Home Again

(AU…sorta. This is a story about how Will comes back, but he and Elizabeth don't have a son)

Elizabeth Turner was counting down the days until her Will would return. '1 Week' Elizabeth thought to herself as she laid in her warm bed. '1 week until I see Will again'

She tossed and turned that night. She wanted the week to pass by fast, but apparently, the world didn't want to speed up and make Elizabeth happy.

There was more than one reason she couldn't sleep. A lot of haunted questioned kept popping back into her mind. Of course the good part of her brain said comforting things to the bad side of her brain

What if Will doesn't show up?

Of course he will show up! It's his first time on land in ten years!

But why would he want to spend his 24 hours on land with me?

Because he loves you!

What if he moved on? What if he found a prettier, smarter girl at sea? What if he doesn't even remember me?

There is no one that could come between you two! He didn't find another girl! How could he forget you! You stole his heart, and you hold the chest that has his heart in it!

He still could've moved on…

Miles away at sea, Elizabeth's husband, Will Turner was having the same argument with his father

"Father, I bet she moved on. Found a rich soldier that she could see every day and not every ten years" Will put his head down

"Captain…Will" Bootstrap corrected himself "She loves you, why would she want to move on?"

"Because she can only see me every ten years!" Will exclaimed

"Will, just because you only see each other every decade, doesn't mean she doesn't love you!"

"Dad, what if she forgot about me?" Will said softly

"How could she forget? She has your heart…literally. Besides, didn't you two get married during a fight?" Bootstrap chuckled a little

Will smiled at the memory. "Yes, we did." Will laughed a little bit as well "But, what if she doesn't even want to spend a day with me?"

"She will want to because she missed the man she loves, why don't you except that?"

"Because, I don't deserve Elizabeth, she's too good for me"

"Maybe she is, but she still chose you over all of those guys out there" Bootstrap said

Will didn't respond he just started to think about what his dad had just said to him.

The week went painfully slow for Elizabeth. She didn't sleep at all the night before Will came. But she woke up that morning even thought she was only half asleep the whole night. It was way before the sun would rise so she had time to get ready and get to the beach before Will got there.

Elizabeth got ready then headed to the beach and sat down. Once she got there, she realized she got there at just the right time. The sun was about to rise.

Suddenly she heard an all too familiar voice from behind her.

"Hello Lizzie!" Jack Sparrow exclaimed

"Hello, Jack, and I told you not to call me that!"

"Oh I don't recall you saying that" Jack smirked and Elizabeth rolled her eyes

"What are you even doing here?" Elizabeth asked her old pirate friend

"I figured somethin' out that will make you very happy" Jack said

"What?" Elizabeth asked

"You'll see! I have to talk to Will and Bootstrap about it first!" Jack said mysteriously

"Could you tell Bootstrap first, I would like to see Will!"

"Whatever makes you happy, Lizzie!"

Elizabeth didn't reply all she did was stare out on the horizon.

"Shouldn't they be here by now?" Elizabeth asked impatiently

"I believe so, Lizzie!" Jack replied

"Where are they?" Elizabeth asked, knowing Will wouldn't come back

Will was scared. They were running a bit late because he allowed all of his crew members to leave early. Everyone thanked him and left, except for Bootstrap who wouldn't leave him alone.

So, now they had to do everything with only two people.

"Will! Will!" Came his father's voice from the other side of the Flying Dutchman "I found a way to let you stay on land for a week!"

"What?" Will asked making sure she heard him right

"Yeah a week, Jack sent me a letter and it said that there's a rule book that says if there is more than one person on the ship that wants to stay on land for more than a day they can stay for a whole week!" Bootstrap exclaimed

"Really?" Will grinned from ear to ear

"Yes, now hurry our week is starting when we get on land, and I think a certain young lady would like to see you"

Will grinned then frowned when he realized that he would have nothing to do for a whole week on land of Elizabeth wasn't there.

Will was now an hour late. Elizabeth felt the tears trickled down her pale cheeks.

Jack saw these tears and started to panic, What was he supposed to do with a woman that was crying? "Lizzie, I don't know if they're coming…" Jack trailed off

"No! They have to come! They just have too…" Elizabeth broke off because she started to cry. Jack patted her on the back awkwardly

"Lizzie, how about we just leave, they're not coming" Jack suggested as he stood up and held out his hand to help her up

"No," Elizabeth swatted his hand away and stayed on the ground "They will come, I have faith in Will" Elizabeth exclaimed

"Fine, suit yourself" Jack stared at her for a second then walked away

"He has to come, he just has too!" Elizabeth sobbed. Hours past and she sat there, sobbing

"Dad!" Will shouted "We're already hours late, I doubt Elizabeth is already gone!" Will then thought about what he said

"If she even came" he said to himself

"Will, I see the horizon! We're here!" Bootstrap yelled as they sailed into sight

"I'm home Elizabeth! Please be there" Will whispered as he looked out over the edge