Naruto Namikaze: Shinobi Mage

Hey my fans it's me again with a new chapter for my Naruto/Mage story. Also I want to inform you that since Minato's and Kushina's souls are currently residing in the seal along with Evangeline and Natsumi, they will be revived and if you can guess when it'll happen then I'll give you a cyber-cookie LOL! But that aside, Naruto will be creating a new clan and gaining new members and allies in the clan.

Also for a quick note, if you're all wondering how strong Naruto is then I'll let you know in terms of skill he'd be around Itachi's level when he was 13 so the only thing he lacks is more experience but ninja like Kakashi, Gai, Hiruzen, Jiraiya, and Kisame can still give him a hard time so he's not unstoppable.

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Chapter 7: New Clan part 1

Naruto was currently making his way to the southern wing of the hospital which was considered to be one of the wings where only medical nin were allowed to enter due to the fact that the place was guarded by ANBU who were keeping a discreet eye on any foreign ninja that were captured during a mission and required medical treatment before being interrogated for information.

He approached a door that was guarded by the two ANBU and stopped before them. He pulled out a slip and handed it to the ANBU wearing a bird mask, who took the slip and read it. He looks back up at Naruto and then nods before stepping to the side, getting a nod of thanks to the masked ninja and then enters the recovery room.

Once inside he saw Isaribi in the room sitting up in a bed with a blank look on her face. When the sound of the door closes she slowly looks up to see Naruto staring back at her and looks away. Said blonde sighs inwardly but doesn't lose his calm composure. "How are you coping Isaribi-chan?" He asked the girl.

"Why do you care?" she asked in a voice void of life. Naruto couldn't help but feel sorry for her, having to go through horrifying experiments and be turned into a weapon for a madman and believe that if she did well enough, he'd free her from her 'condition' and return her to normal if she obeyed his commands.

"If I didn't care then I wouldn't have come to see you." He answered back while she clenched her sheets with her hands and scowls.

"So you only came to see me on a whim and to get info on me? I already told that lady that I didn't know much about Amachi's experiments or if he was still working for this Orochimaru character. I was only used to scout ships that were transporting currency and nothing more. Why can't you people just leave me alone?" She growled out.

Naruto said nothing and instead walked around the bed and pulls a chair from the desk and sits beside her. "Look Isaribi-chan I didn't come here to get information out of you, I simply wanted to see how you were faring and talk." He said honestly. She turned her gaze into his, looking into his azure eyes for any form of deception and her expression softens a little when she realizes that he's telling the truth.

"How do you think I'm faring? Look at me I'm a freak of nature, a monster, something that shouldn't even exist." She answered back with her lip quivering. "I'm nothing but a failed experiment with no chance of returning to normal or living a life because it was taken from me!" Naruto saw tears forming in her eyes and couldn't help but sympathize with her. He reached out towards her face and placed his hand on her cheek, making her freeze up from the contact before gently brushing the tears that were forming away.

"You want to know something about monsters Isaribi?" Naruto asked the girl who remained silent. "Monsters are things that care only about themselves, live only for themselves and destroy anyone or anything without showing a form of remorse for their actions. Amachi was a monster for turning you into a weapon, Orochimaru was a monster for the lives he destroyed including the life of my sensei. You on the other hand are not a monster because real monsters don't cry." He explained to her.

She looked back at him with wide eyes and slight disbelief. "B-but look at me." She protested only for Naruto to smile and shrugs.

"What about it? So you look different big deal?" He asked her.

"But the way those people back in Umi no Kuni looked at me"

"Are fools for the way they treated you, just because you looked different doesn't give them the right to treat you like that." Naruto replied in an irked tone. "If they can't get over the way you look on the outside then they aren't worth your time or energy."

His parents and teachers both nod their heads in agreement at his words of wisdom and were proud of his statement.

"I… I don't understand… you helped me against those men when they were going to kill me and then healed my hand… why?" She asked with a confused expression. A far off expression formed on Naruto's face before he spoke up.

"Because I know what it's like to be blamed for something out of my control and have people try to hurt me for it. The only different between your past and mine is that I found people who saw me as me and not something that is a past reminder of what they lost. You on the other hand had no one except that bastard who manipulated you to do his bidding with fake promises."

Isaribi could tell that from his eyes, they did have something in common but while his show more positive emotions, she was alone for god knows how long and everyone stayed away from her out of spite, hate, or tried to attack her. "I don't know if I'll ever find someone who is showing me as much care and compassion like you do." She said solemnly only to get a gentle smile from Naruto.

"You'll never know if you don't try Isaribi-chan. Besides being normal is so overrated and boring and trust me when I say nothing in this village is normal by human standards. Take me for example, people call me the prankster from hell due to all the mischief I use to get into when I was younger and I never got caught once." He explained to the female hybrid. "Plus in my honest opinion I kind of like your Kaima form." Naruto teased resulting in Isaribi blushing cutely and looking away.

"So do you think it would be possible for me to have my condition cured?" She asked Naruto. He thought about it for a while but couldn't come up with any suggestions.

"Honestly? I have no clue if your condition could be reversed," He saw the sad expression on her face and felt bad for a few seconds before realizing another option. "But I do believe there is a possible way for you to 'alter' it."

She blinked a few time before asking. "Alter my condition? How?" She questioned.

"Tell me Isaribi do you know what a bloodline trait is?" He asked the fish girl who nodded. "Well due to your condition you basically have the ability to breathe under water and not only that but you're stronger, faster, and stealthier while in the water. Being able to stay hidden underwater for long periods of time does have its strong points plus I'm willing to bet that you'll also have a high affinity with the water element." He theorized.

"But what about altering my current appearance?" she asked Naruto who now grinned.

"Regarding the scales on your current form? There may be a way to 'suppress' it, thus allowing you to remain in your human state but the question is how since Amachi was able to do the same thing. I guess the only way to figure that out is to talk to the man personally." He answered.

"Good luck with that." She mumbled but then squeaks in surprise when he lightly taps her on the forehead with his index and middle finger, causing her look up at him in shock. "What was that for?" She pouted.

"For underestimating me Isaribi-chan. I'll have that teme tell me the secrets to how he can shift forms no matter what and I can be very convincing." Naruto answered back with a predatory grin on his face. "Well I better get going, I've got some errands I've got to run but I'll come back and visit you." He assured the girl who nodded before she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, much to his surprise.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, what you're doing means a lot to me." She replied.

Naruto snapped out of his stupor and nodded back. "You're welcome Isaribi-chan."

Later on that day

Naruto was in his father's study, reading a book on Alchemy that Eva gave him and was currently looking over the theory on Mutation Inducement and sighs. "Man this procedure has a lot of inhumane suggestion…. Maybe I should look more into molecular manipulation instead." He pondered.

"It's a possibility you could use both solutions though you have to be a highly skilled mage in order to pull it off since separating and merging organisms is extremely dangerous and one wrong mistake could prove fatal." Evangeline explained to Naruto. "Plus you're still working on both elemental manipulation and elemental transmutation and you only know the basics in Molecular Manipulation."

"Yeah… do you think the rune spells would help?" He asked telepathically.

"Some rune spells would work a lot better than alchemy since that form of magic is a combination of sorcery and science and it back in my time it was a new form of magic the mages discovered. The only issue is to combine the correct formula seals and ingredients but aside from that, the survival rate is a lot higher than it is for alchemy so just check out the rune ritual spells." She answered back.

"So I'd be better off in using rune spells then. Oh well it's better than nothing. Now the only problem is the schematics on the curse seal. Did you get the info on the curse mark?" He asked his teacher who nodded.

"Yes I did. Me and your parents are currently working on figuring out how to remove it from Anko, also your dad wanted me to let you know that he wants to teach you one of his jutsu which is called the Rasengan." She informed the blonde whose eyes widened in surprise.

"Sweet! I've always wanted to learn that technique but Saru-oji told me I needed to wait until I got my chakra manipulation down since he said if I had tried it earlier, it would've blown up in my face." He said in an excited tone.

"Tell me about it, your mother here tried to experiment with it once during the war and the results sent her flying across the training grounds and into the lake, heheheheheh"


"OW!" Minato cried out, rubbing the lump that had formed on his head courtesy of an angry Kushina who was blushing at the memory.

"You think that's hilarious, when your genius of a father here was first working on the Hiraishin no Jutsu, he ended up writing down the wrong seals and crashed face first into the Hokage Monument and was responsible for that crack going across the head of Hashirama Senju." She replied while Naruto gawked for a minute and then laughed out in a hysteric manner.

"Oh man you've got to show me that memorial moment right there Kaa-san." Minato on the other hand pouted and stared at the ground while Eva and Natsumi giggled at his childish expression.

"That was the most embarrassing moment in my life." The Yellow Flash muttered.

"Well that aside tou-san when would be the best time for me to learn basic constructs on creating the Rasengan?" He asked his father who grinned in return.

"I would say at night when your body's asleep. That way when I tech you the basics on how to create it and then when you wake up, you'll have the idea's down already and work on it outside though I'd advised practicing it in a secluded area." Minato advised and got a nod from the blonde.

The next day

Naruto was currently hopping across the rooftops of konoha, wondering what he could do for the day since Anko was currently working in the I&T department for the day so he basically had the whole day to himself, when he was about to leap onto another one, he skids to a halt when he sees Ino, Chouji, and Shikamaru walking across the village streets and smirks.

"Would you two hurry it up? If I'm late to help my parents with new shipments I'm gonna have to take night shifts for the next two weeks with my pay deducted." She complained to her two teammates. Shikamaru had a lazy expression on his face while Chouji was scarfing down some chips.

"It's your fault for dragging us into this Ino. I was planning on watching the clouds and getting some more sleep in all day but then you had to convince my mother to make me do some work you troublesome girl." He mumbled, resulting in a tick mark to form on her head. She turned her head and was about to retort before crashing into someone.

"Itai (Ouch) watch where you're going you" she was about to scream as she turned back to rip a new one into the person who bumped into her, being none other than Naruto smirking at her. "Oh hey Naruto-kun." The Yamanaka heiress replied with her expression brightening seeing her crush and her face heated up when she saw him not wearing his jacket, showing off his ripped arms.

"Hey Ino-chan, Shikamaru, Chouji, how's life treating you guys?" Naruto asked the group.

"Troublesome, Ino is forcing us to help her at the flower shop by unloading some supplies that came in." Shikamaru complained, much to the heiress's ire. Naruto simply chuckles and shakes his head.

"Everything for you is troublesome Shika I don't why you're so lazy I mean honestly If you actually had an ambition or goal you could possibly become the most dangerous person in the village, next to me of course but dangerous none the less." Naruto admitted.

Ino blinked in confusion and looked back at Naruto and then at Shikamaru's bored expression. "What do you mean if he had an ambition? Shikamaru's as lazy as a sloth."

"Maybe but he's a pro in Shogi and Go. Say what is our score anyway Shika we haven't played in a while?" Naruto asked.

Shikamaru looked up lazily and shrugs. "In shoji it's 50- 45 with me ahead by five and in go it's 35- 20 with you ahead by 15." He answered back as they walked to the flower shop. Choji on the other hand was beyond impressed.

"Wow Naruto I didn't take you as the type to play Shogi or Go." Choji stated, getting a chuckle from Naruto.

"Yeah I get that a lot due to my destructive nature, but I actually started playing them both when I was 7. My former guardian taught me the basics to the game and showed me several different strategies that are extremely effective and she was a real pro at the game. She told me that it takes more than jutsu to win a battle and that the most dangerous weapon a ninja can have is his/her mind. That is why I said Shikamaru could become one of the most dangerous ninja around if he wasn't lazy and had ambition next to me and Shino of course." Naruto explained.

"Really? What about Sasuke since some consider him a prodigy?" Chouji questioned. Naruto on the other hand snorts.

"Please he can't hold a candle to Shika or Shino. He may have jutsu and have potential but like I said, it takes more than powerful jutsu to win a fight." He explained. "I mean even Shika here could beat Sasuke in four different moves and not waist a lot of time or energy."

Said shadow user simply shrugged in a nonchalant fashion. "True but it would be too troublesome to deal with especially the civilian and elder council getting on my dad's case." He muttered.

"As if they could do anything plus they don't hold a candle to your kaa-san's wrath as I've seen her when she gets mad. By the way, where does she keep that frying pan she seemingly pulls out of nowhere?" Naruto wondered.

Shikamaru pondered on it for a while but shrugged once again. "Heck if I know Naruto must be a thing women were born with to pull pans, butcher knives and kami knows what else just to put the fear into the male species. Must be karma that sexists are causing those who are innocent suffer the wrath of the opposite gender."

Ino on the other hand grinned. "That's right women are the true dominants on the planet. I mean if we can endure the pain of child birth that officially puts us on top." She declared with her nose high in the air.

"Can't argue with that logic since the only male species on the planet that do give birth are Sea Horses." Naruto stated, resulting in Chouji to stop in his tracks with a wide eyed expression.

"Say what?" The big boy asked.

"I'll explain later we're here." Naruto said. The four of them entered the flower shop, and heard Ino's mother, Haruka Yamanaka's voice. She basically looked like an older version of Ino but had her hair in a low pony tail and her eyes were more of a pupil less dark green color and wore a dark purple kimono.

"Hello Shika, Chouji, and Ino-chan good job getting here on time." She stopped and noticed Naruto. "Oh hey Naruto-kun I didn't know you were coming to help."

Said blonde smiled back. "Well you know I was in the neighborhood with nothing to do so I decided to help." Haruka couldn't help smile.

"Oh that s so sweet of you Naruto-kun I could use some muscle to bring in the bags of flower seeds and soil into the sheds." She thanked.

Naruto on the other hand grinned. "No problem ma'am besides these muscles aren't for show." He said, flexing his bicep for emphasis. This got a reaction from Ino who eyed his arm like it was a piece of meat, causing Shikamaru and Chouji to sweat drop. Haruka simply giggled at her daughter's expression and shook her head in amusement.

"Now then come on you two we've got work to do." Naruto declared and dragged the two off back by their collars with Shika mumbling about troublesome work.

"Ino would you please start watering the flowers and mind the shop for a few minutes I have to run some errands." She requested to Ino who nodded.

"Sure thing kaa-san I can handle things from here."

"And not watch Naruto-kun get sweaty and dirty from all the heavy lifting." She remarked. Ino nodded again with a smile.

"And not watch Naruto-kun get sweaty and dirty from the heavy lifting… wait what?" The bewildered girl asked with her face heating up. Haruka got a laugh out of seeing the blushing and sputtering face of her daughter before leaving the shop under her care.

A Few Hours Later

Chouji and Shikamaru were dead tired from the manual labor they had to do in terms of lifting heavy bags of fertilizer and seeds but Naruto on the other hand didn't even look the least tired from the 'light exercise' as he called it. Said blonde had just finished tossing the last bag of flower seeds in the shed before closing and locking the door before wiping a bead of sweat from his brow.

"Well that was fun." He remarked before looking back at the tired form of the two clan heirs. "You guys really need to train more if you can't even do something as small as manual labor."

Shikamaru slightly glared at Naruto in an annoyed fashion. "Shut it Naruto we're not made of stamina like you are." He griped.

Naruto simply rolled his eyes. "Most of my stamina I gained through training my body to its peak since I first entered the academy Shika I mean honestly you could at least put some effort in training and the same for you Chouji." He chastised to the husky boy.

"Naruto-kun has a point Shika," Ino came walking out of the backdoor with a tray that had three glasses of lemonade. "You guys seriously need to step up especially from all the one sided spars we've had as a squad and you wonder why Asuma-sensei won't let us take anything higher than a d rank mission." She grabbed a large glass and a towel and handed it to Naruto. "Here Naruto-kun, this is yours."

He took the glass and towel. "Thanks Ino-chan." He thanked before gulping down the beverage. Shikamaru and Chouji inspected the size of the glasses and frowned.

"Hey Ino why does Naruto get a larger glass?" Chouji complained.

"Because Naruto's been working the hardest out of the three of you so that is why he's getting more." She answered back.

"But that's not fair." He complained only to be quiet when he saw his female teammate glare at him while her brow twitched.

"You should be lucky you're even getting any lemonade Chouji. Asuma-sensei should've beaten the laziness out of you two in the first place but he's just as bad." She snapped back, placing her hands on her hips.

"Come now Ino-chan don't be too harsh on them." Naruto assures his fellow blonde who looked back at him with a raised brow.

"Why not?" She wondered.

"Because if you can't motivate them to train harder then maybe I can, after all you did with me and you know from experience that I am no push over." He answered sporting an evil grin on his face. Chouji and Shika paled at the thought of training under Naruto. "Maybe I can convince Asuma-san to let me

'train' them for a few hours and see how long they last."

Now it was Ino's turn to grin evilly at her comrades who felt like they were cornered by the Shinigami and Devil of Makai. That was when Haruka, Ino's mother, made her way into the backyard.

"Great job you three in getting this done I really appreciate it." She thanked.

"You're welcome Haruka-san." Naruto replied back as he wiped the dirt off his face and looks at the dirt and sweat on his shirt. "Looks like I've got to change my shirt."

"I can wash that shirt for you if you want Naruto-kun." Ino offered with a blush on her face. Naruto noticed her actual intention and smirked slyly.

"You just want to see me with my shirt off don't you Ino-chan." He teased and it resulted in her blush growing a little around her face. "You're such a pervert."

"I am not I'm just… being courteous." She sputtered out and tried to ignore the giggle from her mother. Naruto shook his head and simply flicked her on the nose, getting a squeak out of the girl.

"Maybe next time you naughty girl." He said before giving her a light kiss on the lips and setting the glass and towel on her frozen form when before waving at Haruka and Shunpo away.

A few weeks later

Hokage's office

"So Naruto do you have any good news in concern of Isaribi's 'condition?" he asked the young blonde.

"Yes I have come up with an idea for 'curing' it but she won't be cured exactly." He answered back. Hiruzen raised a brow in a way that said 'explain'. "Well when I was trying to find the secret of how Amachi manage to change from one form to the other but sadly the guy ain't talking. I took some time to study the concepts of shape shifting and molecular manipulation and I took some examples out of them both from mythology."

"Meaning?" the intrigued man asked his surrogate grandson.

"Take the Lycan or Werewolf as well as vampires for example. From what I've read in the books, Isaribi's version is based off of Werewolf's way of taking form. See when a human is bitten by said beast, its venom alters their genetic structure to where it enhances their natural abilities but to a certain extent. The trigger to their transformation is the light properties of the moon in which their body takes on a different form but in doing so, the instincts of the beast within takes control of the person's logic and train of thought, not being able to distinguish friend from foe but that's not her case since she still retains her humanity and the means of her transformation is water."

"I see but what does her form have to do with that of a vampire's?" He questioned.

"Mostly the molecular manipulation part in terms of the fin's, gills, and scales but her transformation is basically unstable due to the fact that she has to cover the remaining scales with bandages. The only thing her form needs is a balance of sorts." Naruto explained.

"I see so do you think this is possible?" Hiruzen questioned.

"In terms of a forbidden jutsu then yes it would but my techniques are a lot more efficient and the risks are lower at best from what I learned from Eva-chan. I also found a way to alternate the curse seal for Anko but…"

"But?" the Kami no Shinobi repeated as he saw Naruto rub the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

"She's probably gonna kill me for this later but I'm gonna ask you to do me a favor and send Anko-sensei away for a while so that I can prepare for the procedure." He requested to his surrogate grandfather. Hiruzen sighed and shook his head.

"I'll see what I can come up with but you do realize that she'll kill you and torture me for hiding this from her right?" He complained.

"Don't complain I'm getting the worst end you old monkey." Naruto jabbed at Sarutobi who chuckled at the irked expression on Naruto's face. "I may be the 'prankster from hell' but she's the 'queen of torture'. I haven't seen her work but from what Ibiki-sempai told me, she knows how to make even the toughest of men spill their guts using ninja wire and a butter knife." He replied, shuddering at the thought.

"Don't remind me." Hiruzen muttered. "That aside, when do you wish to give a demonstration for the new clan you're gonna create? The clan heads have been restless after I inform them of the new clan being created."

"Soon but what about the elders or civilians?" Naruto questioned, getting a snort from Hiruzen.

"Naruto they have no say in the matter since it doesn't require their choice in terms of whether or not a new clan joins the village since it doesn't benefit them but the ninja and clans of the village. That is why I left them out of the loop. Also we'll be holding the demonstration at the Kage training ground. It'll be held there around 12:00 P.M. tomorrow and I also requested for Kakashi Hatake to appear in the demonstration if that's okay with you."

Naruto nodded. "Sure Inu-Aniki is one of the people I trust the most." He looked at his watch and grimaces. "Crap I'm gonna be late gotta go Saru-oji." He vanishes in a flash of lightning, leaving a burst of static in his place and a slight scorch mark on the floor much to Hiruzen's ire due to his beard frizzling.

"At least it wasn't the fire type." He muttered.

Training Ground 8

Yakumo was sitting on a tree stump, drawing a scene of a forest on her sketch book while Hinata was working on her Jyuken katas and Shino was simply standing on a tree branch, looking at the scenery. Said female Hyuga was now in the Jyuken stance with her eyes closed and appeared to be concentrating on her chakra control. An outline of a blue aura formed around her body while she remained frozen. Her face scrunches up in concentration and the veins from her temples bulge. Her eyes snap open, revealing the Byakugan being active and the glowing aura around her grows.

"Hakkesho Kaiten(Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven)" After releasing the chakra from every tenketsu in her body, Hinata then spins rapidly, creating a rotating shield of chakra around her person. The effects of the jutsu was the dust and wind circling around the dome of chakra at high speeds before it slowly started to expand from its normal form for a few seconds before the techniques started to slowly die down and dissipate. Hinata's spinning body started to slow down and then stop in place with her right arm extended upwards and her left extended downwards, letting out s sigh.

The sound of clapping was heard and the three turned in the direction of it to see Naruto sitting on a branch above Shino's form eye smiling. "Bravo! Splendid performance Hinata-chan!" Naruto cheered to the young heiress. She blushed and rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment from Naruto's praise. Shino on the other hand was silent as he looked up at Naruto.

"How was Uzumaki-san able to enter this area without me sensing him? I even had my bugs laced around the area just in case someone entered the training grounds. Only those at the level of a jonin or ANBU should be able to maneuver in such a manner. Just how strong are you?" He wondered as he studied Naruto's form.

Said blonde looked down to see Shino stare at him and raise an eyebrow. "Hey Shino you know it's rude to stare right?"

The young Aburame looked away and pushed his shades up with his index finger. "My apologies Naruto-san, I was merely curious in how you were able to maneuver around the Kikaichu (Parasite Bugs) I had surrounding the area?"

Naruto on the other hand grinned. "That's my little secret Shino after all a real ninja never reveals his or her secrets even to a comrade."

"Hm." Shino nods in agreement as the blonde lands next to Yakumo and checks out her painting.

"No matter how many times I see it, your paintings and drawings are amazing Yakumo-chan." Naruto stated as he saw an exact replication of the forest on the sketchbook. Yakumo smiled and inspected it.

"You always say that Naruto-kun." She remarked as Hinata joined up with them.

"Only because it's the truth but it's missing something." He informed the kunoichi who blinked in confusion and looked back at her drawing.

"Really? What could it be?" She asked.

"Me of course." He joked, getting a giggle out her and Hinata.

"You're so full of it." She remarked and swatted him on the leg in a playful manner. "That aside why are you here Naruto-kun?"

Said blonde simply sat down next to her and leaned against the tree. "Oh I'm just enjoying my day off. My sensei is doing some overtime at the ANBU T&I for a few days with her mentor." He answered.

"Who is your sensei Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked.

"Anko Mitarashi." His answer resulted in both of Shino's brows rising up and Yakumo and Hinata pale a little.

"The crazy snake lady?" Yakumo asked in a terrified tone and got a nod from him.

"Yep that's her but she's really not that bad if you don't count her huge love for dango, fetish for blood, and loves to make people cry and beg for mercy." He explained, causing the two girls to look horrified. "But she's a good person once you get past all of that I mean she is one hell of a sparring partner as she doesn't pull her punches."

"Sounds like the perfect sensei for you." Shino said in monotone. This caused Naruto, Yakumo, and Hinata's eyes to bug out in surprise and look around frantically, making the Aburame wonder what they were doing.

"Okay there are no signs of the Apocalypse happening so we're safe." Naruto replied.

"Shino just made a joke, the world must be ending." Yakumo teased and now Shino's brow was twitching.

"Enough you two stop making fun of Shino-san." Hinata chastised to the chuckling duo. "Though I am as surprised as you two are that he made a joke." Now Shino was turned away from them with a storm cloud hanging over his head.

"You four seem to be enjoying yourselves." A feminine voice said getting their attention. They turned to see Kurenai Yuhi walking towards them. "Hello Naruto." She greeted.

"Hi Kurenai-sensei how are you doing today?" He asked the Genjutsu Mistress in a polite manner.

"Fine but why are you with my team and not Anko?" She asked the blonde.

"She was called in by her sempai to interrogate a few guests for a few days and then has a few solo missions afterwards so right now my schedule is pretty light. Say how did you know she was my sensei?" He wondered as the red eyed beauty smiled a little.

"She wouldn't stop talking about having you as an apprentice after she tested you, mentioning how you were able to overcome some of her moves and even catch her off guard a few times. I must say I'm impressed as it takes a lot to impress someone like Anko." She informed Naruto who rubbed the back of his head. "That and she mentioned you had a nice set of arms on you." Now he was blushing in embarrassment while she slightly laughed at his expression.

"Yep that is something she would say." He muttered, not noticing the twitching brows of Hinata and Yakumo when they heard about how their sensei's friend was checking out their Naruto. "So what are you guys up to for the day?"

"Oh just a few training exercises and afterwards take a few D-Ranked missions afterwards." She answered and Naruto simply looked back at her.

"You guys are still doing D-Rank missions? I would've thought your team would be ready for a c-rank mission at the least." He wondered. That was when Hinata spoke up.

"Well we did actually go on an escort mission with a client to one of the harbors in fire country but we had a little 'incident'." She quoted.

"Really? What happened was the client killed?" Naruto asked and Hinata shook her head while Shino simply tilted his shades upward.

"No he tried to flirt with Kurenai-sensei when we were heading to the harbor and he took his advances too far and" She paused and stared back at a sheepish Kurenai.

"And?" Naruto repeated.

"He groped her rear and she kneed him in a place no male likes to be hit in." Yakumo answered. "Afterwards the mission was considered a failure because he was the mayor's son and would've pressed charges had Hinata-chan not threatened to counter the charges on his son for sexual harassment and use her clan's influence to get them both into trouble."

"Unfortunately Kurenai-Sensei had to be placed on temporary probation so we can't do missions outside the village for a few weeks." Shino replied.

"Ouch." Naruto cringed. "But if I were in Kurenai's shoes I'd probably do the same thing I mean he had not right touching you in such a manner without your consent. Had that been Anko she'd castrate him, poison him, or feed him to her snakes."

Kurenai chuckled since it would sound like something her best friend would do and also liked how he held a great amount of respect for women which made him okay in her book. "So what brings you over here if I may ask?" She wondered while Naruto turned to a sheepish Hinata and Yakumo.

"You forgot to ask her didn't you?" He question, getting a sheepish nod from the two heiresses.

"Sorry Naruto-kun we were too caught in our training to ask her." Hinata apologized.

Kurenai looked back and forth at Hinata and Naruto wondering what they were taking about. "Ask me what exactly?"

"Well we asked Naruto-kun if he would like to help us with our training in the ninja arts in order to improve on our strengths and weaknesses Kurenai sensei but he wanted to get your permission first." Yakumo answered.

"Really?" She glances at Naruto and back at Yakumo looking thoughtful for a second and shrugs. "Honestly I have no problem with it as long as it's not something dangerous mind you."

"No nothing dangerous Kurenai sensei though if I may ask what do they know so far?" Naruto asked politely.

"Well they already know the tree climbing exercise, leaf balancing exercise, and I had them work on their tracking and sensory skills and their clan techniques." She informed the blonde who nodded in a positive fashion.

"Just what I would expect from a tracking squad since both Hinata-chan and Shino-san would best fit this groups with you and Yakumo-chan being more adapt as sensors due to your vast knowledge in detecting genjutsu and using high level ones." Naruto pondered. "Though there is one problem that just came to mind."

Kurenai raised an eyebrow, wondering what he meant. "And what would that be?"

"While your team does have an advantage, there are a few flaws. If I may ask Kurenai sensei aside from genjutsu, how adaptive are you in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu?" He asked.

"Well to be honest I am at the very least moderate but I mainly focus on genjutsu since I am more of a mid to long range fighter." She answered. "Where exactly are you going with this?"

"Well I don't want you to take this the wrong way or anything since you are more experienced than me but have you ever considered working in a different field?" Naruto asked. She gave him a look that allowed him to continue. "Majoring in one field is good but it could also be a weakness. Take Hinata-chan's clan for example. They are known in the ninja world for their vast skill in Taijutsu and their doujutsu the Byakugan but their main focus when facing an opponent is fighting them up close. When it comes to fighting a long range ninja, they'd be in trouble due to their lack in knowing long distance jutsu. Another flaw is the Byakugan since the opponent could easily use elemental clones or even tools like flash tags to either temporarily disable or possibly cripple their eyesight."

"Second is Shino's clan who are highly adapted to blending into their surroundings and being highly skilled in stealth and masters in espionage but they rely too much on their insects in a battle and they can possibly be tracked down by highly trained sensors. Next Is Yakumo's Clan who like you specialize in Genjutsu but at a higher level since they can produce illusion that are powerful enough to cause actual damage to the body and while some of them do major in the basic skills required for ninja they focus much of their time on creating powerful illusions."

The four of them stare at Naruto for a few minutes while said blonde sweat drops. "What? I do a lot of studying in my free time." He responded.

"Well then Naruto since you seem to know about our strengths and weaknesses, what would you suggest?" Kurenai asked the blonde.

"Hmmm…" He thought before snapping his fingers "Say did you plan on showing them their elemental affinities?"

"Not until they've gained enough experience out in the field but I guess it wouldn't hurt for them to learn that form of training now." She answered and getting the attention of her students.

"Elemental Affinities?" Yakumo wondered.

"Basically an elemental affinity is a nature type that you're compatible with whether it be genetic or based off your characteristics." Kurenai explained. "The Elemental Affinities are based off of the five elements Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, and Wind which are also based off of the five major nations."

They took time to ponder on this before Hinata spoke up. "So since Konoha is part of Hi no Kuni, then our countries major element would be fire then." She Hypothesized. Kurenai smiled and nods.

"Correct and while Fire is our main affinity, We also have those who use water, earth, lightning, and even wind but the last one is considered rare since we don't have that many wind users in the village. It's the same in the other villages as well. For example, my affinities are fire and water which kind of cancel each other out since one is weak against the other." She said.

"So in other words each element is either strong or weak against the other, creating a balance of some sort rights?" Yakumo asked her mentor.

"In some ways yes but it also depends on the jutsu's strength level. Take wind and fire for example. Since fire can expand and grow from the oxygen that emits from the air, it can do the same with wind. But if a wind user's jutsu is stronger than the opponents fire jutsu then it can be reflected back at the opponent and cause double the damage." Kurenai explained. Naruto on the other hand reaches into the pocket of his jacket and pulls out three pieces of paper.

"To make a long explanation short, these pieces of paper will tell us what your affinities are." Naruto said, getting a raised eyebrow from Shino. "These papers were grown from a tree that feeds on chakra that are grown in the village and you find your affinity by channeling a small amount of your chakra into it. For fire it burns, for water it turns soggy, for earth it crumbles into dust, lightning it crinkles up, and for wind it splits in half."

He hands one to Yakumo first and she adds a little chakra into it. Her eyes widened when it turns soggy and crumbles. Kurenai's eyes widened as she witnessed the Kurama Heiress possessing two affinities. "Interesting, you have matching affinity for water and earth." Naruto states and hands one to Shino. The bug user does the same as Yakumo and his crumbles. Hinata was next and much to their shock, the paper split in half and one side turns soggy and crinkles up slightly. Kurenai's jaw dropped in disbelief at what just happened.

"Wow Hinata's got three affinities." An impressed Naruto said as he stared at her and the paper. Said Hyuga blushed slightly from the attention and averts her eyes at the ground.

"How is this possible?" Kurenai wondered. "Most chunin and even jonin only have two elemental affinities but this… it's unbelievable."

"No kidding… I didn't expect this to happen but this is actually a good thing for her Kurenai-sensei." Naruto says. The Genjutsu Mistress gives Naruto an expression that asks for an explanation. "It is a well know fact that the hyuga clan members are advanced in chakra manipulation due to the Jyuken (Gentle Fist Style) being a taijutsu style that can cause internal damage to the chakra points or organs in a person's body by releasing a small burst of chakra at the moment of contact."

"Go on." Kurenai insisted to the blonde shinobi/future mage of the mystic arts.

"Okay now then out of all the main elements, wind and lightning are considered to be more deadly since wind can be used to either cause widespread destruction or turned into a thin blade that is strong enough to cut through steel while lightning is famous for its paralyzing and piercing power. Now imagine Hinata converting her elements into her fighting style." He explained. Kurenai pondered on the thought for a few seconds before smiling.

"That's ingenious! If she could manage to pull that off then she'd be creating her own version of her clan's fighting style!" She said with glee. Hinata was wide eyed but then grins at the possibilities of creating and mastering this skill.

Naruto chuckles at their enthusiasm and that is when shino speaks up. "If I may ask Naruto-san, what are your elemental affinities?" Shino questioned.

"Oh me? I have an affinity for all five." He answered nonchalantely, causing a few reactions. Shino's brows rose up, Yakumo's jaw dropped, and Kurenai's eyes bug out. "What? I'm serious." Naruto replied.

"But that's impossible! No shinobi in history has ever possessed an affinity for the five elements except for the Sage of the Six Paths but he's merely a legend amongst Shinobi history!" Kurenaisaid in disbelief only for Naruto to grin back at her.

"What can I say? I'm that gifted." And to prove his point, Naruto pulled out the affinity paper and channeled some chakra into it, resulting in the paper cutting into four smaller segments with each one either burning, crumbling, soaking, and crinkling in an even manner. He chuckled as he saw Kurenai doing an impression of a fish gaping while Hinata simply giggled at her sensei's reaction since she knew her crush was capable of making the impossible possible.

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