Title: Substitutions.
Author: Heiwajima Shizuo.
Rating: T.
Warning: Swearing, innuendos, a little violence. Rating might go up too.
Summary: After angering Shizuo and getting into a fight with Tsugaru, Izaya and Psyche both switch universes. In the other universe, Izaya meets Tsugaru and in Izaya's universe, Psyche runs into a pissed off Shizuo. Although the informant and debt collector are known to hate each other, what will happen to their feelings after meeting their counter parts? Just what exactly will awaken within two of Ikebukuro's most dangerous?

Bonus Izaya's POV summary: One day I woke up somewhere with Shizuo. But this one was different, he wasn't in a bartender outfit and he didn't want to kill me. Instead, he loved me. Looking at the situation, this is finally my chance to be with the one I love without worrying about him killing me.

A/N: I seriously need to stop starting new fucking fics every 2 weeks -.- Anyways yeah. Hopefully you guys get what I'm going for, if not I'mma be really sad and I know that was shitty summary s: It gets better though, trust me. Now enjoy ~

"Hey, are you ok?"

Standing in what appears to be the inside of a dojo, a few feet away from me is Shizu-chan.

But wait, this can't possibly be him.

Why isn't he in his signature bartender outfit I've learned to run from? The black vest, black pants, and white shirt, what happened? Why doesn't he have a cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth? Where the fuck are sun glasses that he wears over his amber eyes that always burn with the desire to kill me?

What happened to all that?

And why in the world is he in that girly looking blue and white kimono?

Although I have to admit, he doesn't look all that bad in it, what in the world is going on? Just a few seconds ago I was running from the protozoan after I took his ice cream cone, and smashed it into mouth.

Thinking about it... Tsk. Tsk.

I said 'say awh'!


But anyways, after I laughed at Shizu-chan, who had some ice cream on his lips and cheek, I ran like hell. And of course, he chased after me both angry and with intentions of killing me.

The usual.

Then, I ran into a nearby park and stopped for a bit. I had to make sure he caught up or what would be the fun of losing him?

Finally, he found me and I ran into the part of the park where there were many trees. Luckily there was a little path in the middle of the little forest that I assumed lead to the other side of the park. When I heard the blonde debt colector's angry growl echo, I followed the trail. After that, it began getting dark and I decide to follow it and run.

But right before I was out of the forest, I hit my head against a branch.

Stupid tree. I was like what, 4 feet away from getting out?


Then, I woke up in the middle of some dojo with Shizu-chan.

And that ends the story of how the great Orihara Izaya

"Hello? Hey! Are you ok?" Shizu-chan says as he takes a step closer to me.

Oh shit. I almost forgot all about him.

As I take a step back, I grab my trusty pocket knife in my back pocket and hide it behind my back. Although it appears the protozoan is unharmed, and there are no vending machines or stop signs around, this idiot still has the strength to stop a move train.

With a sly smirk, I reply, "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I found you lying outside passed out."

Oh yeah. That.

"And then after I brought you back in, you woke up, screamed, and then ran away from me." The blonde bartender, minus the bartender outfit, says. Taking a few steps towards me, we are left with only 2 feet in between us.

"Sorry, that tends to happen when I'm around you." I say back smugly.

When he takes another step closer towards me, I bring my knife to his neck ready to slice.

Finally! Shizu-chan's head is mine!

Oh how I've waited for the day!

Taking one more step towards me, his lips part ready to talk. My, my, I wonder what the protozoan's last words will be.

'I am sorry for ever thinking I'd be able to kill someone as smart and sexy as Orihara Izaya.'

Oh! Oh! Maybe even,

'Stab me and cut me really hard!'

I wouldn't be surprised if he said the latter though. Every time I've slice him in the past, he never seems to mind. In fact, I'm pretty sure he likes it.

Haha! The protozoan might be a masochist!

Soon, my knife is above the man's shoulder a few inches from his neck.

Hurry and say something, Shizu-chan! If you don't, I'll never get to hear you call me sexy.

"I'm sorry."

Haha I knew you thought so, I—



Quickly. I stop my arm and hold in the urge to cut him.

Am I going crazy, or did he just say—

"I'm sorry, ok?" He says and my body freezes as I drop my knife, my most treasured possession making a small 'clang' as it hits the wooden floor beneath us.

With my hand still in the air, I blink and I suddenly feel something warm. For a second I stare eyes opened and paralyzed. Did he really just say—

"I'm sorry. I really am."

Wait—what's that around my waist?

My eyes widen when I am hit with the sudden realization that the thing around my waist is Shizu-chan's arms, and the warmth I am feeling is coming off of his chest against my own. And that weight I'm feeling on my left shoulder… that's his head—

Holy crap.

We really are hugging.

But since when did he hug me? I didn't even notice.

Wait—since when did he actually want to hug me?

If I do remember correctly, the closest thing he's ever done to hug me was tackle me in high school. Thank God Shinra tore him off of me. If he didn't, I'm pretty sure I'd be as dead as Shizu-chan's brain.

Brr… the thought of that gives me shivers.

With one arm over his shoulder and absentmindedly wrapped around his neck, the other hangs loosely to the side as I try to process what just happened.

Ok so he hugged me.

That much is clear.

My arm is also around his neck. It's the one that was still in the air after dropping my knife. And the only reason it's now wrapped around this brute's neck was that my instinct told me to.

Well that settles that.

Now I know why I'm semi-returning the embrace.

Sadly, I am clueless as to why Shizuo is holding me like this. In fact why the hell haven't I made a move to break free yet?

Soon, the weight on my shoulder is lifted and he positions his head so he can look me directly in the eyes. And suddenly, his eyes close and his moves his face closer to mine.

Is it just me, or does it sound like he's going to kiss me—

Oh my God—


Quickly, I break free of his hold and stumble onto my butt.

Although it feels like I've been butt fucked relentlessly by men on steroids, the pain is worth it seeing as I have a chance at running away from him. For all I know, he could've been planning to squeeze me until I ran out of air. Pretending that he was about to kiss me was a way of distracting me before BAM!

I am left with broke ribs, bleeding to death, as he squeezes whatever life I have left.

… Wow.

How emo of me.

Damn it, Izaya.

While on the ground, he kneels in front of me with a worried expression. With one hand on the ground for support, as he leans his face towards mine, his eyes are left half lidded. In a low, whisper-like voice, he says, "Look I'm sorry, please just…"

"What the? Hey Shiz—mmph!"

My eyes shoot wide open.

As I spoke Shizuo leaned forward, stuck his lips onto mine and slipped his tongue into my mouth. With his hot tongue in my mouth, I feel ashamed as I hold in a moan.

A few seconds pass and suddenly, I pull away remembering that this is Shizuo. Heiwajima Shizuo.

Oh my God.

"Are you ok?" He asks me as he leans his forehead against mine.

As I stare at him I realize something, his eyes…

"Hey Psyche, since when were your eyes red?"

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