I was just thinking about Stevie Rae & Rephiam and what songs would go with them when I had this little apathy for total and complete fluff! Enjoy. (Has nothing to do with the books just complete fluff plus may have a little AU on Rephiam's part.)

Rephiam POV:

One night while Stevie Rae was visiting me we had talked about little stuff. Mainly we talked about things not pertaining to ourselves or that of my father or Zoey or anyone like that. Just talking and enjoying each other's company. When the sunrise was nearing I had walked her to the front door where she would quickly make her way to the underground tunnels before the sun rises. That was the beginning of my mission then.


Stevie Rae sighed as she stood by the door. "What is the matter Stevie Rae?" She looked at me with a surprised look. I quickly remind her of our Imprint and that what she feels I feel as well. The surprised look passes with a silent 'Oh'. After a few short moments she replies.

"It's just that… Now I have to run from the sun and I used to love it but now… Now it only kills me." She sighs again and I feel the immense sadness from her. "I just wish I could see the sunrise once more." She quickly says goodbye and rushes out. I watch after her, only for a while before I closed the door and started my way up to my nest in a bedroom's closet. On the way an idea sprouted in my mind and I quickly change my objective to something else. I scour the whole house trying to find the materials I need. Upon locating the only ones I can find I climbed up to the roof and waited. Then at the right moment I quickly executed the rest of my newly found mission.


So now I once again wait. Wait for her to come back. I waited for almost three days until she came back with food for me. I had some idea on how I was to present it to her but I did not have any idea what-so-ever on if it would actually work or not. I hoped for the best and once I had finished eating we had climbed up to the roof once more and talked again. I excused myself briefly and went down to retrieve my completed project. I climbed up once more and quietly came up to her. "Stevie Rae." I called to her, my hands behind my back holding it.

She had turned and looked up at me. "Yeah? What?" I present her my project and it toke a moment for it to click in her head but when it did I was awarded with a big smile.

Stevie Rae POV:

I smiled at him. "Did you do this? For me?" I asked him not knowing if this was real or not. He simply nodded and handed the picture to me. I smile and giggle. The sunrise. I admire every detail. Every light shining through the clouds, the light passing through the trees, the shadows given off from the houses in the horizon. I pulled the picture close to my chest and smiled up at Rephiam once more. "Thank you Rephiam."

"Only for you my Red One."

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