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Luffy and Zoro were already outta the ship the second Sunny Go was docked.

"Oi! Matie!" Nami called out "Where do you think you're going?"

"Huh? Well, no where interesting..." Luffy tried to pull a fast one there, but somewhat failed against Nami's sneaky eye.

"Is that so?" Nami didn't look at all convinced "Well you wouldn't mind if I joined in, right!" That last part seemed more of a request rather than a question.

"Well... uh" Luffy starting mumbling not knowing what excuse to give. "This place is really dangerous and stuff! And Sanji wouldn't like it if you get hurt!"

"YOSH! Then I'll join in and rescue my Nami-swan when we face danger!" Sanji practical loved it when he heard his name whe— Not even being able to finish, Nami had already punched Sanji and knocked the love cook out with a nose bleed.

Now you know the true strength of love... well no entirely.

Zoro had already continued on walking, not giving a damn about the commotion in the background.

"Eh? Wait Zoro, you might get lost!" Luffy said as he tried to catch up with Zoro, and completely forgetting about Nami.

"Alright! I'm ready now! Let's get goin—uh... Luffy?" Nami had a pissed expression, the 2 idiots had completely forget about her tagging along, and left her in the Sunny Go, "I'm so going to increase his debt by a 40%!"

"So... You know the way to it right?" Luffy said this with a non confident face, Zoro just turned to him, holding himself from choking the boy, surely his directional senses weren't that bad, or are they?

"Che, I know where it is numbskull."

"Alright, just checking!" Luffy replied with a cheeky grin; Zoro couldn't help but give a sigh and smirk back at the raven haired boy.