Hey! This is the story I've been wanting to start for a long time! I already had 5 stories going at the same time, so I promised myself I would finish one first. I finished Since You've Been Gone. So here I am.

So to the story!

Chapter 1

Rose's POV

"Come on Rose! One more!"

I screamed as I pushed as hard as I could.

"There Rose, your all finished. Congratulations."

I sighed in relief.

"Mum, that was the hardest thing I have ever done. How could you have done it twice?" I panted

"Well, you just did it twice."

I didn't respond.

"Were are they?" I asked as I closed my eyes.

"Right here darling. Jus' finished cleanin' them up. You wanna see them?" My mum asked

I barely nodded.

"Here Rose. Your brand new baby boy and girl. Aren't they the cutest thing!" she squealed as she handed my boy and girl to me.

I took them both into my arms.

They were bundled up in blankets, all nice and cozy. I looked into my baby boy's eyes and started tearing up. I could see that he was going to have brown hair. He had brown eyes too. He was going to be a mini version of the Doctor. The Doctor. Sometimes I wish I hadn't lied to him that one day on Bad Wolf Bay. Well, I didn't technically lie. I did say that mum was pregnant, just not me.

I just didn't want to hurt him even more. I, on the other hand, haven't really, truly smiled since that day on Bad Wolf Bay, the day I died. I've lived a boring life in this world so far. Well, not really, since I got a job at Torchwood. They all notice that weird, fake smile I have now. Once someone even asked if I was Ok. I blew up at them. Yelling at her that everything is just, fine.

"Jack. Jack Pete Tyler." I whispered

"I like that name. Jack Pete Tyler. Wasn't one of your friends named Jack?" mum asked

"Yeah. Captain Jack Harkness. We met him in 1941 when he was trying to con us. He was like my big brother after that. But he died the day that the Doctor regenerated. " I said


I moved on to look at my baby girl.

She had the beginning of blonde hair and big brown eyes. Like me. Mini Doctor, mini Rose. She was beautiful. My beautiful daughter. My daughter. I wish the Doctor would get to see her.

"Gwyneth. Gwyneth Victoria Tyler." I whispered

"Beautiful. I love the name Gwyneth. I'm guessing you named her after someone?" asked Mum, who was sitting on the chair. I had to give birth at home because the doctors would have thought it was quadruplets. And the fact that they both have two hearts.

"Yeah. On our second travel, we went to 18 century London and met Charles Dickens and his maid Gwyneth. She opened the portal between the world of the dead and here and sent all the ghosts back. She died closing the portal. And Victoria, after Queen Victoria. We helped her escape from a werewolf." I said

"A werewolf. The Doctor and his monsters." Mum said

I slightly winced at the name Doctor.

I look back at the babies.

"Ello' Gwyneth, Jack. I'm your mummy." I whispered to them. I still couldn't believe I was a mum. Most mothers have nine months to get used to the idea. I only got six months! The fathers a Time Lord, remember?

And you know how they responded? They both smiled! And babies this young aren't able to smile!

"Look! Mum! They're smiling!"

"Ooh! Let me see!" She said

Then something happened. I started to not feel right. Odd. Like I was getting weaker and weaker.
"Mum, I don't feel right." I mumbled

"You don't! Oh now let me see. Oh no!" She said

I started to lose consciousness. I could barely hear my mother starting to sob and calling my name, until I blacked out. Maybe forever.

CLIFFHANGER! Hehehe! Sorry its so short! I will defiantly make the other chapters longer! I was thinking that would put up doctor who funny parts in each chapter.

Funny part

See if I concentrate, " he shifted from one foot to the other ," shift the radiation out of my body into one spot." *starts shaking body* "Say my left shoe." He begins to hop on his right foot. Shakes left foot and shouts "Out, out, out, out, out, out… Ow! Ow! Ow!... Itches, Itches, Itches!" Takes off left shoe and throws it in the trash bin.

"You are completely mad."
"You're right. I look daft with just one shoe." Takes off other shoe

"Barefoot on the moon."

See! Isnt that funny!

Give me ideas for that in the next chapters!