"Do you make love to her, Edward?" She whispered in the darkness.

I stilled my fingers that were stroking the smooth, delicate skin on her naked back as she lay across my chest.

"Answer me. Do you make love to your…wife?" Her voice trailed off at the last word.

"Don't do this now. Please, Bella. We only have a few more hours." I finally responded, kissing the top of her head then stroking her hair.

"I want to know. When… when was the last time?"

Reacting to the heavy change in mood, we both shifted and sat up slowly. She stared at me intently…searching. Her eyes glistened in the faint moonlight streaming through the sheer curtains.

"A few months ago," I answered honestly, keeping my promise to never lie to her.

"A few? Before or after Florida?" She leaned in close, placing her hand on my cheek reassuringly as she knew the answer was difficult to divulge.


She closed her eyes and tears spilled silently down her cheeks. When she met my gaze again, her look was desolate. This was not the accomplished, compassionate and confident woman…the absolute center of my existence. Instead, I was staring at an empty, bare and shattered shadow of who she was. The change was gradual, it was at my hand and only I could heal it. My own tears threatened as I patiently watched her process the reality of my admission.

Suddenly she straddled my lap and began frantically grinding against my cock. Her hands grasped the back of my neck and her hot mouth was on mine intensely and desperately licking, nipping and pulling. I tasted the bitter salt of her tears on our swollen lips.

"Bella don't, not like this." I tried to calm her, but she continued to move her hips hoping for a reaction.

"Please Edward… It's all I have." She pleaded as evidence of her sorrow continued to trickle down her beautiful, pale face.

I never denied her the physical solace she sought. Comforting and protecting her was innate to me, especially since Sam died. But this was different. It was obvious now she'd reached the end and finally had enough of our charade.

I wound my right hand into the silky strands of her thick hair and my left hand made its way around her supple body grasping and pulling her towards me while she desperately guided me into her scorching heat. Her mouth opened slightly as she began to increase the pace of her movements.

She reached behind me grabbing the iron headboard to steady herself as she moved to an almost frenzied rhythm. Her firm nipples grazed my chest as she slid up and down roughly against me. Anger and frustration seeped through her every pore. I grabbed her hips to slow and soothe her, but she resisted. Leaning towards my ear she breathed,

"Does Lauren fuck you hard like this? Tell me baby. Does she even know what you like?"

I squeezed her soft flesh tight enough to stop her. We stared knowingly into each others damp eyes for a long, weighted moment. I shook my head, looked away and lifted her off of my lap.

She furiously ran her hands through her hair and grabbed the sheet around her body. When she scooted down to the end of the bed to stand up, I reached for her arm. She pulled it away forcefully.

"Bella, this is not who we are. Look at you, you're shaking."

"Yes, Edward… Look at me!" She screamed, turning around. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up in front of her.

"I'm a thirty year old widow, madly in love with my best friend who happens to be a married man. I've loved you for a lifetime, but you've never been mine."

She reached for me as her shouting morphed into an agonizing whisper, "I want to wake up to your gorgeous face and have sex before the sun rises. I want to make your favorite dinner and pour your favorite wine. And I want to listen to you read fairytales to our babies every single night for the rest of our lives."

A familiar pain tore through my chest as I listened to her. She was broken from the past, needing our new beginning. She deserved so much more than a year of clandestine traveling and late night phone calls. She'd consumed me since I was eighteen years old. I'd loved her as long as she'd loved me and then some. I wrapped my arms around her tiny, trembling body and laid her back on the bed underneath me.

"Please stop leaving me," she begged and wrapped her legs around my waist as I pushed into her.

I framed her face with my hands, running my thumbs underneath her jaw. Pressing my forehead to hers, I thrust into her long, deep and hard; filling her completely with the body and soul that belonged only to her.

"It was supposed to be us…" Bella whimpered against my lips.

"I know, baby. I know."


This will be a love story as told by Edward.

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