Author Notes: After a few attempts that ended up too long, I think I may have actually gotten the hang of the Tri-Drabble challenge. Here follows a story told in chapters of 300 words each, since I found it easier to link them together. This chapter is an attempt at the 100tri_drabbles challenge using prompt #001 - pen. Hope you enjoy it.

Stolen Glances

Arnold x Helga
(300 words)

He watched her nibble on the lid of her pen as though it were the most interesting sight in the world. He didn't know why. There was just something about the way it indented her soft pink lips, the way her white teeth gripped the lid. How sometimes her tongue would suck on it as she thought hard about what to write. Her blue eyes were fixed on the page in front of her, nestled on her pink-clad lap.

"Hey man, are you there?" Gerald nudged him and he looked away. "You digging on Helga G Pataki or something?"

Straight to the point. Arnold felt himself blush involuntarily

"Not exactly." He replied, stealing another look across the schoolyard. She was sitting on the wooden bench near the school building, scribbling away in a pink notebook.

Gerald raised an eyebrow sceptically

"Then what's with the goofy staring, Arnold?"

Goofy? He hadn't realised he'd been staring goofily.

"I'm just wondering what she's writing about, that's all." He explained, hoping his reddened cheeks had faded a bit. "She seems so… so…"

"Stupid?" Gerald offered. Arnold glared back.

"So focused." He watched her once again. The pen had moved from her mouth and was now flowing across the pages. "It must be something interesting…"

"Mmmhmm." Gerald got up from the swing set they had been sitting on. "I know that look. I've seen it before. Ruth? Lila?"

Arnold startled.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you should go over there and find out what is so interesting."

Arnold looked from his best friend to the girl across the yard. The pen was once more tapping at her lips.

Wouldn't disturbing Helga G Pataki be a death sentence?

"Ok. I'll do it." He said, jumping up from the swing. What did he have to lose?

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