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Chapter 4

5 years later


"Mum, can you zip me up?"

"Sure darlin'."

My daughter. All grown up now. They can go off on their own. Gwynne's getting' married today. Blake Horman is who she is marring. Jack is datin' a nice girl of 18 by the name of Jenny Williams. I was in Gwynne's room helpin' her get into her wedding dress.

I zipped it up.

"Ok, now turn around." I told her. She turned to face me.

I gasped.

She was so beautiful.

"Oh! You look beautiful!" I exclaimed
"Ta. Mum! You're almost as nervous as I am. I can see it." She replied

"Well, it's because I never got this day. Never got to wear a white dress or anythin'." I sighed

"Mum, I t'ink, givin' its my weddin' day, you get to tell me somethin' more about dad."

"Fine. Lets say that you are a mini me and jack is a mini dad. You both have his smile and love to fix and tinker with things. That's all your getting' today." I said

"But muuuuummmmm!" She whined

"No buts. Now lets get movin'." I said as I ushered her out the door.


We got into our car and drove off to the church.

When we got there we were almost late with all the traffic. We rushed into the church and they were almost starting.

"Gwynne! ! You guys are late! Wouldn't want to miss it?" One of Gwynne's bride's maids, Lillian said

"Not for the world." Gwyneth replied. I walked into the Church and made my way to my seat. I wish the Doctor were here. To walk her down the aisle. She is having Dad do it.

Soon enough the music started and the brides maids started to walk down the aisle. Then the bride music played and the doors opened. Gwynne started to walk down the aisle. She was midway down with Dad when a golden light was forming its way out of her chest. Her whole body was glowing with a golden light. When she realized what was going on, she screamed. Everyone was whispering around me. Then she started to fade away until she faded away from sight. A golden ball of light floated where she was just, and flew its way out of the roof of the church. I look at everything around me. If only the Doctor was here. He could fix it. Except he wasn't coming. Just me. How am I going to get Gwynne back?

(A/n: IT going to be like this. Just skip the whole Runaway bride part. Go to after Martha leaves the tardis crew. That is were this is taking place. Because I thought that would be so sad if it was a few seconds for the Doctor and 19 years for Rose. So for a regular person it would be 6 months and for Martha, her family, Doctor, and Jack it would be a year and 6 months because of the year that never happened! SO that were this is taking place! )

Doctor's POV

Sad, sad, sad. Martha just left. She was a brilliant companion. Brilliant. But of course, not as brilliant as Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth. How will I live without Rose now. Now I don't even have a companion. I feel bad for Martha. I know she fancied me, but I love Rose and she loves me. I feel like I took her for granted. Even Jack knows that she was just to get my mind off Rose.

I started to set the coordinates for my next destination when I heard a noise like the Tardis. I glanced up to see a woman in a wedding dress standing in my Tardis, faced towards the door. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. Just like my Rose. No! No! Stick to the woman in the Tardis.

"What?" I said to her

"Awh!" she said to me in a high-pitched voice.

"What." I said a bit louder. I don't like being confused!

"Ooh are you?" she asked, clearly as confused as me.

"Bit?" I jumbled

"Were am I?"

"What?" I asked even louder

"Were the hell is this place?" she yelled

"What! You cant do that! I wasn't…" I looked the control panel up and down, "We're in flight. That is physically impossible! How did—" I started, but the woman cut me off.

"Tell me were I am. I demand you to tell me RIGHT NOW WERE AM I!" She yelled

"Inside the Tardis." I said

"That what?"

"The Tardis." I repeated


"The Tardis!" I yelled at her. Ok I am confused and annoyed at the same time. I really am strange.

"Don't! What?"

"It's called the Tardis!" I said even louder

"That's not even a proper word! You're just saying things!

"How did you get in here?" I asked her. This is impossible! This shouldn't be happening. How can some loud random human appear on the Tardis when it is in flight in space?

"Well obviously. When you kidnapped me!" I looked her up and down "Who was it then? Is it Paneia? Was it Neris? Oh my God, she's finally got me back. This has got Neris written all over it." She said to herself

"Who the hell is Neris?"

"Your best friend!" she yelled back at me

"Hold on, wait a minute, why are you dressed like that for?" I asked. I am so thick. That is the stupidest question I have ever asked. She's in a wedding dress! Wedding! Oh God she was getting married!

"I'm going ten pin bowling. WHAT DO YOU THINK, DUMBO! I was half-way up the aisle!" she yelled, yet again

I ran back over to the control panel and started to set for the next destination while she was saying to herself, "I've waited all my life for this. I was just seconds away, and then I don't know you drugged me or something."

"I haven't done anything!" I said as I looked up

"I'll have the police on you. Me and my husband—as soon as he is my husband—We're gonna sue the livin' backside off yah!" She spotted the Tardis doors and ran.

"No. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Don't!" I yelled at her as she opened the doors.

I sighed. She stopped and looked out and saw nothing but space.

"You're in space." I said as I walked towards her with my hands in my pockets, "Outer space. And this is my…space…ship. It's called the Tardis."

"How am I breathing?" Of course. You're in a space ship in outer space and you ask, how am I breathing.

"The Tardis is protecting you."

"Who are yah?"

"I'm the Doctor. You?" I breathed in

"Gwyneth. But you can call me Gwynne." I slightly winced at the name Gwyneth. The girl who opened the portal between the world of the living and the dead. I was with Rose then. No! Focus.

"Human." I stated as I started at her.

"Yeah. Is that optional?

"Well, it is with me." I told her

She started at me. There was a pause of silence.

"You're an Alien." She said. It wasn't so much a question, I suppose.

"Yeah." I decided to tell her. Anyone who can get their self into the Tardis while in flight deserves answers.

"It's freezing with these doors open." She told me

I closed the door and ran to the console saying, "I don't understand it. And I understand everything. This, this can't happen! There is no way a human can lock its self onto the tarids and transport itself inside. It must be…" I grabbed some observing magnifying glass out of a tool belt on the captain's chair. I put it up to Gwynne's face and looked through it, observing her, with one eye.

"There's some sort of subatomic connection, something in the temporal field. Maybe something pulling you into alignment with the chronon shell, maybe it's something macro budding your DNA with the inner matrix. Maybe a genetic—" I started, but I never got to finish. Gwynne slapped me. Slapped me!

"What was that for!" I asked angrily

"Get me to the church!" she declared

"Right! I don't wanna hear it anyway. Were is this wedding?"

"St. Mary's. Haven Road, Chiswick, London, England, Earth, The Solar System!" she shouted.

She noticed Rose's shirt draped over the bar.

"I knew it. Acting all innocent. I'm not the first, am I! How many woman have you abducted!" I looked over to see she was standing in front of me with something clenched in her hand. I looked down to see it was Rose's shirt. Her shirt! I have something left of her! Why is she holding it!

"Were is she then? Pop town for a space walk?"

"She's gone." I replied sadly as I remembered her screaming as she got sucked into the void. Or when she was crying after she said she loved me.

"Gone were!" she yelled angrily

"I lost her." I said as I looked down

"Well you can hurry up and lose me!"

There was a silence.

"How'd you mean, lost?" she asked me

I looked up at her with the meanest look I could. I can't go 5 minutes without thinking about Rose now.

I took the shirt from her hand and put it back over the bar.

"Right! Chisick!" I yelled

Gwynne's POV

I stepped out of his space ship, or Tardis, or whatever it's called. I looked around outside. I still can't get that image of the Doctor's face when I asked him about that shirt.

"I said 's. What sort of Martian are you? Were's this?" I turned around to see him rubbing the wood on his space ship. Wait. His space ship is a box. A blue box. And I was inside it just now, and it was huge! I remember something, something along time ago. Mum told me and Jack a story:

"She followed the Doctor into his Police Box -" Mum Started
"What's a Police Box?" I asked
"It's like a phone booth except it's blue, made put of wood, and says Police 'Public Call' Box on it."
"Ohhhh!" We both said at the same time.
"So anyway, she followed him in and it was bigger on the inside! It was huge! So she went outside it to see if it was bigger on the outside too, but it wasn't!"
"Whoa! Cool!"
"So the Doctor started to do some
strange things with the center thing in it. He also explained that it was called the TARDIS. It standed for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. So he walked out the door and I followed. And Guess what."
"What!" I yelled
"We were in a different place! The TARDIS moved!

I remember me and Jack sneaking downstairs to see that Mum was crying really hard. "I thing something's wrong with her. It's like she's" he ran inside of it "recalibrating. She's digesting." he mumbled

. I just stared at the box. I to feel around the sides of the box to see if it was a trick. But it is wood! Wood! How could it be wood all the way around if it's bigger on the inside!

"Gwynne! You've really got to think, is there anything that might have caused this? Anything you might have done? Any sort of alien contacts. I can't let you go wandering off, what if you're dangerous? I meant have you seen lights in the sky, or did you touch something, like something different? Something strange or something made out of a piece of metal?" I walked inside the Tardis,"Who are you getting married to? Are you sure he's human? He's not a bit overweight with a zip 'round his forehead is he?" he rambled

Then Mum explained the Doctor to look exactly how he does now;

The Doctor even changed his face to look more handsomer. Let's see... he had brown eyes with long brown hair. He had endless enthusiasm. And guess what she found out about him!"


"He was an alien from a planet named Gallifrey. And he was called a Time Lord, he had two hearts, and he was the last of his kind after a big war! And she slowly fell in love with him.

I have two hearts. Could he be my, my...Dad? No way, he supposed to be from a story. But then again, how Mum was crying after she told the story.
I backed out of the Tardis with my hands covering my nose. I started to walk away. He was the man who left my Mum. If he didn't want my Mum, he wouldn't want me.
"Gwyneth!" I heard him yell
Next thing I know, he ran up next to me.
"Gwynne." he says
"Leave me alone! I just want to get married."
"Come back to the Tardis."
"No way, that box is to weird."
"Its, bigger on the inside, that's all." he shrugged his shoulders
"Oh. That's all, is it?" Their is no way in hell am I going to tell him anytime soon that I am his daughter. I'll tell him to leave before I get into the Church so he doesn't see Mum.

I checked my watch "Ten past three I'm going to miss it."

"Why don't you phone them let them know where you are."

"How am I going to do that?"

"Don't you have a mobile." the Doctor asked. Ok, first the bit about the weddin' dress, now pockets? Maybe Mum still is better off without him. I stopped.

"I'm in my wedding dress, it doesn't have has pockets. Have you ever seen a bride with pockets? When I went to my fitting at Chez Alison there was one thing I forgot to say 'Give me POCKETS'." I yelled at him .He nodded his head and to change the subject he said, "This man your marring, what's his name?"
"Blake." I said dreamily
"Good luck, Blake."
"OI! No stupid Martian is gonna stop me from gettin' married. To hell with you!" I yelled as I ran away from him.
I heard him yell after me, "I'm, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not from Mars."

I would have continued it, but it would have gotten to long so...
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