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Rossetti's Romeo

"Inuyasha in Drag"

Chapter One

Dr. Ongaku's lecture could have been a how-to on roasting marshmallows over a Bunsen burner for all Kagome knew. His droll voice wavered in-and-out with each passing slide. They began class exploring Schoenberg's Twelve Tone Method, but she hardly knew the discussion now. Magically, her hand had a mind of its own. Her Bic pen scribbled untidily across her lined paper. Usually, she wasn't this distracted. The shrine maiden would even boldly admit that she had quite the high IQ. Music made sense to her. She had never had to struggle with concentration. Well, that was until he came into the picture. Sesshomaru Taisho, the most beautiful male ever to walk the earth, sat three seats in front of her. Instead of learning series music, Kagome found herself fantasizing about running her calloused fingers through his silver hair. He was the object of every woman's sexual fantasy. Not only was he gorgeous, but he played the piano like Apollo.

Every beautiful girl on campus pursued Sesshomaru. They flirted and flaunted their bodies in hopes of catching his attention. Luckily for Kagome, he wasn't the warmest guy around. With each passing class, she witnessed women burst into tears due to his rejection. One would think this would stop the female advances but it had the opposite effect. Kagome included herself in this population. With each cold decline, she found herself more infatuated. Call her a glutton for punishment. She didn't care. Of course, she never actually talked to him. Inuyasha would blow a gasket. Like a good little girl, she kept her thoughts to herself.

However, Kagome needed an outlet. At the rate her focus was dropping, she'd fail the mid-term. The professor announced that the first exam would be the most difficult. Groans passed daily throughout the class. If she wanted to pass, the priestess needed to do something. She had spent several nights pondering on how to go about this. Sesshomaru would never fall for a girl like her but maybe, he didn't have too. Having a secret admirer wasn't something new. If only she could just express herself in a harmless manner without being mortified. No one could know, not ever.

"Remember to finish your readings for tomorrow. We'll discuss who's the better composer: Stravinsky or Schoenberg. Have a good afternoon." Kagome barely caught the dismissal. Only when Sesshomaru rose from his seat and gracefully left the classroom, did she fall back down to reality. Wow, she needed to act quick. The miko waved a goodbye to Dr. Ongaku and headed back to the dorm. The crisp autumn air helped clear her thoughts. What would kindle Sesshomaru's interest? And even if she managed to find a token, how would she deliver it to him unnoticed? Kagome could feel a headache forming.

When she reached the main housing building, she noted its desertion. There were only a hand full of students wandering the halls. With a prolonged sigh, Kagome found her way to her shared room and flopped on her bed. Her onyx locks fanned across her crimson comforter. She stared at the dotted ceiling for a few minutes savoring her tiniest bit of sanity. That was how Sango found her. The brunette athlete quirked her eyebrow and crossed her arms. "What the hell is this," her roommate blurted. "You look like your cat just died. Wait, he didn't, did he?"

"Nope, Buyo is still alive and fat as ever," Kagome mumbled. "I'm just having a personal crisis. It's nothing to worry bout."

"Uh huh. Well," she smirked. "I have something to cheer you up! Miroku and I were making… were hanging out in the frat house and I found this!" Sango pounced on the bed and shoved a photograph in the miko's face. "Can you believe it!" Kagome plucked the picture from her fingers and busted out in laughter. There stood Inuyasha dressed in a tube top and a mini-skirt. Fish nets stretched across his legs and ended with hot pink pumps. His silver hair had been curled with a small curling iron leaving delicate ringlets. Someone had draped gaudy jewelry all over him. And to top it all off, his face was caked in makeup. He looked ready to give a guy a hand-job in a back of a van. This was priceless.

"Can I keep this?"

"Sure," Sango grinned. "I thought you would appreciate it. Inuyasha would shit twice and die if he knew something like that was roaming around. Can you imagine?" She laughed again. "I'm happy it cheered you up! Hey, do you want to go to Nomu tonight? I feel like grabbing a beer."

"I'd love too." Kagome really meant it. This photograph was pure gold. Sesshomaru would pay damn good money to see this. "Just let me get dressed and stuff?"

"Okay, I'll be back in…," Sango looked down at her watch, "thirty minutes? Miroku's waiting downstairs." The priestess saluted her best friend and pretended to head to her closet. "See you in a minute!" When she left, Kagome went straight to her desk. She grabbed a sharpie from the drawer and carefully wrote "Classic" on the bottom on the photograph. The miko looked down on her handy work and smiled. To cover her fib, Kagome threw on a different shirt and snuck downstairs.

Like earlier, no one was around. She silently power walked down the hall and stopped at Sesshomaru's door. Each room had a cork board nailed against the entry. Grabbing a bright yellow tack, Kagome stuck the photograph of Inuyasha on the cluttered mantle. There was no way he wouldn't see. Giving herself a mental high-five, the miko vacated the male floor and met up with her friends.

After five grueling hours of constant company, Sesshomaru finally broke free. It was quite absurd. To think women took his snarl as a token of affection. Utterly disgusting. To make matters worse, his detestable roommate followed him around all day taunting him. The whorish… what was her name? Kagura, he believed, attempted to grope his person. He nearly lost control then. The inu had no time to waste on pathetic females. His concert was a mere week away. Every ounce of his time was needed for rehearsal. If things continued towards this downward spiral, he was going to retreat home. A irritated sigh escaped his lips.

Somehow, he slipped away from his posse unnoticed. Sesshomaru used his demonic speed to retreat into his empty dorm room. Thankfully, the whole building was deserted. He slowed his pace while climbing the stairs.

When he finally reached his room, his golden eyes traveled their room's announcement board. Horrid splashes of perfume were mixed with the brightly colored paper. Party invitations, no doubt. "Let the wolf handle them." As he reached for the knob, he stopped. Stuck carefully in corner of the board was a picture of the hanyou. The imbecile was dressed like a prostitute posing for the camera. On the bottom of the photograph in woman's handwriting was the word "Classic". Sesshomaru took the picture and smirked. It seemed today wasn't too horrible.