All his life, Arthur has wanted something.
It's something he's never asked for, it's something he's never even whispered in the cold darkness of night.
It's something so secret, so sweet. It's something that he's only ever admitted to himself.
Merlin was laying on the table, weak and dying. His body sweating and aching with illness.
Arthur stared down at him, all his life he'd been given things.
People would fall at his feet simply to engage in polite conversations with him. People would give him gifts, and treat him as if he was a member of their families, but the truth was, he wasn't one of them. The guards and soldiers that surrounded him didn't understand him, because they weren't t here for him. They were there for the Prince of Camelot.
All his life Arthur wanted someone who saw him, not the Prince. It was a childless, silly wish. He WAS the Prince. But he'd finally found someone, someone in the very least place he'd ever expected. Right beside him.
Merlin was more than a servant to him, Merlin was more than a friend.
Arthur closed his eyes, Merlin was what he'd wanted all his life.
He had to go, risk heaven and hell for this servant, risk it all...because Merlin was the one, the only one who could give Arthur what he's always wanted.