all human new story

TODAY today was a day i was exited for and dreading well the same for my four year old daughter skylar.

I hadnt been to school in three years instead being at home taking care of skylar today i was gonna try for my senior year i had just moved to this new little town of forks with dad after i finally had enough of my mother. She resented me and Skylar which i dont understand because Sky never caused any trouble she had some health issues but nothing my dad didnt take care of since mom refused to help with anything since she thought that i should of got a abortion anyway, lte me tell you a little about Skylars dad

Edward Cullen i fell for him hard after being friends with him for fourteen years and he was my first rite after his parents moved him and his siblings away. I didnt get to tell him that i was pregnant he was gone i even heard that he got a new girlfriend. He's adopted his parents both died when he was young adopted by his aunt and uncle. He wasnt to to young he knew his mom a bit and loved her so much thats a reason skylars middle name is Elizabeth so was his mothers he has two sisters and two brothers i loved them all and havent see any of them for four years

Today is my first day and Skylars too she's gonna start preschool she isnt happy but thats all i can do my dad Charlie works days as chief of police preschool for her was the best thing really plus she really is the smartest little girl i've ever wanted.

I drop her off and she really doesn't like that but we make it through it then im off to forks highschool.

After getting my schedule and heading off to my first class i actually make a friend her names Angela and im sitting with them at lunch today when they tell me about the last new exitment they had in there small town THe Cullens