Darkwing Who?

Chapter 1: Mr. Krabs' Business Plan

It was a typical day on a Sunday where Spongebob was helping out his friend Sandy Cheeks cleaning up her tree dome getting ready for winter. As Spongebob came across a photo, he noticed something odd about it which the sponge brought it to his friend.

"Hey Sandy, who the heck is this?" asked Spongebob who showed Sandy a picture of a duck in an odd costume, "Is this a friend from a Halloween ago?"

"No silly, his name is Darkwing Duck" replied Sandy, "I was on my way to a science convention in St. Canard, when some no good varmints attempted to kidnap me and demand me to do science for evil."

"Did you fight them off?" asked Spongebob.

"Oh, it was quite a battle, I could have taken them all on if I wanted, that is until he appeared with his fancy smoke" continued Sandy.

"Whoa, did he help you finish off the last one?" asked Spongebob.

"Yep, and I even got this as an autograph of him" added Sandy referring to the photo.

"Wow, wait until Mr. Krabs hears about this at work tomorrow!" said Spongebob.

It was soon Monday for Spongebob, as he went to the Krusty Krabs, while Mr. Krabs was busy in his office doing the usual money counting, Spongebob decided to announce what he just had heard the other day from Sandy.

"Hey Mr. Krabs!" cried Spongebob in an obnoxious scream.

"This better be a good reason why you disrupted me from counting me money" replied Mr. Krabs.

"Oh but it is, it really, really, really, really, really, really, really is" continued Spongebob.

"Well, out with it boy" continued Mr. Krabs.

"Have you ever heard the hero known as Darkwing Duck?" asked Spongebob.s

"No, and I don't know what the heck is a duck either" replied Mr. Krabs.

"Well, he's the one who helped save Sandy who made an entrance with his fancy smoke, mirrors and the entire magic-like show!" laughed Spongebob.

"Really?" asked Mr. Krabs who became somewhat interested, "Where does the fella live?"

"In a place known as St. Canard" replied Spongebob.

"Hmm, it seems my earnings are a bit low, this Darkwing Duck might be the right gimmick to get that revenue into the Krusty Krab" continued Mr. Krabs, "boy, I want you to take this as part of your job to advertise about this Darkwing Duck coming to Bikini Bottom."

"Can I also ask Patrick for help?" asked Spongebob.

"Yeah, sure as long as he isn't paid" replied Mr. Krabs.

It didn't take long before Spongebob was out and about having posters of this Darkwing Duck in his inventory ready to place them on anything and everything in Bikini Bottom. He then noticed Patrick trying to not fall asleep while on a bench.

"Hey Patrick!" said Spongebob, "Want to help me put up these posters about Darkwing Duck?"

"Maybe, just who is he?" asked Patrick.

"Only one of the greatest land crime fighters" replied Spongebob.

As both Spongebob and Patrick continued to put up posters of Darkwing Duck, the posters caught the eyes of Barnacle Boy as he noticed that the posters were just about everywhere.

"Hey, what's going on here?" cried Barnacle Boy.

"We're putting up posters of Darkwing Duck, the world's greatest land crime fighter, while you and Mermaid Man are still the best crime fighters under the sea" replied Spongebob.

"I've never heard of this Darkwing Duck" said Barnacle Boy.

"He appears like a genie does!" added Patrick.

"Well, glad you have another hero to pester" said Barnacle Boy who obviously didn't seem to be jealous.

After both Spongebob and Patrick had turned Bikini Bottom into a wasteland with the posters of Darkwing Duck, they headed toward Sandy's place where she was waiting for them.

"So you really want to go to the surface and see this Darkwing Duck?" asked Sandy.

"Yeah, yeah we do" replied Spongebob.

"I want to see the genie!" added Patrick.

"Alright, you will need your own water suits for this one" replied Sandy, "they just act like my air suit, except it's for water."

Sandy then showed them the submarine they will be traveling in.

"Wow, this is pretty fancy" said Patrick.

"All the necessary equipment that will get you to the surface, find St. Canard and bring Darkwing Duck back here" said Sandy.

"Come on Patrick, we haven't a moment to lose!" said Spongebob as he headed into the submarine.

"Yeah, buttons, buttons, buttons!" cried Patrick as he headed into the submarine following Spongebob.

Yet what the two didn't really noticed was that the submarine itself was on autopilot, and Sandy had already put in the coordinates for St. Canard.

"Those two can't screw up this one" said Sandy as she was letting the submarine out of the tree dome through a hatch on its roof.

"Wow, we're moving, we're moving!" laughed Spongebob.

"I hope we get to meet the genie!" laughed Patrick.

While the submarine carrying Spongebob and Patrick were heading toward St. Canard, meanwhile in the very city in question, Darkwing Duck's own hideout had been raided by the notorious NegaDuck and the rest of the Fearsome Five.

"I can't believe we never bothered to look for this place here before" said Megavolt.

"It's kind of like we have always been right under his hideout, but we never had known about its location" added Liquidator.

"Of course you idiots never bothered to notice it, it's because you didn't have me as a leader before" laughed NegaDuck, "when Darkwing Duck's sidekick Launchpad comes in with Gosalyn, we grab them both! He won't harm us, knowing that his closest friends are in danger."

"Wow, that's a great plan NegaDuck" said Bushroot who was sucking up to his boss.

"And what better way then I should be able to look the part in hoodwinking them to believe that I am Darkwing Duck" laughed NegaDuck as he headed to change his costume.

It was just then that the submarine carrying Spongebob and Patrick had just arrived right under the bridge.

"Wow, we're here already?" asked Patrick as he noticed the location was pin pointed to St. Canard on the computer console.

"Sandy also said that this Darkwing Duck is allegedly hides away in St. Canard's bridge" replied Spongebob.

"Yeah, we get to meet the genie!" added Patrick with excitement.

Yet what the two didn't know was they were about to foil a sinister scheme hatched by NegaDuck.