So, this story came about for a weird reason. We're starting our unit on children's literature in my English class, and we'll begin with some Seuss, and end with Alice in Wonderland. Random speculation led to the question "Where did the Lorax go at the end of the story?"

Maybe he went to Wonderland.

The Lorax's Cat

We all know the story of the Lorax quite well-

The story the Once-ler rarely will tell.

But what you don't know, is that's only the start!

The Lorax's story has more than one part.

The Once-ler won't tell, don't try to find him.

But I will tell you, just on a whim.

I'll tell you the story, I'll tell only you,

The story of the strange creatures two.

One is the Lorax, him you already know,

But the other his new, you might like him, though.

The cat dressed in stripes of purple and pink,

With very wide grin, and a mischievous wink.

The cat calls himself Cheshire, a very strange name

And seems to think everything is some kind of game.

He stands on his head- really, it's true!

And then he asks 'Can you do it too?'

But the story, you see, is not just about him.

Not just about Cheshire, and his odd little grin.

Some of the story is about the Lorax too,

And part of the story might be about you.

I'll get to the point, I'll get to it quick.

Right now I can tell you're getting quite sick

Of waiting and waiting for me to begin

Don't worry! I know that your patience is thin.

We'll start with the Once-ler, making his Thneeds,

Despite the poor Lorax, who spoke for the trees.

The Lorax could not make his voice heard

Not for the trees or the clouds or the birds.

But one person heard- one person would hear.

That person was Cheshire, who was quite near.

"Lorax, you're in quite a slump!"

The Cheshire Cat said, falling down with a bump.

"This place is so dirty, this place is no good!

Why don't you retire, to a much nicer wood?"

But the Lorax knew better, he knew he could not.

He knew he must stay, or the whole place would rot.

"I speak for the trees," he told the strange cat.

"I must keep them from turning to that!"

He looked to the shop, where the Thneeds came fast

All those poor tufts left the Lorax aghast.

"But your Truffula Trees are certainly gone,

Made into Thneeds for Sally or John.

Come stay with me, in my home far away

Come live with me, where it's nicer to stay."

The Cat was quite slick, he knew what to say,

But the Lorax was not one to stray.

"This place is my home, these trees are my place!"

The Lorax insisted, with a worried face.

"I can't go with you, and leave them all here!

Not with that old Once-ler near!"

The cat paused in thought, not sure what to say.

"What if you left, just for one day?

Come stay with me, for a short little while.

At least until things aren't quite so vile."

The Lorax stopped, and started to think,

Looking at the cat with stripes purple and pink.

"This place you have, you're sure it's quite nice?"

"Nicer than here. It's nicer by twice!"

The Lorax thought hard about the cat's place,

About the dangers all his trees might face.

But he knew what the Once-ler had going on,

Knitting those Thneeds for Sally or John.

And so that one day, when the last tree was down

And all of the Once-lers had gone out of town,

The Lorax took leave of that ruined place

Still with that sad, sad look on his face.

He rose through the sky by the seat of his pants

With just one last backward glance.

He went with the cat, far far away.

He will be gone, until one fateful day.

When he'll come back, we can only guess.

Just that he left that last word…