Someone knocks on a door.

"Hello what are you doing here? Don't you know it's dangerous here kid?" Said the man who opened the door. "We keep very dangerous creatures here."

"I'm the person who called and asked if I could have a tour of this place." The person said.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Smith I didn't expect you to be barely a teenager when you asked but a deal is a deal so come on in." The man said. "So you said your name was David Smith right?"

"Yes that's right." Dave said.

"I'm Officer Bryant and welcome to the Mutant Response Division containment facility. Why did you want to come here anyway?" Bryant asked.

"I have a report and I wanted to do it on mutants so I thought this would be the best place to find some information on mutants." Dave answered

"Well you definitely came to the right place we hold many dangerous mutants here. Let's go to the cells downstairs where we have the mutants here like Cannonball. When we went to get him he tried using his powers to get away so we electrocuted him to stop him and catch him." Bryant told him.

"Okay let me write that down." Dave said and wrote some stuff in his notebook. "Okay continue."

"Now right here we have one we caught earlier this week Wolfsbane." He told Dave.

(I knew it) Dave thought. "So this is that one that turns into the wolf that I saw on T.V. is that right?" Dave asked while writing in his notebook

"That's right and boy are we glad we caught her." Bryant said.

"Is it okay if I ask what that button does?" Dave asked.

"You don't want to press that it will release all these monsters and put everyone in danger." Bryant answered.

"Okay got it." Dave said

"Now let's continue our tour." Bryant told him.

"No I got enough info." Dave said. "But can you tell me where the bathroom is?"

"Sure it's down the hall and to the left you can't miss it." Bryant said. "I'll wait here til you're done and take you back."

"No I remember the way and I don't want to be a bother." Dave told him.

"Okay just be careful." Bryant warned.

"Got it." Dave answered and went down around the corner. (Okay just wait til he's out of the corridor and then I'll act) And he waited for Bryant to leave. (Okay now) Then he went and pressed the button that opened all the cells and the alarms went off.

Meanwhile in the control room. "Someone is freeing the mutants!" One of the officers yelled.

"I shouldn't have left that kid down there alone." Bryant said. "Everyone get down there we'll have to get them back in by force."

Back in the prison level "Dave what are you doing here it's to dangerous." Wolfsbane said.

"I came to rescue you Mrs. Sinclair." Dave answered.

"Hey mutant scum get back in those cells or we'll make you." One of the officers yelled.

"And Smith I got a special cell just for you." Bryant said.

"I wont let you keep innocent people here." Dave yelled.

"They aren't people they're mutants." Bryant argued. "And since you freed them you're going down." And fired a stun gun at Dave.

"Dave watch out!" Mrs. Sinclair said jumping in front of Dave.

"No!" Dave cried.

"You got lucky that she jumped in front of you but you won't be so lucky next time." An MRD officer smirked.

"She's my friend!" Dave screamed and a small glowing ball appeared in his hand. "Does this mean what I think it means?"

"He's a mutant too don't hold back." Bryant shouted.

"No you don't!" Dave yelled throwing the ball at them which exploded knocking them out of the way. "Can someone help me get her out?"

"Don't worry I got it." Cannonball said. "Just follow me and you'll be fine."

"Got it." Dave said and ran behind Cannonball. "Thanks for helping me."

"I should be the one thanking you if it wasn't for you I'd still be in there counting how long I've been in there." Cannonball told him. "And don't worry she'll be fine she's taken harder hits than that."

"How do you know that?" Dave asked.

"We both went to Xaviers Institute for gifted youngsters." He answered.

"My mom told me about that place." Dave said.

"Let me guess you're Tabitha Smith's kid right?" Cannonball asked.

"Yeah that's right." Dave answered. "How'd you know that?"

"You have her blonde hair and can create explosives like she can." Cannonball explained. "Well I should probably take you home you lead the way."

About a half-hour later. "Mom I'm home." Dave said unlocking the door.

"David Francis Smith what do you mean leaving for a few hours without letting me know and asking for my permission." Mrs. Smith said bit she seemed relieved.

"Tabitha it's me Sam Guthrie your son helped save us from a Mardie containment center." Cannonball said.

"Sam it's been so long you look hurt and what happened to Rahne?" Tabitha asked.

"I'm okay it's just a small cut and Rahne protected your son from a mardie with a stun gun. Give her a good nights sleep and she'll be as good as new and I'm glad your son's powers kicked in when they did when I saw him use it I knew he was your kid when he made an explosive like the kind you make." Sam told her. "I'd say we should send him to Xaviers to train him."

"You're right Sam but let's give him a few days so he can get ready." Tabitha sighed.

"It'll be okay Tabitha they'll take care of him." Sam told her.

"Well it'll let him spend more time with Rahne's daughter Jessi." She said.

"Wait Jessi's going too?" Dave asked.

"Yes the only reason she didn't go was because she didn't want to be away from you." Rahne said waking up. "Tabitha I'm sorry that he nearly got hurt trying to save us. I think I should go home ow."

"Rahne let me help you get home." Tabitha said. "You're to hurt to go by yourself."

"Thanks Tabitha and thanks Dave." Rahne said before she left.

"Well I better be getting home too. Take care everyone and once again thanks kid." Sam said then left.

(Well I guess this won't be that bad.) Dave thought than went up to bed.