Author's Notes: Written for this prompt on the glee_angst_meme: "After the underwear incident, things get a whole lot worse for Finn. The football jocks won't stop taunting him, but it's worse than before: there comments get really sexual. Then they begin awkwardly touching him when they're alone. He wants to tell someone, but it isn't rape or anything so he figures he should just suck it up. And then Korafsky and Azimo corner him in the locker room and force him to give them head. They tell him he was asking for it, and he starts to believe it."

Warning - this could be seriously triggery.

1: Leave Me Alone

"Yo, Hudson!"

Finn groans and reluctantly turns around to face Karofsky and Azimio, who are lurking behind him and grinning. Those two are fucking stalkers, honestly.

"What do you want, guys?" It's more than a little rude, but whatever. Those guys are always douches to him, and he'll be a douche right back, thank you very much.

Karofsky and Azimio share a look before shrugging at each other. "Just wanted to make sure you'd actually keep your clothes on today, that's all," says Azimio.

Against his will, Finn turns bright red. "Shut up."

"Just saying," says Azimio.

"There are things man was not meant to see."

"Shut. Up." These two will just not leave him freaking alone about the underwear incident already. Yeah, he gets it was dumb. He gets he was kind of asking to be made fun off. He doesn't even really feel much better about his body. Still, why do these assholes have to make a big deal of it?

Said assholes just laugh. "You know, you may not have noticed now you and Hummel have moved into your honeymoon suite or whatever, but us normal guys? We don't take too kindly to some queer strutting down the hallway like he's trying to make us look. No-one wants to be a fag like you, Hudson," Azimio says.

"You should be careful," Karofsky says with a mock-friendly punch on the arm. "You go about like that some closet case is gonna jump ya sooner or later. Whether it was the point or not."

"Fuck off," says Finn. "I'm not freaking gay, okay, and so what if I was? I was just... doing something stupid. And Kurt and I aren't even living in the same house yet! Not since the mess that happened last time."

Karofsky and Azimio look at each other like they clearly have no idea what Finn's on about, but they don't seem to care.

"Whatever. But keep your damn shirt on, and watch your back Hudson," Azimio says.

"Yeah," says Karofsky as they start to back off. "Or, y'know, someone might just teach you what you're asking for when you want us all to be like you."

The guys high-five as they walk away, and Finn groans and slumps again his locker. Assholes, he thinks. However, what they said sort of makes him uncomfortable.

Someone might teach you what you're asking for...

Was that a threat?

Threatening what?

Finn shakes the thought away just in time from Kurt to sneak up from behind him. "Hello Finn."


Finn struggles to regain your composure, and Kurt looks... amused. "Graceful," he says. "Anyway, Dad just wanted me to pass the message on that you and your mother are invited for dinner. Dress nice. I'm making my famous organic pasta with avocado sauce – low-fat, of course."

"Great, more of your vegan girly crap," Finn grumbles before he can really think about it. Kurt looks... hurt. Shit.

"Oh, man, I'm sorry," he says. "I didn't mean... it's just, those guys were being assholes again, and I just did that thing where I take it out on you because they seem to think my gayness increases proportionally with how much you're in my life. And that whole taking it out on you thing has gone real bad in the past, so I'm gonna stop now. Really sorry, man."

There's a pause. "It's quite alright," says Kurt. "I did see, after all. Those guys are awful. Were they harassing you about anything specific this time?"

Finn shrugs. "Uh, just that underwear thing. I'm trying really hard to forget about it, and they really, really don't want me to."

"Bastards. Just because it was the stupidest idea ever had by anyone, doesn't mean they can torment you with it for the rest of your life," says Kurt. "I mean, I'm going to torment you with it for the rest of your life too. But that's different – I'm your little brother figure; it's kind of my job."

"Thanks, dude," says Finn. "Wait, aren't you actually two months older than me?"


Finn shrugs. "Alright then. I'd rather everyone pretend it never happened, but..."

"Well, I'm not going to complain too loudly, if that helps," says Kurt. "Admittedly my reasons are fairly selfish. Yeah, I know we're almost step-brothers and everything, but really? Finn Hudson in nothing but his underwear? I'm meant to have a problem with that?"

Finn just rolls his eyes.

The guys pour into the change room after practice, and no-one's really paying attention to each other. As far as Finn thinks, anyway, before he starts taking his shirt off – and yeah, he's kind of hiding behind one of the cubicle walls, so what?

"Look at Hudson," calls Azimio, making Finn's stomach churn in dread. "Stripping for us all yet again. What a surprise."

Finn's confused. "Dude. It's the change rooms. What am I meant to do?"

Azimio shrugs it off. "I'd just think – y'know, if you insist of showing off your faggot ass, I thought you wouldn't be shy about it. Seems kinda counterproductive, that's all."

Finn just looks down at the floor, mostly because he can't fight the accusation before figuring out what 'counterproductive' means. Dammit. Why couldn't Kurt have been right about those douches being borderline-illiterate.

"Fuck off, Azimio," says Puck, walking next to Finn slowly. "Just 'cause my bro here has the guts to show it off to everyone, and you're too repressed to admit you want his dumb ass, don't be a dick about it."

Azimio narrows his eyes at the two. "What is this?" he asks. "I'd expect you to be a bit more jealous when your boyfriend's getting naked, that's all."

"Don't worry," Puck says sarcastically, before he pulls Finn in close and wraps an arm around his waist. "I mean, obviously, we just do this exhibitionist thing sometimes. Right, schnookins?"

To highlight the ridiculousness off it, Puck leaned in and kisses Finn on the cheek. Everyone laughs, and Finn just rolls his eyes. Still, it's nice to have his once-and-sort-of best friend standing close to stick up for him when this guy is being an asshole. It's comforting – Puck has also been kind of an asshole about this sort of stuff in the past, and besides, Karofsky and Azimio and all their shit is really starting to bug him.

He's a total freaking girl for thinking that, huh?

Azimio just glares. "Fine," he says. "But could you two keep your faggotry away from the rest of us? Thanks."

"Wait, you know we're not actually..." Puck cuts Finn off with a nudge, before pulling away.

"Leave it alone, Hudson," he says. "It's probably that Karofsky's not putting out or something. Right?"

There is laughter and cat-calling, and Azimio just looks annoyed.

However, the door swings open.

"What in the hell is going on out here?" barked Coach Bieste from the door. "'Cause I know I'm pretty much not allowed in here for this bit, but if you boys don't get a move on I'm setting up and electric shock system. Hurry up."

She slams the door closed after her and everyone cracks up laughing. Finn doesn't really know what's so funny.

"Wow," says Azimio. "And my mom says I have testosterone issues – whaddaya think, boys? Overdose on her hormone pills or what?"

The crowd titters in laughter – Finn still doesn't think it's very funny. Some of them have the sense to look a bit ashamed of themselves. He kind of wants to stick up for her; confront Azimio about his bullshit and tell him to back off. 'Cause Bieste is kind of awesome, even if she kind of kicks him off the team for no real reason every once in awhile.

But he doesn't, mostly because... well, Azimio seems to have forgotten about him for now. And Finn isn't particularly eager to make the guy remember. Which is selfish and douchey, but whatever – these guys just will not leave him alone already.

When Finn gets to leave practice, he sure as hell isn't expecting to see Azimio leaning against his car door. How'd Azimio get back from practice so quickly anyway?

"...The fuck?" Finn asks, hesitating with the keys (well, button-thingy, but people still call them keys for some reason) in his hand. Azimio just smirks at him.

"Hey, Hudson," he says. " Don't get ideas – I'm not Mr. November in whatever homo calendar you keep in your basement. Just thought you might wanna talk."

Finn shakes his head, and presses the button to unlock the car door. "I really kind of don't." He tries to charge past Azimio, but the guy holds him off by the shoulders. "Come on, man," Finn whines. "I just wanna go home."

"Whatever," says Azimio, sneaking a hand behind him to pull the car door handle. He manages to knock Finn forward long enough to open it properly, and slide inside. He leans back against the gearstick, and he looks so damn comfortable. It makes Finn feel really freaked out – that's his car, and this guy doesn't have a right to just get inside without asking Finn in any way.

...Even if it was kind of stupid of him to unlock the door while Azimio was still leaning against it. Fuck.

"Okay, get out of my car," says Finn. "Please, man? What do you want, anyway?"

"You piss me off, Hudson; I thought you might wanna hear a bit more 'bout that," says Azimio.

"I just want my car back."

Azimio rolls his eyes. "You wanna know what my problem with you is? It's not that you're just a homo – not that that's not freaksome in itself, but – it's just, you're such a freaking slut about it."


"Seriously. At least Hummel just wears like, dresses and skirts and shit, and sometimes makes doe eyes when he thinks we won't all kill him. Kid knows how to cower in fear," Azimio says, smirking. Bullshit, thinks Finn. But the guy starts talking again before Finn has time to point out just how awesome Kurt is about dealing with their shit "But you... fuck, you think we don't see you? Getting naked in every fucking sport team? Hiding like we meant to seek? Stripping down in front of the whole school?"

Despite himself, Finn blushes. It's not like that. Azimio's making shit up because he's a dick.

"Back off already, okay?" says Finn. "Unless Puck was right about you secretly wanting me or whatever..."


Azimio ignores him, but yanks him down by the wrist.


"Look at you," he says. He doesn't sound mocking anymore – his voice has gotten dark and threatening, and now Finn's really freaking out. "You're just a little faggy whore, aren't you? Bet you'd take any cock you were offered. Maybe somewhat oughta test that theory, huh?"

Finn tries to force his hand free. "Come on, this isn't funny," he pleads. "I just wanna go home."

There's a long, awkward pause.

"Fine," says Azimio.

He lets go, pushes Finn back and stands up. He starts to walk off. "It's all yours, Hudson. Try not to jizz too hard on the seat just 'cause I sat there."

Finn ignores the insult, throwing himself in the car and slamming the door shut. He locks it and grips the steering wheel hard. Breathe, he tells himself. Breathe.

That was just Azimio being an asshole. No need to panic. He wouldn't do anything. Right?