AN: This is the second of what i plan to be 3 Endwar fanfictions, the first concerning the war between the US and Europe, now we turn our eyes to the European theater and the Russians. At the same time Israel continues to stand against its hostile neighbors. I keep with Tom Clancy's style and I understand that there were people complaining about how Sea of The Eternal Sun was basically a carbon copy of Red Storm Rising and i will readily admit it was. I put very little work into it. Here though is completely my own thoughts and ideas, so feel free to comment- Scratch i BEG you to comment and critique it. I plan to become a real author in the future so every little bit will help me develop. Thanks people, and shoot straight.

History will always repeat itself.

More than eighty years since the last world war, the Great Patriotic War some still call it, and our love of peace has come to an end. The Arabics, with their zealous and radical beliefs have finally destroyed each other in a way befitting them. And now Russia holds all the oil. What a scramble the other nations have made! Now we hold the money and the arms. We have risen back onto the world stage where we have always belonged.

They will all pay for their gall, their arrogance. We have turned the allied Missile defense web against itself, and now the damn Europeans and Americans all squabble amongst themselves for petty revenge. We have always had the true motive in our sights.

Iran and Saudi Arabia's war have created a deadzone, neutralizing their precious oil which is how we have come to rise to our position in the first place. But there are still countries that have the black gold, which we must take.

The North Africans are under a mutual alliance with the European Federation just as the Canadians with the Americans. The Israelis now economically control most of what remains of the Middle East's oil. We must take that. The other muslim countries will not intervene, rather they will praise our efforts to rid them of the jewish pests. But once the Europeans see this, surely they will launch counter offensives to stall our efforts, allied with Israel or not.

The People of the Rodina, the motherland, have never forgotten how the French, the Germans, all of them in fact once spat in our faces as they cowered in fear at the sound of our nuclear missiles. They do so again.

But we will strike hard, like the hammer and reap their blood with the blade of the sickle. They will learn what it means to fight a war against Russia.

History may always repeat itself, but we will be the ones to change that.

President Kapalkin's personal diary.