Title/Prompt: Little to None

Writer: Left_eye_better

Rating: PG

Characters: Optimus, Protectobots, and Ratchet

Summary: The Protectobots have arrived on Earth. After one miracle it appears they have survived. No one asked for a second miracle but perhaps it will be the one the Autobots need after they have already lost so much.

Prompt: Optimus Prime/First Aid – raising of/caring for hatchlings

Warning: Unbeta'd

Word Count: 1795

Disclaimer: Transformers © Hasbro/Dreamworks.

Author Note: Sorry for this chapter taking so long to produce. I wasn't sure for the longest time if I was going to continue this, but I have an idea where to take this perhaps for at least another couple chapters. I want to state at this point so I don't worry anyone; I don't plan on including any OCs, especially transformer OCs.

It seemed in a way fitting that the place the Protectobots would call home, the place were they would start their lives on the planet that would serve as their refuge, would be the city in which the death of their race was sealed. Mission city was chosen due to the citizens' previous exposure to Cybertronians. It was still common, for members of the Autobot force to visit the site of the AllSpark's destruction.

It affected all of them differently. At first the Prime had assumed it was his people reacting to the grief from the loss of something so significant to their kind. Ironhide became docile and humble, Sideswipe's engines seemed to lower to a respectful hum, Jolt's lively nature was not really curbed but he stayed close to his elders in a distance where their energy fields would blend at the edges and Bumblebee one of the temple keeps was reverent. The yellow painted mech had told his Prime once in the driveway of the Witwicky home that in his spark, his core that he could still hear the telltale whispers of their mother's power in that city.

AllSpark was an artifact, ancient, non-sentient that they could tell, and extremely powerful. Little was known about it, and to Optimus and the last crew of researchers allowed into the temple of Simfur there seemed to have been more questions than there had ever been answers in regards to the near silent creator of their kind. Upon one of his last visits to the temple Optimus remembered standing before the AllSpark with Cliffjumper beside him. He wondered if the mech still functioned, but did not dwell on the idea. There were too many of their kind missing to dwell on, the leader had to work for those that were counted for. Before the AllSpark he'd stood with his arms spread tempting the cube to make some sort of contact with him and feeling the warmth of its energy embracing him and filling him with a feeling he had to describe as contentment, acknowledgement of his progress since his creation.

Now was different. The Prime stood at the feet of the mighty Defensor his arms wide beckoning for the gestalt's cooperation. He had no want to allow the NEST or the Standard United States army to have to be deployed en masse to deal with the situation that had arose. "Defensor, Please stand down, and tell me the cause of your actions against the people of this city." The truckformer had only heard the human side of this tale. It had started small by the five mech team limiting human access to the area and had escalated to the gestalt combining to enforce the restriction and even in some places constructing barricades to prevent travel to the area they had deemed to dangerous for human occupation due to radiation.

Ratchet transformed beside him and placing his hands on his hips looked up at the singular mech. "I'd more like to know where his missing component is."

It hadn't been something the red and blue had processed initially, but sure to their medic's query the left arm of Defensor was suspiciously absent. The behemoth moved to a knee a held out his remaining three-clawed hand to their faction leader. Optimus put a hand on one of the claws to steady himself and stepped onto the open hand. A moment later he was lift to helm height. Defensor had always been one who for his immense size wished to speak with others so at least they were on the same level.

"Component First Aid has deemed the area too contaminated by AllSpark radiation to allow human habitation to continue. We, Defensor support our component's findings…" The optics of the gestalt seemed to fall out or focus briefly leaving the partner in their conversation to believe they were communicating with their disconnected member. "Component First Aid requires Chief Medical Officer Ratchet's presence and humbly requests yours as well Optimus Prime."

"That is fine Defensor, but we need to take care of the matter at hand first. I ask that you stand down, and at least until Ratchet has had a chance to review the finding that your Component has drawn to let the residents return to their businesses and homes." There was a tense moment of silence as the Prime and the Gestalt looked at one another, but the ever-dutiful gestalt eventually nodded and lowered the mech to the ground and letting his pieces disengage and scatter to the ground. It took a couple minutes for the four mechs to sort themselves out from their united being.

The green hummer joined the group looking over each one of them, holding himself back from running a scan. Ever since he rebuilt them he had been worried that something could go horribly wrong. While First Aid had pulled off a miracle Ratchet did not like the idea of relying on miracles alone.

"We are fine, Ratchet. First Aid does wish to meet with you though… He has a situation he would like to introduce to you and has asked me not to enlighten you till then." Hot Spot seemed to gain sense of himself first, the other seemed to still huddle around him as their center. The Protectobot leader looked to the Prime. "I'm sorry that my group has caused you this trouble, my Prime. It's only that we fear for the safety of the humans. Aid has a valid reason to be nervous about the effect of the residual radiation. Things still gain life in the death zone from time to time. We try to assist all of them we can but often times they have to be destroyed. I don't think Aid will ever forgive you for agreeing with the humans on that command Sir."

"I have conducted many scans of the area. I still detect radiation but not anything in a great enough amount to cause the humans any predicted effect." Ratchet pointed the field scanner on his arm at the ground collecting a reading once more.

Streetwise gently reached and set a hand on the older mech's scanner. "Creator, please do not discredit Aid so lightly. Wait till he tells you what we know." The mech's silver colored facial plates morphed into a sneaky smile that the medic had learned to associate with a secret that was something the other mech couldn't wait to get out.

Optimus and Ratchet looked to eachother. Ratchet rubbed his face with his hand in a motion that prompted the patrol car's smile to broaden. Clearing his vocalizer Prime spoke, "Hot Spot, I'll radio the humans on our agreement. Your gestalt has been nothing if not loyal in you service, which makes your concern for the humans all the more pressing. If you'd lead the way to your base, I'd like to hear First Aid's conclusion and rationale for this extreme of a measure."

Hot Spot nodded once more. "I assure you, Prime this was not something we did lightly." He turned to his group. "Protectobots return to base. Streetwise take up the rear and keep the News crews at bay."

The group of Autobots dropped down into their altmodes, their tires hitting the pavement one after another all besides the one flier among them. They made their way slowly through the barricades the Protectobots had erected to prevent human vehicles from entering the area easily. Ratchet kept a close watch on his scanner's reading as they got closer to the location where the AllSpark had been destroyed. He couldn't deny that the readings seemed to have changed since he'd initially taken them many years ago. It seemed as though the radiation had lowered in some places but concentrated in others and to closer they got the denser the seeming veins of power grew. They turned away from the epicenter to continue the route to the Protectobot base.

The base had originally been a newly constructed fire station, but in the attack on Mission city it had been severely damaged. The government had taken control of the building sometime after the battle and turned it into a base of operations due to its size and location to the heart of the destruction. Unsurprisingly in the Protectobots decision to close the area to their human allies the ones that worked with them at the base had been some of the first to be ushered out of the area.

Upon there arrival at the base a nervous First Aid greeted them from the switch that opened the bay doors to allow the mechs in. An altered medpack was strapped on his back. The sound of a small pump motor spurred on before turning off quickly. Ratchet looked at the cobbled device in confusion trying to determine its purpose finally spotting a hose that seemed to slither into the younger medic's side and from the slight glow it appeared to be delivering energon. The hummer approached the ambulance mech and without even attempting garner permission to run a scan his scanners locked on his apprentice.

Groove chuckled, until he caught a stern look from Hot Spot causing him to merely shrug in reply. They spoke silently over their gestaltbond, joking about their adoptive Creator's ability to notice the smallest defect and of their underlying worry the medic would repurpose their parts for not alerting him to First Aid's situation earlier.

A second scan was run and Ratchet and taken hold of the red and white mech's arms to be sure that the scan would not distorted by any movement. The older mech then scanned the ground. First Aid smiled gently behind his mask at the more knowledgeable mech's confusion. Ratchet looked at his optical band trying to determine if this was the Protectobot's version of a bad joke. Ratchet then looked to Optimus who was standing silently near to Hot Spot as if waiting Ratchet's determination of what the Protectobot's had dubbed First Aid's 'Situation.' The hummer leaned close to his apprentice. "First Aid, I do not wish to give our Prime false reports. Especially not on a matter of this magnitude. If you have anything to state to disprove my scans this is your one opportunity to admit any fallacies."

The younger mech shook his helm and leaned into his mentor slightly cracking his chest plates to allow the large mech to feel the abnormal heat from his internals for himself. "I'm carrying. The radiation from the AllSpark is great enough that constant interaction with it has cause me to Spark. Our Race it isn't dead, Creator." Both of the medics looked to their Prime. Neither of them was sure which should utter the words that would bring so much back to their leader.