Harry and Hermione ran until they came across a table with assorted bottles filled with potions and whatnot lined up in a row.

"Ooo! I'm parched from all this good-doing and I bet those taste reeeeaaally good!" cried Harry.

"Don't touch those, you stupid idiot!" Hermione cried for the twenty-fourth time today. "I swear you're turning out more like Ron with every passing second!"

Fire sprung up on the doorways leading to and from the little chamber.

"Look what you did now, you big baby! You just had to tell me what to do! You even pick out my underwear for me because you think I'm 'not capable.' Whatever that means…"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Hermione shouted. She closed her eyes to think, and as she did, Harry drank the green bottle.

"What in the hell did you do that for?" she said.

"I thought it matched my eyes…" Harry said, hurt.

"Great, now what? Ron's probably bleeding to death on the giant chess board and who knows what's about the happen to you."

"No, its okay 'cause we're magic! Whoo! Magic! Whoo! And that's what Ron gets for being the famous-guy's friend. Just sayin'." Harry said, holding

his hands up in defense.

"Look, just give me a second to figure out the problem and we can get out of this place…" She read the scroll a few times and shook her head in

disbelief. "Well, you drank the one that takes you forward, somehow. Go get the Stone back, Boy-Who-Hit-His-Head-Waaay-Too-Hard-Back-There."

"Well, I'm out of here" she said, picking the potion that would take her back where they came in. "I've done all this work, and just watch, this will

be the scene that doesn't make it into the movie…" Hermione grumbled to herself.

As she was stepping through the fire, she turned back to Harry and said, "Oh yeah, good luck, you're a great wizard, Harry, blah blah blah. Just try not to get yourself killed, okay?"

And Hermione Granger disappeared though the wall of fire.

Harry then took a deep breath, and headed though the other side of the fire that smelled strangely of unicorn pee and garlic.