The next day. Dave was sitting on a chair in his backyard when a dog walked up to him. "Hey Jessi." Dave said.

The dog turned into a girl roughly the same age as Dave. "You always seem to know when it's me." She said. "So you ready to go to that institute?"

"Yeah I guess so." Dave answered. "But what will it be like? We'll be around alot of people we don't even know."

"Well I guess we'll find out when we get there." Jessi said.

"Well if I'm going I'm glad you're going too." Dave sighed.

"Yeah well lets get ready to go." Jessi decided.

A few days later. "Hey mom who's that standing in the doorway?" Dave asked.

"That's Professor Richard Xavier." Tabitha answered.

"So he's the one who taught you to control your powers." Jessi said confused. "He looks about the same age as you."

"No this is his son." Rahne told her.

"Hey Richard thanks for not refusing when I called and asked if you would help them." Tabitha said.

"No thanks necessary my father would do the same thing if he was still here today." Xavier sighed. "Let me show them around okay?"

"Okay and Jessi don't cause any trouble." Rahne said.

"Same with you Dave." Tabitha agreed.

"Yes mom." Dave and Jessi said simultaneously.

"Okay first of all this is the dinning room you'll have to get your own food here." Xavier said. "And now this is the danger room where you'll do your training to learn to control your powers."

After the tour. (So this is my room) Dave thought. "Oh I'm Dave." He said extending his hand.

"Yeah just stay away from my bed it's the one with the cds on it." The first guy said.

"Don't mind Draco he's always in a bad mood. I'm Bill Cassidy but some call me Sonic." He said shaking Dave's hand. "Well if you need anything don't mind asking some of the people here but I'd avoid messing with Draco when he goes fully dragon it isn't pretty."

"So that's why those wings and scales are there?" Dave asked.

"Yeah and don't try touching the wings just so you'll stay safe from his anger you don't want to know what happened to the last guy who touched his wing." Bill warned.

"Got it." Dave said.

Now with Jessi. "Hey excuse me can you show me where this room is." She asked one of the students.

"Sure that's my room just follow me I'm Lyra by the way Lyra Pryde." She answered

"I'm Jessi can you tell me what it's like here at the institute?" Jessi said.

"Sure Professor Xavier teaches us to control our powers here and we sometimes use them to have fun out in the courtyard." Lyra told her. "So what's your power?"

"Oh I can transform into animals." She answered. "What about you?"

"Well my power is..." Lyra started.

"Lyra heads up." One of the other students called when a ball was heading towards her.

The ball just passed right through her. "Thanks Ryan. Well that's my power I can phase through stuff." She said. "Some of my friends call me Ghost because of that."

"Wow." Jessi said. "I should probably call Dave to make sure no one tried to kill him yet." She pulled out her cell and called Dave.

"Hey Jessi." Dave answered. "What's up?"

"Nothing just called to make sure you weren't dead yet." Jessi said.

"Aw come on Jess why would someone want to kill me?" Dave said smugly.

"Remember the Wendy's incident." Jessi asked.

"Come on that just happened because I forgot to put onions on a burger and the guy had anger issues." Dave argued.

"Just don't say or do anything stupid that'll get you killed." Jessi said.

"Don't worry I won't." Dave sighed. "Bye Jess."

"Bye Dave." She replied and hung up.

"So Bill anything interesting ever happen here?" Dave asked.

"All depends on your view of interesting." Bill laughed. "But don't worry we're just here training right now we'll see action soon enough."

"Okay than." Dave said disappointed.

Meanwhile outside the institute. "I think it's time to pay my nephew a visit." Someone said before ramming a hole through the wall."

"What's going on?" Dave cried.

"No it's Juggernaut!" Bill said. "We have to keep him from destroying the school."

"I got it." Dave said and threw an explosive at him. "Got him."

"That tickled a bit." Juggernaut laughed after the smoke cleared. Right than Xavier walked in.

"Juggernaut what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Don't you mean Uncle Cain?" Juggernaut laughed.

"I'll stop him Professor." Bill said then unleashed a sonic yell knocking Juggernaut back.

"What's going on?" Jessi asked.

"Jessi get out of here it's to dangerous!" Dave cried.

"You're going to pay for that." Juggernaut said furiously.

"No you don't." Jessi said turning into a panther and attacked Juggernaut.

"Remove the helmet!" Xavier called.

"Will do Prof." Lyra called and ran towards Juggernaut phasing through his attacks and removed the helmet.

"Okay now I'll try to get him." Begins attacking his mind knocking him out.

"Is he okay." Dave asked.

"He'll be okay but we need to get him out of here." Grabs cell phone and calls someone. "Kurt can you come here and teleport my uncle to a containment center?"

Kurt teleports in. "Of course I can Rich."

"Thank you Kurt hopefully we won't have to deal with him for a while." Xavier sighed. "Good job taking him down I'll make you guys a team and the leader will be Draco because he has the most experience with us."

(Great I have to work with a guy that doesn't like me this will be great) Dave thought.

"Dave I think you should have a codename here we'll call you Boom and you Jessi will be Shifter." Bill said.

"That sounds pretty cool." Jessi said.

"Well we should be getting to bed it's getting late. Goodnight everyone." Lyra said.

"Goodnight." Everyone else said.

(First day here was pretty exciting) Dave thought.

(I wonder what tomorrow will be like) Jessi thought.