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Inspired by prompt #50 – hospital


Arnold x Helga
(300 words)


He thought he recognised that voice. Helga?

He blinked and saw her bright blonde hair, and the shape of the big pink bow she always wore. Then his eyes focused and he saw her gazing at him with concern all over her face.

He was lying down, with something soft underneath his head - a pillow? He moved his arms only to be met with the resistance of a bedsheet.

"You're back in the land of the living, Shortman?"


"Wh-what happened?" Arnold croaked. He then noticed the sudden dryness in his throat. How long had he been asleep?

"You collapsed. Your friend here shouted for us and we had to get an ambulance when she told us you got beaned in the head earlier." Grandpa Phil explained. Helga shifted uncomfortably in the chair beside the bed. "You've been out for a good half an hour – but the doctors seem to think you are okay."

"Arnold, I'd like to do some tests to make sure you are okay." A man in a white coat announced. He held out his hand. "I'm Doctor Neilsen." Arnold shook his hand, things finally starting to piece together. "You were lucky your friend was with you! It could have been more serious if she didn't catch you when you fell."

He looked over at Helga in surprise. She looked away, cementing a frown on her face.

"Thanks, Helga."

"Yeah, yeah." She mumbled. "Now that I know I didn't kill you, I should go."

"I'll drop you off." Grandpa announced. "Pookie, stay with Arnold!"

"Aye, aye Captain!" Grandma, now dressed up with an eyepatch and stuffed shoulder parrot, plonked down on the chair Helga vacated.

"You might want to run some tests on her too, Doc!" He laughed and winked before Helga followed him out.