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False Impression

Arnold x Helga
(300 words)

Of all the Boarders Arnold thought would spy on him, he never would have guessed Suzie Kokoshka to be one of them. But, she was there, smiling sheepishly alongside Mr Hyunh, Oscar and Ernie. She was the first to step forward and apologise though.

"Sorry for eavesdropping, Arnold. It's just, your Grandpa said you had a girlfriend over and I was curious!" She glanced over at Helga and then to Arnold just as the implications of her sentence sunk in. Arnold felt his face heat up.

"Would ya look at that? They're blushing!" Ernie said. "You owe me ten bucks, Kokoshka!"

"Arnold, you pick very pretty girl. You both very, very sweet couple." Mr Hyunh added.

"Hang on a second! Helga's not my girlfriend!" Arnold explained, "We're just friends."

Oscar jumped up.

"I told you! Heh heh heh." He held out his hand to Ernie, "Now you owe me the money!"

Arnold felt a rush of annoyance. It was bad enough when his housemates bet on things that were unrelated to him, but there was something really irritated when they bet on his life. It was made worse by the fact that this was not exactly giving a good impression to Helga.

Why did he want to impress her? To get her to open up, he told himself. That's all.

He had to get away from their squabbling and accusing looks.

In annoyance, he grabbed Helga's hand and pulled her along, pushing past the boarders and taking her upstairs.

"Look like a couple to me." He heard Ernie argue.

"Shush! You've gone and embarrassed him!" Suzie replied.

Then they reached the top of the stairs, and Helga pulled her hand from his grip.

"What's the big idea, Football-Head!" She said angrily, rubbing her wrist.

He froze. What had he done?

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