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Yugi's Dominance

That was it, I was done. I couldn't wait any longer. Today was the day that I would strike. Early afternoon, I left, telling Yami I was going to the store. Yea, a 'store'.

Smirking, I entered the shop eagerly and quickly picked out the needed items. Chains handcuffs, rope, cock rings, vibrator- everything I would need to make Yami mine.

The store clerk put the items in a bag and grinned at me, "See you've got something planned for your girl. Hope she enjoys it."

I smiled back innocently, "I'll make sure she does."

After paying, I walked home quickly. Hopefully my darker half wouldn't be home so that I could set things up. Grinning deviously, I unlocked the door to find my other sitting and watching television.

Time for a diversion.

Setting my bags on the table, I sifted through them noisily, "Darn it! … He~y Ya~mi?"

"What?" he asked, turning to look at me.

"I forgot that Joey has my homework. Can you go get it for me?" innocent smile.

"Why can't you get it?" he asked, curiously (cutely) confused.

"Because I have to… put the groceries. Unless of course you want to…" I knew he hated to put the groceries away. Why- I don't know, but I don't bother with it. He made a face and got up to leave. Hearing the door shut, I grinned.

Time to get to work.

Quickly grabbing the bags again, I raced up the stairs and kicked open my door. Yes, my door. We were so totally using my room. Going around the room, I unloaded my bags, making sure to place everything within reach of the bed.

Heh, Yami won't know what hit him!

Making my way back down stairs, I pull out a few choice items to use to make lunch. Fixing lunch is an easy feat for me, something that constantly gets on Yami nerves. It's not my fault that electronic devices and a several thousand year old pharaoh don't mix!

Anyways, I was about half-way done with lunch when Yami stalked in.

"Aibou, Joey does not have your homework!" he accused.

"Oh, that's right. I found it right after you left. I tried to call, but the line wouldn't go through. Joey and Seto must have been doing something." I said innocently.

"They were… I can't ever un-see that!" Yami sighed theatrically as he threw himself onto his seat. Laughing at his drama, I secretly added another ingredient to my dark's favorite meal. I heard him sniffing the air curiously.

"Aibou… is that… Koshari I smell?" he asked excitedly.

"Mm-hm." I answered, shoveling the food out onto two plates. Messing with it to make it look pretty, I turned fluidly and set the two plates down on the table, one in front of him and one for myself.

"EEE!" he squealed happily before glomping me, "I love you Yugi!"

"Aw, you're just saying that." I said with a grin while squashing my hopes and dreams.

"…" he fell silent, pulling away.

"Yami? What's wrong?"

"What if… I told you that I wasn't joking?" he asked, eyeing me silently.

"Then I'd accept you for your decision and answer it with mine." I said easily.

"Which would be?"

"I love you too. More than anything in the world." I said softly.

"Thank goodness!" he said, falling back in his chair with a sigh. "I thought it would've been something bad for a second there."

"What do you mean?"

He gave me a sly look before leaning across the table and locking lips with mine. The kiss was chaste and he pulled away quickly before I could even get into it. I wanted to pout, but that is very unbecoming for one such as myself.

"You know. I feel a lot better now." he said, smiling. Wow, that smile made y heart flutter. Maybe I won't be so hard on him.

"Really?" I asked, rolling my food around on my plate.

"Yeah. I've had these feelings for months now, but I was too scared to tell you. Glad that we got them figured out." He said, taking a forkful and shoving it into his mouth with an appreciative moan. More and more food disappeared into that pretty little mouth of his.

Months? You mean, I could've been f***ing with him for months now!

Oh no. He deserves everything that I can dish out.

"Glad we figured that out to, Yami. Because I'm about to flip your world upside down." I said cheerily.

"Why's that?" he asked, innocently. As innocent as Yami could get anyway (which, surprisingly, is a lot).

"Oh, no reason. Just that I spiked your food with a pinch of sleeping powered and a dash of slow-working aphrodisiac and am about to tie you to our bed for several hours to come." I said, a happy grin on my face.

"I see." He said, grinning infectiously back at me. Then my words registered and his crimson eyes widened. His gaze dropped from mine to his food and then drifted back up to me. "A-aibou… you…!"

And like that, he was out like a light. His eyes rolled back as his body went limp. Acting quickly, I caught him before he did a face-plant into his food. Wouldn't want to have my Yami all dirty before we play, now would I?


I must say, Yami looks really good naked on my bed. And in chains. And ropes.

Did I mention naked?

Cause Yami looks really good naked. I mean really good.

Unconsciously I licked my lips as I surveyed my work. My dark had been tied to my slightly larger bed. Chains wrapped around his wrists, softened by silk cloth while ropes bound his legs in a spread eagle formation. His legs had more moving room, but not enough for him to completely close them.

After all, I didn't want to hurt my dark for his resistance.

Looking at my watch, I figured that I had a few more minutes to waste. Gently shoving a ball gag between his teeth, I left my room to go grab something for myself to eat. Earlier I couldn't eat the contaminated food because, well, then I would've been asleep. Now would be a perfect time to get some food for myself.

Quickly, I fixed myself an omelet with some ham, cheese and green peppers. Simply delicious. Sliding it onto a plate, I hustled upstairs to make sure my Yami wouldn't use any shadow powers of his to free himself. Just as I opened the door, my dark's bleary eyes opened tiredly.

Setting my plate down with a gentle clack, I gave him a big smile, "Morning sleepy-head."

"Mohommmm…mun! Yuhi!" Yami's eyes widened when he realized that a ball gag was preventing him from speaking. Lifting a hand to his mouth, he jerked as he tried to wrench his hand away from the bindings. Of course, he had no such luck.

Spying the shadows crawling up his form, I tapped his nose, "Ah, ah, Yami. Can't have you using your powers now."

That being said, I popped the lid of the bottle of lube I had bought and quickly slicked up three fingers. Crawling onto the bed, I spread his legs with a harsh shove (what? He tried to close them!). Leaning down, I easily found his entrance and circled it once with my finger before sliding it in.

He twitched and a simpering cry left his gagged lips. The shadows receded slightly, pulling away and fading a little from sight. Perfect. My plan is working.

You see, Yami can only use his shadow powers when he has a lot of concentration, which, at the moment, I'm doing my best to break. It's quite easy when you shove fingers up someone's arse.

Speaking of which…

"MAAAHN!" Yami cried out when I slid another finger in to widen and stretch his muscles. It felt so tight and warm in him. I can't wait to thrust into that heat! Eagerly, I added another finger, probably too soon. Yami cries out in pain and tears start to form at the corner of his eyes. Shocked, I still my motions. Yami's never cried before!

"Yami? Are you okay?" I asked gently, retreating my fingers. He whimpers and shifts his legs closer together. He's breathing so hard that I'm afraid he'll hyperventilate! Quickly, I untie the ball gag and he takes gasping breaths.

"Y-Yugi… W-why?" he pleaded loudly in between gasps for air.

"Because Yami, you've been teasing me for so long that I just had to! And then you tell me that you love me, just this afternoon. So I thought you wouldn't mind." I said with an innocent grin. Although, my thoughts are anything but.

"W-Why this?"

"I told you!" I gave a tired sigh. "You teased me too much! With your leather pants and overconfidence and –I just couldn't take it! I had to tap that!"

"B-But why am I-?" Yami's breath had slowly evened out and out of the corner of my eye; I could see the shadows reforming. Better make this quick.

"Yami, you're asking the same question over and over again."

"No!" he hissed in frustration, "Why me and not you?"

This stopped me for a second. Then I shrugged, "Cause I drugged you and tied you up first."

"…That's a horrible reason."

"But a valid one."

"How about a challenge?" Yami suggested.

"Like what?"

"A shadow game." His eyes glowed with a slightly insane look. They should since he just pulled his strongest card so to speak. A shadow game is his last resort when dealing with troublesome people. It hurts me to think that he thinks of me that way, but I could understand. Being tied to a bed could make me go to extremes too… well, maybe not with Yami.

Anyway, just like any power or strength, there is a weakness. With Yami's shadow powers and shadow games, it's a simple and easily over looked solution.

"No. I don't feel like playing today." I said with a grin.

Rejection to play.

"The rules are-mph!" I cut him off with a harsh kiss. Catching him by surprise, I slipped my tongue into his mouth, playing with his slippery muscle as I explored my new territory. Quickly running out of breath, I pulled away with a fulfilled glance at my handy-work. Yami was flushed with excitement and his breathing was once again thrown off.

Abruptly, Yami grinned at me and smirked his 'victory' smirk. "I win, Aibou. PENALTY GAME-!"

Once again, I cut him off with a kiss. Pulling away, I chuckled at his confused look. "Nice try Yami, but I think you should take a look at your shadows."

"?" he glanced to the side where the nearest shadow wobbled, as if confused as to what it was supposed to do. It's quite funny really. Since I denied the request to play a shadow game, the shadows don't know what to do with themselves. So instead of being the great and terrifying beings that they were supposed to be, they now appeared confused and timid.

As I said, funny.

"W-What? Why aren't they attacking?" Yami gasped as I trailed a finger down his bare chest.

"Cause I rejection your challenge." I said simply, leaning down to place a kiss on his long neck and nibble at his collar bone.

"W-what? Y-you can't! You're supposed to play!" Yami hissed as I bit his nipple before licking the offended nub.

"No. Nothing says I have to. Besides, it's just a waste of time. I'm free, you're tied up and we're both horny." I said matter-of-factly, giving a meaningful look to his semi-hard erection. "And besides…"

Crawling up to his ear, I whispered lustfully, "You look great in chains."

Red rushed to his face at the insinuation and I drew back to giggle cutely. My dark half really was too cute for his own good. Running my fingers across his skin, I hummed, "Now where were we…?"

Shoving his legs further apart, I pushed three fingers into him again, wincing a bit at his grunt of pain. Yami wouldn't ever show inferiority like pain or pleasure without some… incentive and while I have the right incentive, I'm not going to use it yet. Curling my fingers, I searched for that one spot that would make my dark half drop his guard with pleasure.


Found it.

He caught off his cry by biting his lip, something I simply couldn't allow. Widening his entrance just a bit, I pushed a medium sized vibrator into the cavity before crawling back up his body. Snatching the next item off the nightstand without my Yami knowing, I gave him an easy smile.

"Yami, open up for me, okay?" I asked nicely. Gritting his teeth together, he shook his head, face still beet red. "Aw, please?"

Another shake. Yami's definitely playing hard to get.

"I asked nicely." I warned, capturing his lips with a kiss. He let out a startled moan before melting slightly in acceptance. Oh well, I'll let him top later… maybe. While he was thoroughly distracted, I slipped my hand (with the toy) lower until it finally grasped his hard cock.

Jerking his head back, Yami let out a short surprised cry before he grit his teeth against the weak sounding noise. He really had to stop doing that. Pumping his cock a few times, I nibbled a few more love bites onto his skin. With the greater part of my mind focused on distracting him, I let out a quiet cheer of triumph when I finally got the cock ring settled at the base of his erection. Smirking, I pulled away.

Feeling all movement stop, Yami shifted to lift his head in order to see why I stopped. Crimson eyes widened as they spied my little toy and he opened his mouth to protest. "Yugi, take it off right now-!"

I shoved the ball gag back into his mouth.

Still smiling all the while, I got up to pull the chair from my desk over to my bed and the plate of maybe-still-warm food on my night stand. Sitting down, I quickly explained to my glaring Yami, "Sorry, Mou Hitori no Boku, but you got to eat earlier. I'm still quite hungry. So while you're enjoying this, I'm going to eat."

I began to reach over to grab my plate when I stopped. "Oh! I almost forgot!"

My hand changed directives and shot to the vibrator still lodged within my Yami's hot body. Finding the switch on the base, I flipped it and looked up to see Yami's reaction.

"Mnnnnnah!" he cried out, unable to hold back his noises with the ball forcing his mouth open. Writhing on the mattress, he squirmed, either trying to get away from the sensations or already lost in them. I have no clue.

Grabbing a hold of the vibrator, I shoved it deeper, trying to find that one spot that would get just the type of sounds I was looking for.


Yay! I found it. (^^)

Letting the dildo rest against his prostate, still hammering away with its vibrations, I picked up my plate and began to eat. The omelet was nearly cold and food had easily lost its enticement with the delectable treat in front of me, but alas, I had to eat. After all, I needed the energy for sex, right?

Eating as quickly as I could, I hastily finished off my food and set the plate back down. Yami's moans of pleasure went straight to my groin as I crawled back onto the bed. Bending forward, I licked his ear before whispering huskily, "Doesn't that feel good, Yami? That's the pleasure I can give you. I'm going to untie your legs now, so don't try to kick me, okay?"

I doubt he heard me because his beautiful crimson eyes are sealed shut in an effort to keep the pleasure from fogging his mind. Of course, it's failing epically, according to my plan. Reaching down, I untied his legs before throwing off my jacket and shirt. I was too worked up to bother with my pants other than just unbuttoning them and releasing my erection.

Guess I'm the one wearing the 'pants' in this relationship (hint hint).

Grabbing the lube again, I quickly lathered my hot cock, shivering at the feel of it before forcing my hands away. His body still squirmed and thrust back onto the vibrator lodged deep in him, so to get his attention, I yanked it out. He let out a needy whine, but I brushed it off. Positioning myself against his hole, I gave a quick glance up. "Are you ready, Yami?"

He shifted a bit, testing the chains, but then nodded his consent. That was enough for me. Unable to hold myself back, I thrust in all at once. His body arched, but I didn't hear a peep out of him. Struggling not to start without him, I looked up to see his face frozen in a silent scream. Slowly, his body relaxed back onto the bed, chest heaving.

Reaching up, I cupped his cheek gently, asking, "Are you alright?"

He opened his wonderful crimson eyes before pointing awkwardly to the ball gag in his mouth. Debating whether I should untie it again or not, I leaned forward a bit to kiss his cheek. The shift in position barely brushed against that spot in him, but it was enough for him to moan at the sensations.

"I'm going to move now." I warned him, deciding that I wanted to hear the delicious moans more that allowing my Yami to be free of the gag. Pulling back, I was rewarded with a needy whimper which made me smile. "So now you want it?"

Red stained his cheeks, but he wiggled shamelessly, trying to entice me to plunge in again. Needless to say, he succeeded. Shoving in again, I shivered at the feeling of heat engulfing my member, pulsing around it. And the tightness! So good!

It seemed that Yami was enjoying it just as much as I was because he was thrashing under me, thrusting his hips up to meet mine. To reward him for his acceptance and reactions, I thrust lightly a few times, trying to re-find that one spot that gave him so much pleasure.

"NYYUUUU!" he moaned around the gag.

About time.

Pulling out again, I tensed a bit before snapping my hips forward.

"HUNGHAAAAAAAA!" he cried out, twisting to follow my retreating cock. Giving him what he wanted, I thrust back in. The heat was nearly overwhelming and I'm sure that Yami was heating up by the minute! I don't know how much longer I could last like this. Setting a fast pace, I worked towards my own release while my hand wrapped around Yami's to work him towards his.

Like a switch, he bucked shamelessly into my hand, intermittedly thrusting back onto my cock. Soon, I knew, the two forms of pleasure would overwhelm him. Almost like he read me mind, his body arched and he let out a keening cry. His form convulsed as ribbons of white cum shot from his cock and his entrance gripped me tightly. Letting out a moan of my own, I thrust a few more times before my vision turned white and I cried my release.

Bracing my arms, I enjoyed the high I got until I was forced down again. Tired, I slumped forward, rolling so as to not crush my Yami. Pulling out, I snuggled closer and pulled the blankets up over us. I could do with a few more hours of sleep.

"Yuuhi!" Yami whined tiredly.

Oh yeah, he's still gagged.

Reaching up, I untied the ball gag and threw it to the floor, wrapping an arm around his waist. Silently, we both enjoyed our post orgasm highs. Slowly, I started to fall asleep again when Yami nudged me with his elbow.

"Um… Yugi… could you unlock the chains?"

Ugh. Fine.

Letting my fingers find the chains on their own, I undid the trick lock on one first, then the other.

"Happy now?"

"Much…" snuggling back in, I started to fall asleep again. "Hey Yugi?"

Seriously? "What, Yami?"

"… Can I top next time?"

"Hmm…" I hummed, contemplating the idea before letting out a resounding, "No."

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