For youcanreachthestar's Emotion Challenge

Emotions: Pity, Excitement and Satisfaction

"I pity Rose," I told Erica one day as we walked to potions.

She stopped. "Why?"

"Because she has to fall in love with Scorpius Malfoy," I answered.

"Says who?" Erica inquired.

"Says the laws of love," I replied. "It's that forbidden romance you always talk about; the one in those Muggle stories you always read. The boy falling for the girl and the girl falling for the boy despite the fact that they can't be together, and even though they face so many hardships, their love drives them through the difficulties."

Erica laughed. "The forbidden love of the century, eh? That doesn't mean anything, though."

"And her dad jinxed it," I added.

"How?" she asked.

"The first year she went to Hogwarts. Her dad told her: Don't get too close to him and Make sure to beat him in all your exams." I laughed as well. "Of course Rose is going to fall for Scorpius. That's why I pity her."

"So you pity the person who has to date Malfoy, right?" Erica pressed.

"That person's going to be Rose," I persisted.

"I dunno," Erica murmured. "Maybe you should pity yourself; I think you fancy him and that's why you care so much about who he dates."

"That's not true!" I squeaked.

Of course, it was as good as a confession. I should pity myself; I like him so much. It hurts to think about him and how I could never be with him because stupid Uncle Ron jinxed it. In fact, I do pity myself. I also pity the fact that I inherited Uncle Ron's signature trade mark; my ears turn red when I'm embarrassed.

Erica laughed at me. "Don't tell me that, Roxie. Your ears are red, Weasley!"

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