Hello fans of fiction. So this is my first story so please go easy on my. Thanks sorry If this seams a little of character I will try better and reviews are really welcomed.

so this is a Beck/Cat story with probably some Tori/jade later. if you dont like that pairing let me know.

Summary- Cat is being abused by her boyfriend Will. can Beck help. and what is her terrible secret? (warning some self abuse and abuse on general)

(Cat's pov)

His fist slammed into my face for what felt like the millionth time. I cried out in pain but he ignored me. Finally he was done. He picked me up and made me stand on my feet.

" you better put some ice on that before any one sees it." Will said as he let go of my shoulders. "if only you would just listen to me then I wouldn't have to do this."

I looked up at his green eyes. There was a small peace of me that believed what he always says to me that I'm worthless and only he will love me. That was a small part of why I stayed with him. He was my safety net. And if I was honest with myself the only one that I knew truly loved me. But I was scared of leaving him. Not only my safety but the secret I was hiding from the world. Only he knew and if I broke up with him he was surely going to tell every one and I could not let that happen

I brushed a bright red strand of hair away from me before answering him.

" I promise I wont tell anyone tomorrow I will look normal as ever" I said trying to sound my cheery self.

He smiled at me with that smile that I knew meant that he was pleased. " Good now go clean your self up" he kissed my for a minute while I ignored the pain that the kiss gave me. After he walked away I ran all the way to my place.

Before I even got to the door I herd my parents yelling at my brother and at each other. I doubted that they would notice me come in they never do. But still I went to the back door. Once I got to my room I sprang for the shower and rinsed all the blood away from my body. The pain was getting almost unbearable so I got changed and crawled into bed. Befor I closed my eyes I looked at my phone.

Beck had texted my twice about the homework. I almost smiled at the thought of him. Almost.

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