With draining strength, he limped along the path down the desolate alley in the dark of the night. Wintry atmosphere all about him biting deep into the coldness of his skin, Huang He thought his powerless self could hold out for not much longer. His mind so impregnated with longstanding woes that he found himself in no place to oppose. At wit's end, he plunged head on into the unfathomable pit of defeat. Eyes closed, he braced the ensuing impact of throwing his stubborn body onto the unseeing ground.

His ears were still sensitive enough to pick up the resulting heavy thud of his futile attitude. Contrary to his expectation, he had slumped onto an empty bench, which rewarded him with chilly alertness. He wiped his unclean face, wet with freezing pespiration. Opening his eyes once more to face the clear sky, he wondered if all may still await to bestow on him favourable alternatives. Willing himself to lean back in a more bearable position, his hands inadvertently reached over a stray crumpled page of a stenched newspaper.

He breathed hard. In a attempt to grasp the printed sheet, he ended up forcefully tearing out a corner of a section and held it upclose. Despite his blurry vision, he still managed to figure parts of an article reporting a youngster went missing weeks ago. He blinked back tears, as though the suggestive mystery of how much his existence was treasured by people on his every side cost him all his might to try grappling with.

His interest in what was currently beyond comprehension inside a broken world took him on another realm of discovery. Just below the short paragraph of news was yet another eye-catching article. Despite his weakening awareness, the name 'Chen Xiao Qing' was greatly visible.

He mastered every last bit of his persistence to read on. Sentences uttered from a pure and blameless heart left undying impression, "Once, I never thought we would eventually cross each other's paths...Your calm demeanour calls for excusable retreat...Yet, outward simplicity took time to unmask the obscure...Sunrise after sunrise, eversince we confided together our hidden ordeals, my thoughts were drawn deeper and deeper into wistful company,..."

He could no longer proceed. Under the pressure of his grip, the creased paper was defenceless. Tears streamed down his cheeks. He choked out of remorse, "Death Girl, you sinister soul-stealer...promised me an end, but I am still here...loitering without a cause..."

Shutting his eyes under the spell of overwhelming irresolution, Huang He thought he would be lured without help into the trap of unyielding slumber.

Seconds followed in stillness. Yet gradually, the image of her turned clear in his mind's eye. It was as though his drowning senses became captivated once more, fetching him towards the frontier of revitalised endurance. Her chastening voice was all that could be heard...

He could feel beyond the shadow of a doubt of that day returning. Their presence on the stage where they debated, reaching into the depths of his shrouded memories...In his ears, he heard her loud and clear...Just as with a firm sense of certainty, she spoke...

"Mankind are not automated beings imprisoned under the progress of evolution. By all means, Science itself can never replicate the indwelling voices within us dictating every step of our soulful conscience. We not only survive, but persevere...We don't simply generate output, but envision infinite possibilities against fading resources...Our choices don't just vanish at the pull of a switch...Don't be fooled by pre-programmed destinies...Huang He, listen to me...When death comes knocking on your door, it's already been locked before you even responded...Just believe..."