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A bright light blinded Lelouch when he slowly opened his eyes. He let his vision adjust. The first thing that caught his attention was the green haired girl that was hovering over him.

"C.C.!" Lelouch scrambled away from her and looked around, "What the-?" He was in a room, much like the luxurious room that he had in the Black Knight headquarters.

"Well, that wasn't very nice" C.C. pouted.

Lelouch was shocked. He was totally speechless. How was he alive? Wasn't Suzaku supposed to kill him with the Zero Requiem? Was Nunnally alright? Many other questions sped through his mind. Then he thought, "What about Kallen?" He breathed for a moment, letting his heart rate drop. Then he turned to C.C.

"How am I alive?" Lelouch asked.

Offended, C.C. replied, "I had nothing to do with it if that's what you're asking."

"Then how am I alive?" Lelouch demanded.

C.C. just hugged her Cheese-kun and whispered, "You've become immortal."

Lelouch just stared at her. No words could come from his mouth. Minutes which felt like eternities passed. Finally he quietly asked, "How?"

C.C. just shrugged and said, "It must have been when we were in the world of C."

"I see." Lelouch's expression softened slightly. His eyes shifted and slowly scanned the room he was in, and then he asked, "Where are we?" C.C. seemed to be waiting for the question and immediately replied, "An underground base in Japan."

"How'd you get me here?" Lelouch asked suspiciously.

C.C. just indifferently said, "When I went to check on your body, I found that you had the mark of the code on your back."

"So I just moved you to one of your secret underground bases."

"Why didn't you move me to Britannia?" Lelouch asked. There was no reason to ask that, but when he died Lelouch wanted to be buried in Britannia.

"Which is easier? Moving a body a mile or a thousand miles?" C.C. asked sarcastically. Lelouch glared at her for a moment, but he soon stopped and scanned the room again. The TV and laptop caught his eye.

Lelouch stood up and went over to a TV. He turned it on and channeled through until he got to the news. Milly was on and there was a parade going on behind her.

"It has been a month since the death of the Demon Emperor. People all around the world are still celebrating the event," Milly said with what looked like an unhappy expression. A month. He had been unconscious for a month. He looked at the TV screen again and saw the Black Knights on a float.

Lelouch searched the float and found all of the members of the original Black Knights except Kallen. He turned to C.C. "What's happened in the time that I've been dead?"

End of Chapter 1 (Revised)

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