)Author's Notes: Hello Everyone! Thought I try something new. This fic is inspired from Nonwiser's Valkyria Chronicles: Third Reich Rising, with his permission so credit goes to him and also F-14 Tomcat Lover for help in naming countries. In this fic, a disillusioned German Wehrmacht Field Marshall, takes his soldiers and their families during the Final Battle of Berlin during the last days of World War Two. So everyone sit back, relax and enjoy the prologue of Valkyria Chronicles: Iron Cross Corps. Here we go!


Valkyria Chronicles: Iron Cross Corps.



Berlin, Nazi Germany

April, 1945 AD

The Last Days of the War in Europe


The Third Reich has all but collapsed, Germany's armies, or what was left of them, have fallen back to the capital with the Soviet invaders surrounding the city. Hitler's dream of a One thousand year Reich, was alive for only 12 years. And the Fuhrer himself, the Austrian born, German corporal of the First World War and leader of the Nazi Party, was dead. Committed suicide in his bunker by shooting his brains out along with his recently married wife and long time mistress Eva Braun, who killed herself by syanide pill. His last order was that Germany must continue to resist the Soviet invaders and the Western Allies to the bitter end and never surrender. But, with the exception of the Waffen SS, and a few loyal Generals, one man has decided to not follow such an order that could lead to the death of his people.

Field Marshall Wagner von Wolfe, age 45 , and commanding officer for the defense of the Southern part of the city, looked out at the remains of his beloved city of Berlin, a shadow of it's former beauty, grace, and glory. Now it is nothing but a heap of ruins, caused by the rash decisions of a mad man. Wagner barley survived the purge as a result of a group of disillusioned officers and civilians who attempted to kill the Fuhrer in his East Prussian Command Center last year in July. The leader of the attempt, a count named Claus von Stauffenberg used a briefcase packed with a brick size piece of plastic explosives and placed it under a table in the hut next to the concrete bunker. The blast wounded the Fuhrer a bit, but did'nt kill him. As a result the ones who were part of the attempted coup were rounded up, tried, and executed, although, Stauffenberg and a few others were shot immediatley in the courtyard of the HQ. The worst part, is that Erwin Rommel, known to the Allies as the Desert Fox was also suspected to be part of the coup, except he was given a choice, commit suicide to porve his loyalty, or have his entire family be killed along with him. Fearing for his wife ad son's lifes, he chose suicide.

What was even worst shock for Wagner, when his agents discovered that the SS, under the orders of Adolf Hitler, were killing Jews and other ethnic minorities in Concentration Camps by the millions. And the people of Germany did'nt even know, or just did'nt care. That was enough to make him to throw what he previously thought of Hitler and Nazism as a whole, out the window.

Wagner gave a tired sigh as turned his emerald green eyes to the three black uniformed SS soldiers in his office, a few moments ago the three young fools were about to arrest him for spreading defeatist comments to the ranks of his soldiers in the sector, and then later on at least 4 to 7 Regiments plus two battalions of artillery of them disappeared without a trace, deeming him the culprit. What they did'nt count was that he had knew they were coming and had his son, 22 year old Luetnant Mark von Wolfe and three of his men wait for them and when they arrived and tried to arrest him, they were gunned down by MP 40 submachine fire by Mark and his men. He then ordered them to head into the secret bunker he had engineers construct and wait there for him.

'Poor misguided, young fools,' where the thoughts of the old veteran, 'You did'nt know the end was here, and you still foolishly believed we would win,'

During the past year, he lead a secret project, with Germany's most brilliant scientists, that not even Hitler or the rest of the High Command knew about. He was able to build a portal to another dimension. When he sent his agents to scout out the new world, what they reported astounded him. There was a world much like their own, but slightly different, there were 4 super powers called the Atlantic Federation a conglomerate of Democracies on the western side of the Continent of Europa, which was like their own Europe, and the Empire in Eastern Europa which the Federation is at war with. Then there were the Allied Republics of Ameria on the continents of North and South Ameria, made up of the many Republics of those two continents, led by the United States of Ameria. The final super power, the East Asian Republic, led by the Constitutional Monarchy of Japan.

He had his agents look into the four Superstates and decreed that out of all them only two of them seem to honorable, with the Federation and Empire not quite good canidates as they seem to fighting for only greed and more power, especially for the resource known as ragnite. While the East Asian Republic and Allied Republics seem to be happy with what they have, Wagner had doubts they take in refugee soldiers from another world that were once under the command of a tyrant, hell, they'll probably think they were all crazy. Then his agents reported they may have found a new home, the Principality of Gallia. A small nation smacked dabbed right in the middle of the Empire and the Federation, and rich in Ragnite reserves in the northern parts of the country. Although small, they were not without spirit, the nation also follows a concept known as universal conscription, in which all schools are required to teach military training to their students. In case of an invasion all citizens, male and female, are required to serve in the Militia. To say Wagner was impressed was an understatement, although he had concerns regarding members of the Gallian Parliament and a few commanders of the Gallian Military, especially the Regular Army, more specifically, General Damon. The man was a arrogant, selfish, over-confident, pompous wind-bag aristrocrat, and looks down on the Militia without mercy, and only considers them as nothing more than country mice, and never considers them comrades-in-arms. He hates commanders like that. Also was the part was that the Princess who should be leading her people was just a figure-head, after the death of her parents. Then there was the racial tension regarding the people known as Darcsens, even more so in the Empire where Darcsens are either slaves in labor camps or outright hunted and killed, it painfully reminded him too much of how his own countrymen committed such acts against the Jewish people, for him, this was a chance at redemption for the deaths that Hitler and his Nazi Germany have caused.

And it will be in Gallia. His spies in the Empire report that said power was about to launch an invasion of the small nation in order to seize the Ragnite reserves, that is able to power everything from lamps, medical equipment, vehicles, and other appliances. So, in response he secretly sent the three Panzer regiments, two mechanized infantry regiments, 1 Grenadier regiment and, suprisingly, a still active Mounted Cavalry regiment, and two battalions of Artillery and their families through the portal they constructed, and placed them about 25 miles west of the village of Bruhl near the border with the Empire, he then had the civilians evacuated toward the Gallian capital, Randgriz. His Panzer units consist of 10 Panzer VI Tiger Is, 20 Panzer IV Ausf G's, a couple dozen Panzer III's, and a few Sherman captured from the Americans (1), enough to handle what the Empire can throw at them. His artillery consisted of 8.8cm Flak 36 Cannons, Pak 43/36 Anti-tank guns, and 10.5cm leFH 18/40 field guns. Other vehicles such as SdKfz 234/2 & SdKfz. 222 armored cars, VW Type 82 Kubelwagens, Kettenkrad HK 101 and SdKfz. 250 half-tracks, American jeeps and R 71 Sidecar motorcylces. That, and along with few horses from the Calvary Regiment, while the rest where on foot. Needless to say, he was quite prepared.

He gave another sad sigh as he turned one last time to his beloved Berlin, the city where he was born, raised, rode bikes and played games with his friends, where he first kissed his wife, Lara, on their first date by the River Spree, the city where his son and 18 year old daughter Kai (2) were born. He closed his eyes as he listened to the sounds of gunfire, artillery and the shouts of the men, that volunteered to stay behind, in order to give them time to escape.

"Gut gluck, Kameraden," (3) he said to the brave as he walked to his desk, picked up his breifcase filled with documents and a photo of his family. His wife and daughter were one of the first of the families to leave for Gallia, now all that were left were himself, his son and five others as he headed to the elevator that will take him inside the bunker.




Mark paced back and forth waiting for father to arrive, hoping that the Soviets did'nt get him just like they did to his other comrades that were lost during the Russians merciless drive through the fatherland. As he was pondering the sounds of the elevator coming caught his and the five men with him, as they raised their weapons just in case, the four of them armed with MP 40s while the rest armed with the STG 44 assault rifle. They lowered them and breathed a sigh of relief as it was their Commander/father, that came out of the elevator.

"Is everything ready Mark?" The General asked his son.

"Yes, Fa- I mean Field Marshall," the young liuetenant replied after correcting his mistake. Wagner just chuckled at his first born.

"You don't have to worry Mark, I would'nt mind if you called me father."

Mark smiled a bit at that. Even in times like these, his father could still have a sense of humor.

"Yes sir. The explosives have been planted, as you ordered and the rest of the group have went through the gate, we were just waiting for you." Mark reported, and Wagner nodded at that.

"Gut. Now let us go and make a new existence in Gallia," and with that the group went into the room where the portal was. The room itself was big enough to house four U-boats in and the portal was large enough to allow two Tiger Tanks side by side to pass through. This portal was Germany's greatest achievement ever built, it was currently closed by large steel doors with the German Eagle, not the Nazi Version is proudly imprinted with it's wings spread in glory, and now, it was going to be buried in this bunker, so that no one can use it. But he knew that someone will find it, either by accident, or one of his former colleagues will spill the beans about it. Sighing he turned and nodded to his son, who nodded back and gestured to comrade to move toward the panel near the gate. They took out two keys and inserted them into the panel. Mark then counted down from five with his fingers.

5...4...3...2...1, and with a twist of the wrist at the same time, the doors opened, albiet slowly, and showed the world of Europa on the other side.

"You all go ahead, I'll be with you shortly," with a nod from his son and the other soldiers they ran through the portal. Turning to a timed charge, Wagner made a silent prayer to those that could'nt come. The rest of Germany have accepted their fate, but he and his men have not. Flipping the switch, the timer read three minutes until the charges, with a added punch of Ragnite, blow and seal the final secret of Germany. With a quick walk, he removed the keys and jogged up the ramp to the portal and turned and gave a final farewell to his beloved Berlin. Then he went through, breifcase in hand, as the doors closed seconds later. Tens second after the explosives that were planted detonated causing the roof to cave in and bury the massive machine, not to be seen again for a long time, and the Wehrmacht soldiers, never to be seen again...


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(1): The Germans were known to capture Allied equipment and integrate them into their own fighting forces. For example the American M4 Sherman. And the Models Wagner's men are using are both M4A1's and M4A3's.

(2) I know, I could'nt believe it either! But when I was looking up names for German girls, THERE it was!

(3) Translation: Good Luck, comrades

Last note: Also you're probably wondering how they got the Panzer III's when they're rare around 1944-1945, right? Well, that's simple, Wagner's men found them in a warehouse, unused and unissued. Also the Tigers will be held in reserve and won't see action till Naggiar Plains, sorry Tiger fans.

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