Author's Note: A brief introduction in to my new story. ( The first of 2 I'm working on posting)

Summary : 13 year old Hinata runs away from the Banquet the Hyuuga family was throwing in honor of the peace treaty to the Uchiha's, she loses herself in thought, and falls in to the lake, contemplating giving in, but is saved by an unlikely angel.


I tried to fight the current, but I knew I wasn't strong enough..

I felt myself give in, I was too weak.

Just like they all said..

I felt the last of my breath escape my lip's.

There wasn't any turning back.. I thought of Itachi,

the one I'd never get to know... I smiled slightly as I sunk towards the bottom of the lake.

Then a strong hand grabbbed my wrist, and pulled me out of the lake,

I coughed and spat out lake water.

I opened my eye's and saw Itachi staring at me worriedly...

" Why ?" He murmured..

"Because I'm weak.." I murmured, afraid to look away..

I was scared that this was just a dream..

He pulled me in to his arm's, I shivered from the cold,

his face was so close to mine.

He smiled softly, " Your stronger than you think.. "

I closed my eye's as he pressed his lips to mine..