gave me and copied the drawings out of the book." He said and pulled a small scroll out of his backpack and handed it to Hiruzen. Said man took the scroll, opened it, and took a look at the seals Naruto made. A few minutes later his eyes widened in amazement due to how well written and correct the seals were.

"Naruto this is incredible! There are no mistakes whatsoever. How in the world did you pull this off?" He asked in astonishment while the young blonde rubbed the back of his head.

"Like I said Saru-oji once I understood the correct formation of the seals I just copied it from the book and made sure every form was drawn and set correctly. The blonde stated while Hiruzen remained stumped.

'By kami this boy is a genius like his parents! If he can already understand the complexity of the basic seals in less than a few years he'll be the youngest seal master in history and surpass even Minato in the sealing arts!' He thought.

"My boy this is beyond incredible. So tell me how has your day been in the academy? Have any of the teachers been giving you problems due to your 'condition'?" Hiruzen asked Naruto. Ever since Hiruzen enrolled Naruto in the academy he had to make sure that none of the academy teachers would ruin the boy's academics and stunt his growth as a ninja and also had the Headmaster check up and made sure they knew the consequences of denying a student the chance of becoming a ninja despite what they contained.

There were a few times where he had to remove a few of them from the academy and have them replaced with competent teachers and ever since Naruto had no problems. Naruto shook his head. "Nope I haven't had any problems at all with the teachers and guess what? I'm already in the top of my class and made a perfect score on the midterm." Naruto said with a smile on his face.

"That's good Naruto. You'll more than likely be Rookie of the Year in your graduating class." He states.

"Really? Well to be honest with you I really don't care for the title. I'm just doing so good because I want to make my parents proud of me though there are some who think I'm cheating due to the fact that most of the girls think that the teme Sasuke should be the top student of the class and it doesn't help that he keeps glaring at me for doing better than him." Naruto explained while Hiruzen frowned.

"Just keep doing what you're doing Naruto and ignore them." He informed the young man who nods.

"Thanks. Say Saru-Oji can I ask you a question about my dad?" He asked. Hiruzen activates the silencing barrier and the security seals and nods.

"Sure Naruto what is it that you want to know?" He asked the young heir.

"Well I wanted to know if he gained his title from the Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique) or if it was for another reason?" Naruto asked Hiruzen.

"To be perfectly honest with you Naruto he gained that title before even creating the Hiraishin no Jutsu. Your father wasn't just famous for his skill in fuinjutsu but was also known for his speed being unmatched. There wasn't a shinobi alive aside from the current Raikage that could match his natural speed and reflexes and there was a reason why. You see Naruto Minato created a seal that was called the gravity seal. What he did with the seal was that once he places them on his body he channeled chakra into them to make them heavy." He said.

"So the gravity seals made his body heavy and trained with the weight on right?" Naruto asked getting a nod from the man.

"Correct and while training his body adjusted to the weight and made his body stronger and faster. Afterwards he would add more weight onto the seals to train his body even harder. He would also release the seals in order to adjust to the new speed he gained from training so hard until he was use to moving at that speed normally. He also placed seals in his clothes but he did that for a while." He explained while Naruto had a look of amazement on his face.

"Wow that's amazing. So the weights I'm wearing on my arms and legs are working in a similar matter right?" Naruto asked the man who nods. On the blonde's arms were two black wristbands (Similar to the ones Yusuke wore in the dark tournament) and he also had tow around his shins.

"Yes Naruto but don't try to make the gravity seals yet since placing them on the body incorrectly or writing the seals wrong can be catastrophic. Just stick to the weights for now until you can fully understand how certain seals work and afterwards I'll help you place the seals on your body since I have plenty of knowledge in fuinjutsu as well." He instructed while Naruto nods.

"You got it Saru-Oji. Well I'll see you tomorrow then." He says and heads out the door. Sarutobi chuckles as Naruto exit the office and snapped his fingers. Two ANBU appeared wearing animal masks.

"Neko, Taka make sure he gets home safely and inform any ANBU in the area to keep a sharp eye on the civilians." He ordered. The two nod and shunshin out of the office.

Naruto's apartment

Naruto managed to get to his apartment safely. Hiruzen gave him one when he turned 9 and it was one of the decent ones. The landlord was a veteran of the last shinobi war but he suffered an accident that cost him to end his ninja career but he was kind to Naruto and gave him one of the apartments and only charged him for half of what the rent was a month.

Naruto was pulling out his key from his pocket and heard a gruff voice speak up. "Hey gaki." Naruto turned his head to see Daichi. The man was 6'1 and was in his late 30 to early 40's with a few strands of grey in his black hair. He had a dark tan complexion and was muscular but not overly built. He wore a black short sleeved shirt with grey jeans and black sandals. His hair was slicked back and tied in a ponytail and he had reddish brown eyes.

"Hey Daichi-san how are you doing?" He asked the man who smirks.

"I'm doing great kid. Say did you know that the lights in your place have been flickering on and off a lot? I had to check the power generator and thought the fuse fried." He asked and the blonde chuckled sheepishly.

"Sorry about that. I've been working on some projects in the academy lately that required certain energies like electrical energy. That and I've been doing some experiments with lightning jutsu." Naruto stated.

"I see. Well as long as it's nothing serious I can let it slide. Well I'll see you around kiddo." He said and headed back down to his own apartment while Naruto opened his door and entered his home. The Apartment Complex was pretty big since it was meant for a family but the extra space was good for him. It had 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen that had everything from a dishwasher, sink, microwave, stove, a refrigerator, and cabinets that were stocked with dishes, silverware, and food as well as a living room that had furniture.

One was a room that was made into a study for Naruto by Hiruzen and it was also where he kept all his extra books and scrolls as well as weapons he can practice with outside. Naruto walked into his room and set down the bag and removed his sandals.

Afterwards he leapt onto the top of his bed and lays back on it, closing his eyes.


Naruto found himself in his mindscape and it was in the form of a forest with mountain ranges behind it and the sun shining. He started to walk around the forest in his mindscape until he came across a sleeping crimson colored fox the size of a horse and had nine tails lied around its body.

Naruto smirks, walks over to Kyuubi and kneels down and hears her snore lightly. Naruto snickers and starts to stroke her behind one of her ears making her purr lightly. She stirs in her sleep and opens her eyes only to see Naruto's grinning face. "Hey sleepy head did I wake you?"
Naruto asked with humor in his voice while the vixen snorted and yawned.

"Considering the fact that all I can do in your mindscape aside from chasing rabbits is sleep." She replied and stretched her body to get the kinks out. Her body glowed and she shifted into her hybrid form. She was 5'6 with long and smooth crimson red hair that had a few bangs falling in the front and it was tied in a ponytail and stopped to the middle of her back. She had a heart shaped face, deep red slit eyes, lips that were coated with red lipstick, and canines protruded from her upper lip.

She wore a red kunoichi battle Kimono and the dress was split on the sides, showing off her long, sexy, and creamy legs but she wore a pair dark red skintight shorts. The front and back of the dress was red with a black stripe going down the middle and she wore a red Kunoichi shirt that had long sleeves and wore a fishnet shirt that hugged her hour glass body and showed a little cleavage from her d-cup breasts that weren't too big or too small.

On her feet she wore a pair of red feudal ninja sandals and socks with red bandages wrapped around the middle of her feet, ankles, and stopped to her shins. Behind her nine red tails swayed back and forth and on top of her head were two red fox ears and she had claw-like nails that weren't to short or too long.

All in all, she was the epitome of beauty. "So what is it that you need Naruto-kun?" She asked the ten year old blonde.

"Do I need a reason for visiting my favorite vixen Natsumi-chan?" Naruto asked cheekily while she chuckles and shakes her head. "Honestly I just want to hang out with you and Eva-chan in my mindscape while my body rests for a bit. Say where is Eva-chan anyways?" He asked while looking around the forest but that was when an orb of white light appeared in between them and formed into the shape of a human when the glowed died down.

The human was apparently female and seemed to be in her mid to late teens. She was 5'5 and had a tan like skin complexion. Her hair was long, smooth, and violet, and was tied into a high ponytail, stopping all the way down to her waist. Her eyes were violet with black pupils, and she had a heart shaped face. She appeared to be wearing a dark blue body suit that showed off her hourglass figure nicely and it had the symbol of a white crescent moon on the front of her outfit with black boots (Picture Dark Pheonix's Outfit only in a different color). She also had a silver chain belt wrapped around her waist with round sapphire gems on them and wore a violet cape that was around her neck with a sapphire gem button attaching it together.

"You called Naruto-kun?" Eva asked the young blonde.

"Hey Eva-chan how have you been?" Naruto asked the sorceress.

"I'm doing well. So what can I do for you?" She asked and Naruto eye smiled.

"For me? Nothing I just wanted to talk with you two since I'm petty sure it can get kind of boring living in the mindscape of a 10 year old." He stated while she laughed lightly and sat on the grass cross legged with her cape covering her body.

"It's not that bad Naruto-kun. I personally like the peace and quiet." She said while Natsumi nodded in agreement. She may be a powerful demon but she likes to be left alone and not interfere in human matters unless she had to. "So how far are you in the spells I taught you so far? Have you made any progress?" She asked Naruto who nods.

"Yeah especially with the magic barriers. Right now I'm working on trying to manipulate barriers around parts of my body and have em work as an absolute defense. The only problem is conjuring the barriers up instantly and making sure they're strong enough to withstand any form of attack." He explained while she smirked.

"I see. Performing such a feat takes a lot of skill and concentration for the body and mind and it also requires your senses to be heightened at their max and also the person needs to develop a sixth sense." She explained and Naruto nods.

"Normally it would take years for even a Master Mage to master such a skill and would take them half of their lifetime to do it. Lucky for you, you have me helping in the arts since I practically mastered everything my grandfather taught me." She said with a grin on her face.

"You also might want to try working on the elemental barriers." Naruto raised an eyebrow when she said Elemental Barriers. "Elemental Barriers protect you from elemental attacks that are unleashed on you by your opponent. They are the fire barrier, water barrier, earth barrier, lightning barrier, wind barrier, light barrier and darkness barrier."

"They can each withstand and absorb the element that an opponent uses against you. The fire barrier for example can withstand any fire attack but water would weaken it. The same goes for the others except for the light and darkness barriers that can deal with any element used except for their opposites." She explained.

"Wow that's really cool." He said excitedly while she smiled.

"Yes it really is especially since you don't need incantations to create them." She replied and Akemi spoke up.

"Yes as interesting as creating elemental barriers is how exactly do you know which one to use exactly so that you don't end up using the wrong one?" Akemi asked the Sorceress who grinned.

"It's really not that tough to know when to use the correct one unlike those times you had him do those chakra control exercises." She stated and a tick mark appeared on Natsumi's head.

"Well excuse me for trying to help him in controlling my yokai! He is my container you witch!" She snarled out and Eva's eyes glowed violet and purple electricity cackled around her arms.

"Watch who you're calling a witch you nine tailed shag rug!" She said and this time Natsumi's eyes glowed red.


"YEAH AND SAID RULER GOT HER ASS HANDED TO HER BY A MERE NINGEN!" Eva shouted back and also performing the big demon head jutsu.


"YOU WANNA FIGHT YOU OVER GROWN PLUSHY?" Eva shouted and got into a fighting stance with purple electricity surrounding her rams and legs.

"BRING IT ON SOUL STEALER!" Natsumi replied while her tails flailed around and her fists ignited into red fire.

Before they could even start Naruto held his right arm out and his eyes glowed yellow. "Cohibeo (Restrain)." He said silently. That was when yellow energy tendrils shot out of the ground and restrained both Natsumi and Evangeline and the two blink in surprise. "Now listen you two I didn't come here to see you both fight since your little 'scraps' will result in me getting a headache the size of the Hokage mountain and that's something I want to avoid. Now then are you two gonna behave and apologize or do I have to put you two back in the cage for two months?" Naruto asked as a giant cage appears beside him, making Natsumi pale and have a look of horror when they saw their 'old prison'.

"No not that! Put it away put it away!" Natsumi said frantically and struggled in her bindings while Eva sweat dropped at how Natsumi was reacting to the cage. Sure she didn't like it either but Natsumi acted like the cage was a fate worse then death.

Naruto on the other hand had a stern look on his face. "Then apologize to each other and stop this senseless fighting." He said and the two nod in agreement.

"Sorry." They both said at the same time and that was when their bindings dissipated and they stood back up dusting off their clothes.

"I have to say Naruto that binding spell was performed very well. I take it you got the hang of using them and the destruction spells I taught you without having to do the incantaions fpr them right?" She asked and the blonde nods.

"Yep though for he higher level spells I still have to do the incantations." He stated and the female mage smiles.

"Impressive well then what do you say we work on your manipulation of the Natural Elements without having to use chakra and after wards get you started in how to use your spirit energy and Ki offensively and defensively?" She asked and the blonde nods in excitement. Natsumi decides to speak up.

"And Naruto once you're done with that you and I can work some more in your Chakra Control as well as your fuinjutsu, ninjutsu, and the other shinobi arts." She stated getting a nod from Naruto.

The Next Day

Naruto woke up as his alarm clock went off and then shot a yellow lightning bolt from his finger tips and destroyed it without looking. " 'Yawns' stupid alarm clocks." He muttered while Natsumi and Eva giggled in his mindscape. "Tch. I'll repair it later; I gotta head to the academy for my test." He said and proceeded to go take his shower and change clothes, ate breakfast, and grabbed his backpack and gear but before he left, he did a criss cross sign with his hands and 20 copies of himself appeared in the apartment.

Alright you all know what to do right?" Naruto asked the group of Kage Bunshins who nod in agreement and shunshin away to their private training ground. Naruto hoists his backpack over his shoulder and locks his door.

'Hey Eva-chan, should I teleport to the academy this time?' Naruto asked the mistress of magic.

'I say go for it. Your manipulation in switching your energy is good enough for you to teleport since the last time you tried you ended up losing your lunch.' She stated while the blonde chuckles. His body starts to glow light blue and he suddenly flickers away.

Ninja Academy

Naruto appears in front of the academy and sees the third window to his class room. He grins and teleports to room 304. Iruka was currently in the room getting the tests prepared unaware that Naruto had entered the room and was behind him.

"Yo Iruka-sensei!" Naruto shouted out causing the man to jump out of his chair with a kunai drawn facing Naruto but then sighs.

"Darn it Naruto what have I told you about doing that? And how did you get in the class without me even noticing you?" Iruka asked while Naruto just grinned.

"Sorry Sensei but I can't tell you." He said while the man raised a brow.

"Oh and why not?" The instructor asked with curiosity.

"Family secret." Naruto answered while Iruka raised an eyebrow.

"Family secret huh? So I'm guessing you found out about your birth parents from the Sandaime?" He asked Naruto who nodded.

"Yep but I can't tell you who they are since the knowledge of my parents is a SS class secret that only I and a few people who were good friends with my mom and dad know." Naruto replied with a serious look on his face.

"Oh I see. Well then Naruto since you are the first one here you can take a seat while I do the preparations for the tests okay?" The man asked.

"Sure thing." He said and goes and sits in the third row of the class room. He places his back pack near the side of his chair, opens it up, and pulls out a book that was entitled 'The Basics of Nature and Shape Transformation.' So far he was on the part that explained the manipulation of wind chakra.

'Man the wind element is very interesting. To be able to create invisible and thin blades that can cut through anything which the enemy can't even see as well as create powerful vacuums of air that can repel attacks is amazing.' He thought and he kept reading into it.

'Yes it sure is Naruto-kun since out of all the elemental chakra nature, wind is considered to be the most dangerous due to it being wild and unpredictable and it's also the most difficult to learn and master.' Natsumi said in his mindscape and Evangeline nodded in agreement.

"Indeed and so is trying to manipulate the natural element itself. Even I had some difficulty in using that element during my training. It's also my favorite element to use due to the amount of destruction it causes." She said with a grin on her face.

"I'll say but when you combine it with fire… talk about awesome." Natsumi replied.

"Yeah but the one thing I loved doing with the element was create fast moving gusts of wind ,tornadoes, and hurricanes and watch my enemies get blown away or sucked into them and torn to shreds by fast moving currents and be crushed and impaled by insane amounts of debris." The Sorceress stated with a dazed off look on her face while Natsumi had an ear splitting grin on her face. Naruto on the other hand was sweat dropping when he heard them talk about their 'love' of the wind element.

"Oh now that is my favorite part especially when you hear their agonizing screams echo throughout the vortex and" She would've continued until Naruto coughed in his mindscape in order to get their attention.

"As interesting as it is to hear you two talk about your fetishes with the wind element I need you both to keep it down I'm trying to study." Naruto said telepathically while the two laughed sheepishly.

"Heh, sorry Naruto-kun." Eva said.

"Yeah sorry….killjoy." Natsumi muttered.

"I heard that!" Naruto replied while Natsumi stuck her tongue out at him.

While Naruto was reading, he heard the class bell ring and sighs as the other students started to walk in chatting to each other while he put away his book and was prepared to take the semester test.

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