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This story is based after the Squeakuel, by the way, they are chipmunk sized, and they ARE chipmunks, NOT humans.

The Seville and Miller family were having a sleepover, Brittany was in her bed laying down staring at the ceiling, Jeanette was sitting down on a chair in the bedroom reading a book named 'All About Science', Eleanor was making some cookie's, she were making them for the people coming over for the sleepover, Theodore was helping her too.

Alvin and Simon were in the same room as Brittany and Jeanette; The bedroom.
Brittany and her sister's slept in the same room as Alvin, Simon and Theodore, they shared their bedroom.
Alvin was also taking a little rest, Simon was reading with Jeanette, he was sitting next to her reading along as she turned the page's.

Eleanor and Theodore had finished the cookie's and Eleanor put them in a black tray, and Theodore carried it upstairs and into the bedroom, he put it on a little table, Eleanor followed him.

"Ta-da! Oh... we also added chocolate chip's in the cookies," Theodore forced a big smile while Eleanor looked at him and than back to her sister's and half brother's.
"Hope you enjoy it! Oh, dont eat any yet, wait until the guest's arrive!" Eleanor grinned at Brittany, who had jumped up from the bed and was now sitting down on the bed, her jaw was wide open, staring at the cookies, and Alvin was doing the same, Jeanette and Simon only smiled.

"Thank you!" Jeanette and Simon said together, they looked at each other and blushed deeply but than it faded away and it was hiding under their fluffy furry cheeks.

"W..wow...um...w..we... wo..wont...touch the..them..." Brittany stuttered still staring at the cookies, they looked so yummy.
"Ye..yeah..same...same here..." Alvin also stuttered and he was amazed at Eleanor and Theodore's skills at making cookies.

"Thank you!" Eleanor chirped.

Just than the doorbell rang, Theodore ran off to get it.
When he opened the door, it revealed 1 female human and 2 male chipmunks, they than introduced themselfs.

"Hello! My name is Mikayla, but you can call me Mika for short, but i prefer Mikayla! Anyway im 14 years old, am i allowed in? Or am i too old?" Mikayla said politely.
"No no, of course your allowed in, please just go upstair's and into the bedroom and introduce yourself to the others!" Theodore replyed and grinned at Mikayla.
He turned to the 2 chipmunk's who were just silent and smiling at Theodore, then one of them decided to speak up.

"My name is Phelan, im 13 years old! May i come in?" Phelan kept on keeping his smile on his face.
"Of course, go on in to the bedroom!" Theodore replyed, but deeply inside, he was scared of that chipmunk for the way he looked...

The last chipmunk stood there, silent and not moving, Theodore took a step back because he was scared, but when the chipmunk spoke, he was not scared anymore.

"My name is Soron and i'm 14 years old, i hope i'm allowed in.." Soron grinned at Theodore, and Theodore only shook his head, and Soron hurried upstair's.
Theodore was about to close the door when he heard a female voice shout and when he turned to look, a group of chipette's and chipmunk's were running towards the door, and when they got there one of them spoke.

"Sorry...for...being..so late... I hope we are still in time for the sleepover!" One of the chipmunk spoke, "My name is David, but you can call me DJ! Oh and im 12!"
"Of course your in time, just go into the bedroom upstairs... DJ!" Theodore happily smiled, he was happy to have alot of guests, and of course, he didn't know all of them.

Than a young looking chipmunk pushed in through the rest of the chipette's and he smiled at Theodore, who was just staring at the young chipmunk.
"My name is Gabriel and im 9 years old! Can i go to the bedroom now!" Gabriel spoke super excitedly, Theodore nodded at him, he was surprised by how many guests, he told Alvin to keep it under 5, but there was alot, but he didn't mind, all he cared was if they have fun.

A beautiful looking chipette stepped in and smiled politely at Theodore.
"I guess you already know me!" she grinned, "But just incase, i'm Olivia and i'm 14 years old!" She chirped.
"Welcome Olivia, i'm happy you came!" Theodore smiled at his beautiful chipette friend, and Olivia ran up into the bedroom.

Theodore thought there was only 1 more chipette left, but 1 human and 1 vampire and 1 chipette came running to the door, when they arrived, Theodore rolled his eye's and sighed, now there was too many guest's, it was over the top! But Theodore accepted them because he knew it would be mean to reject them.

"My name is Devil, I'm 14 years old.." the chipette standing on the doorstep smirked, Theodore was scared, she certainly did look like a devil to Theodore, but if she was one, Theodore thought she was very pretty for one, so he kept calm and just continued smiling at Devil.
"Come on in!" Theodore chirped and Devil turned her evilish smirk into a beautiful smile and ran upstairs.

Theodore looked at the last three guest's, he ordered them to sit on the living room couch and they did as they were told, Theodore closed the door, incase anybody else came, he leaned on the door and sighed louder this time.

"You, introduce yourself please!" Theodore said while pointing at a person who looked like a vampire.

"My name is Dani-" the girl was cut off by Theodore, who finished her sentance for her,
"Danielle, your not a guest, your my sister! But of course... hehe... your a vampire now i see..." Theodore chirped happily and than his voice got lower as he realized she was a vampire, it had been so long since he had saw his own sister, they were seperated a long time ago, Danielle than realized who she was talking to.

"Oh my gosh, Theodore!" Danielle ran up to him and hugged her little brother, she had a big smile on her face and she didn't need to question Theodore about going upstair's, he just pointed and she nodded and ran upstairs into the bedroom.

Theodore looked at a teenaged human who was sitting on the couch and he ordered her to introduce herself, she stood up while she did so.

"My name is Lakeeyia, I'm 15 years old!" Lakeeyia stood just smiling, which made Theodore freak out, but he knew he had to keep calm otherwise the girl would think she is scary and will leave.
"Um.. uh... go upstairs then.. Lakeeyia..." he stuttered and took a step back, Lakeeyia eyed Theodore weirdly but continued to walk up the stairs and she entered the bedroom.

The last chipette hopped off the couch and introduced herself.
"My name is Claire Belle DeLuvet and im 14 years old, i hope i wont cause trouble.." Claire was so pretty that it made Theodore lose his voice, well, not really, he just couldn't talk, he was stunned.

"...g..go...in to the..be...bedro..bedroom...you won..wont be a.. any trouble..." Theodore stuttered and Claire ran upstair's, Theodore was left alone in the living room, he grinned, he was thinking of all the pretty girls, and a picture of Eleanor flashed in his mind, than a picture of a girl who had black hair and black eye's and no skin, just blood, he gasped at the image in his mind and he was scared, he heard a loud scream coming from outside and it sounded like a female, he couldn't take it no more, he ran upstair's and into the bedroom...

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