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Prompt: Haunted

Another month passed and still I wasn't pregnant. As soon as I had felt that all too familiar ache in the small of my back I started to cry. It just didn't seem fair. It also didn't help that Rose had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, and it was all I could do to hold it together while at the hospital.

Plastering a smile on my face I walked with Edward into her room where she was cooing at a little bundle of blankets. "Hey guys," she whispered, her face never leaving that of her child. "Thanks for coming to see us."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," I told her, leaning over the bed to look and see the baby ensconced within the blankets. She had a headful of black curls and a small dimple on her chin, instantly melting my heart.

"Wanna hold her?" Rose asked, offering her up to me, but I could see the hesitance in her eyes. She wouldn't be offended if I said no, but I did want to cradle my niece.

Taking her into my arms I looked down in wonder at the little person who had just joined our lives, and was surprised to see her looking right back at me. "You didn't see any other babies waiting to come down did you?" I asked her with a laugh. "Surely someone up there wants us as a mommy and daddy?"

"Bella," Edward said, wrapping an arm around me in comfort, "they'll come when the time is right. We just need to be patient."

A tear slipped down my cheek as I nodded. I knew he was right but patience wasn't my strong suit. It didn't help that Jessica and Mike had gotten married a month ago, only to find they were expecting a honeymoon baby. Or as my mother always said, "Those first children can come any time, all the rest take nine months."

"So how does it feel to have a haunted baby?" Edward asked as Emmett entered the room.

"Haunted? You mean because she was born on Halloween?" Emmett laughed while Rose glared at him. "It just means we get off easy the first few years. Why buy a birthday cake when all the town's giving her candy?"

"Emmett!" Rose hissed, "We will do no such thing!"

The baby jumped and scrunched up her face at the sound so I began rocking and cooing at her. She had fallen off to sleep but was now looking at me again until she let out a big yawn, stretching her tiny fists above her head and making Rose and I 'Awe', which in turn made the guys roll their eyes.

"Stop that, babies are wonderful," I fussed at Edward, making him laugh.

"They poop, eat and sleep, what's so wonderful?" I stared at him, incredulous, until he put up his hands. "Now hear me out. I prefer it when they can run, jump and play. I have nothing against babies, you just have to go through that in order to get them to the fun stage."

Now it was Rose and I rolling our eyes. "Fine, when they're running like screaming banshees, you'll get them," I laughed, knowing it wasn't a threat. I had seen him playing with Emmett and Rose's kids, and he loved nothing more than when they all piled on top of him, pretending to tackle the monster.

"So when you guys going on the sex cruise?" Emmett asked while settling in a chair, placing himself strategically out of hitting range of Rose.

"Emmett!" the three of us cried at once, making him laugh.

"What? You're going so you can make one of those, right?" he asked, pointing at his new daughter. "Therefore, a sex cruise. Gotta say that's not a bad way to spend a vacation!"

"Have you been tracking your temperature?" Rose asked. She had told me how it changes in the morning and could be used to predict ovulation. The down side was that you needed to take it rectally before you even got out of bed.

"Yes, she has, and won't let me help," Edward complained. He was lucky my arms were full of baby. Upon seeing my face he reacted similarly to Emmett. "What? It's a little strange to wake up in the morning and snuggle my wife only to find a thermometer in her backside."

"Almost as fun as being the one who gets to wake every morning and put it there," Rose quipped, reaching for her daughter who was now fussing. "Now, Edward, unless you want an eyeful of boob, why don't you take Emmett to get some food while I feed this one?" As soon as the first button on her top opened he was dragging his brother from the room.

"Still nothing, huh?" Rose said, deftly helping her little one latch on to begin feeding. She sighed when I shook my head. "Remember, the doctors won't even talk to you until it's been at least two years that you've been trying. So, go on your vacation, relax, and have a good time, knowing you might not come back with a baby."

"Way to be supportive, Rose," I said, sarcasm lacing my voice.

"Just don't want you to get your hopes up if nothing happens, Bella," she said, reaching over to squeeze my hand. I nodded, knowing she was right, but it was hard to keep perspective when you saw a fourteen-year-old walk by at nine months along. After all, I had done everything right, gone to school, gotten a job, gotten married, was doing this in the right order, so why not me?

"Hey," Rose said, getting my attention. "I'm serious, don't stress over this. What's the worst that can happen? You don't get pregnant, then what?"

"I don't know," I admitted, reaching up to hold my niece's foot. "Adopt, I guess. We haven't really discussed it."

"Make yourself a plan, Bella. No baby in two years, see a specialist. Two or three years after that, consider adoption. Remember, there are loads of kids out there who need parents."

Meeting her gaze I let her see how confused I was. "It's next to impossible to adopt a baby, Rose. They're either being aborted or the teen moms are keeping them."

"I wasn't referring to those kids, Bella," she said, shifting her daughter to her shoulder to burp. "Be willing to think a little older. You may not get the baby you crave, but you'll be giving a needy child a good home."

That was something I hadn't considered. As I thought about it the rest of the family came into the room, congratulating the new mom and distracting me from the conversation.

I know, it cut off a bit abruptly. I was really busy last weekend!