Author's note:

Well, I just wanted to say, THANK Y'ALL FOR READING AND LIKING IT! ^^

And, I've been getting a lot of questions about the beagle, Kairi. Well, if you really wanna know why I didn't add her in the last chapter, Epilogue, is because she's going to be in my next story, His Decision. You're not going to see her a whole bunch, but she will randomly appear. ^^

And I know at least one of y'all is thinking this, 'If Kairi will be in the next story, will it be like a sequel?' Well, to answer that one person's question, whoever it might be . . . o.o, yes, yes it will be a sequel, I just got lazy and never mentioned that XP

Well . . . I guess that's all I wanted to say, :/ Oh, there is one more thing, You should really read the next story! It won't be as good as this story, but it's going to be interesting! The first chapter is HORRIBLE, but most first chapters are. o.o

So, talk to y'all laters!