Touma grumbled as he slipped into his shoes- Index hadn't come back yet, despite it being really close to dinner time. An Index who wasn't hungry, was an Index that was probably an impostor- or it was one of his few good fortunes that seemed to use up all of his fortune for a year, and bad fortune would quickly strike.

He slipped out the door, leaving just in time to miss the panting, wheezing, ready to kill, red-haired magician as he finally managed to shake off a little teacher loli. The magician took a deep breath as he knocked at the door- and only got silence instead.

Touma didn't even bother to look back at the shout of rage- it sounded like Stiyl, and the last thing he needed was an angry magician after his rear for not knowing where Index was.

Silently he took out his mobile phone, and pressed the buttons for Index's phone.

"This number is currently not available-"


The cry hung in the air, as Touma considered pulling his hair out. His head hung, and with a sigh, he resigned himself to walking around the city until he found the nun, or she called him back. Really- why couldn't she remember how to properly use a phone? She had all of those grimgores, so why?

With a low growl, he stormed off towards the park. Really, he was just going to start where he knew Index had visited once before, and work his way out from there. She wouldn't have gone to his school seeming how nobody would be there at this point in time.

Frowning, he touched his cellphone again within his pocket. Would Index call him? He sighed, rubbing the back of his head.

Well, no sense in worrying about it for now. Index had to be around here, and at least if he was out and about, looking for Index he was unlikely to run into Accelerator.

No sooner had that thought been processed, then bad luck decided that it was to show herself.

He ran into a certain short haired, biribiri middle school student, shaking in anger. "you."

"Yo! Biribiri!"

"HOW DARE YOU JUST RUN OFF AND LEAVE ME!" A high-charged voltage jumped from the middle of her forehead, heading directly for him. His hand jerked up automatically.


The lightening vanished as she trembled in fury. "You- Do you have any idea of how much trouble I got into? It was lucky that Kuroko was nearby because she teleported me out before Anti-skill could start arriving! Don't you know-"

Touma growled back in response, pointing a finger at her. "It was your own fault! You were the one that exploded the four! See! Look! My hand is still burnt!"

Touma waved the hand at her face, and she went bright red, stuttering, "W-W-Well, it's your own fault anyways! If you would stop skipping out on our fights-"

"I don't have time for this! A certain silver-haired nun is currently lost in Academy city and I have to be the one who goes looking for her! Argh, darn it all! I don't have time for this!"

The teen began to walk past the girl, heading deeper into the city, when Mikoto raised her hand, a ball of lightning forming within it. "I SAID FIGHT ME!"

Touma took off running, dodging electric attacks.

Such misfortune!

Index contemplatively stared at the burger in front of her. Last Order had called on one of the Sisters to provide some money for them to go eat at a restaurant, as well as keep an eye on Accelerator as she at last gave him back his thoughts.

Said Albino was of course storming around the city, looking for her. Last Order cheerily sipped at her drink, as she finished laying out the plan. Index nodded as she took a bite of her twenty-second hamburger.

The Sister accompanying them looked slightly panicked as she stared at her wallet. It was rapidly growing thin, and soon she would need to either limit the nun's eating, or she would have to call upon others from the network.

… Limiting the nun sounded good. "There is little money left, so food funds may be limited, Misaka points out while hoping you would accept the excuse."

"Wha-? No fair! Nergh, and I'm not full yet."

Misaka's head tilted away as she said, "Feeding said subject completely full would be impossible."


"Nothing Misaka reassures lightly, while smiling through gritted teeth."

The two women sneered at each other. Many of the Network were absolutely heartbroken that Kamijou Touma might just be gay- and horrified at the thought that Accelerator of all people was being considered a likely candidate.

But if this was for the good of the savior…

Index bit into her hamburger, while complaining, "Touma being Touma will probably ignore all hints or misinterpret them as something else. Even knowing that Accelerator likes him won't do anything- he'll just ignore it."

"Hmm, that is a problem, Misaka Misaka says while contemplating the problem. But according to dating advice from books that the Misaka Network has picked up, the basis to all relationships is spending time together!"

Last Order and Index glanced at each other, and looked out the window, to where no doubt Touma and Accelerator were looking for them. "So…" Index began, before grinning. "Do you want to stay over at Touma's place for the night?"

Last Order nodded eagerly in response, a hand shooting up in the air. "Perfect idea! While we wait there for darkness to fall, we can plan everything out! Misaka cheers eager to share her ideas."

Touma wheezed for breath as he leaned against the rough brick walls. He had finally managed to loose Misaka Mikoto, but only after running through a series of back alleyways that would probably confuse even Index.

So for now, he had absolutely no idea where he was. Still wheezing for breath, he exited the alleyway, and onto a main street. Curious, he glanced around, trying to find some sort of landmark, or something he could recognize. Well, over there he could spot the building where he met that bow magician and where Index had been kidnapped once more.

Okay, now he recognized where he was. Touma straightened all the way with one deep breath. Now all he had to do was start visiting each and every restaurant and ask for a silver-haired nun.

"Gahh, it's going to be a pain in the rear to visit each and every restaurant…" Touma mumbled aloud, a depressed aura falling onto him for a few seconds, before his hand clenched and he looked up with set forward eyes.

He took one decisive step forward onto the street, forgetting to look before exiting out of the alleyway.

To both his surprise, and the surprise of another, he walked straight into another person, and sent the both of them head-over-heels. "Ow-ow-ow- what just happened?"

Touma awkwardly stirred from where he had landed on top of the other, hand slowly coming to his head as he looked down.

And completely panicked.


The albino groaned as his eyes shot open, and wide, startled blue eyes stared into snarling red eyes. "W-What do you think you're doing!"

Accelerator instinctively snapped on his choker, and gestured. A blast of wind knocked the other back, and Touma brought his hand down sharply. Piang!

The wind stopped, and Touma dropped to the ground, three feet away. Accelerator bounced to his feet easily, as Touma brought his right hand up ready to block any attack.

All thoughts of him being the one Accelerator had meant when he said he had liked someone were wiped from his head- it was obvious that Accelerator didn't like him, and in fact hated him. Touma blinked as Accelerators hand rose, waiting for the attack.

To his surprise then, Accelerator clicked the choker off, and grabbed his cane from the ground. "So, it's you."

"Yo! Accelerator! I guess this means we're not going to fight?"

Accelerator smirked, hand stealing to his choker, and Touma backed up, babbling apologies profusely.

Accelerators eyebrow rose… this was the hero? While he knew that teen didn't go around knocking everyone out, or anything, it didn't seem to be in his nature either to so easily give in. Or apologizing. "So, this is how you really are?"

"Eh, huh?" The head cocked at him quizzically, and Accelerator could feel anger building up- just how dense was this person?

"Erm…" Touma straightened up from his fighting crouch. "Actually- I'm looking for a silver-haired nun. You wouldn't of happened to of seen her, would you?"

Grack! Accelerator twitched slightly. So the nun he had fed earlier was the one related to this hero! What was he supposed to do now?

"Last Order grabbed her by the hand and took off running."

"… Last Order? Ah, that tiny girl that looks like Misaka Mikoto? I remember her!" Touma blinked, looking at Accelerator curiously. "Are you the one taking care of her?"

The albino wondered how the other teen would react if he said yes- not believe him, refuse to accept it and beat him up? Either way… Red eyes met blue ones squarely as Accelerator said a simple word. "Yes."

Touma stare back into his eyes for a few moments, before grinning. "Good."

There was no condemnation encompassed in that single word, and Accelerator felt an weight lifting, as Touma looked up at the sky, and unexpectedly brought a loosely clenched fist on top of a flat palm. "That's right! I remember- the second time we fought… the girl you were protecting was that Last Order, right?"

Accelerator nodded before tsking. "That brat ran off."

"Yeah- but if she ran off with Index, then they couldn't of gotten far- we should start looking for the nearest restaurants."

"Index? Is that the trouble-rising nun's name?"

"Oh, you met her? Ah! Were you the one who gave her that pack of tissues the first day I met Last Order?"


The two stared at each other, wondering how exactly they had managed to miss each other in the shopping center, before Touma sighed. It wasn't that hard to believe after all. Accelerator began storming towards the nearest restaurant. "Come on, let's get this over with."

The two wandered down the streets, looking into each restaurant.

Along the way, Accelerator learned something very important about Touma; the teen was the type of person who'd rather run away when it came to confrontation unless he could help it- also, he was the person haunted by bad luck.

Accelerator had lost count of the times Touma managed to get hit, thwacked, or otherwise hurt in space of two hours. Really- who the heck had flowerpots on their windowsill anymore? And who actually carried long planks of wood down a empty street and manage to hit the single person going down the same street? And why were there convenient puddles of water for cars to speed through and splash onto a person walking near the street?

Even as Accelerator watched, Touma easily stepped over a ball, and continued walking on- only to have a chance wind blow the ball right back underneath his feet. "How on earth does this guy survive?"

There was no physical answer- but as Touma slowly picked himself off the ground, his phone began to ring.

"Huh? Hello?" Touma pressed the buttons to answer the phone, even as Accelerator drifted closer, wondering who would be calling at this time.


Accelerators head jerked up, as his eyes narrowed at the spiky-haired boy beside him. "Wait, what? Last Order is with you? Oy- you two- OI! Why can I hear eating in the background? What do you mean your hungry? I've been out here searching for you for hours!"

The phone went dead, and Touma closed it angrily. "Last Order and Index are back at my apartment cleaning out the fridge."

All the anger in the other boy whooshed out in a large sigh, and he sighed, "Such misfortune," before turning and pointing. "My home is that way."

Accelerator simply nodded and trotted after him.

The walk there was surprisingly misfortune free. They didn't run into anything, and nothing ran into Touma. Somehow, Touma could feel that misfortune was just building up, waiting to strike at the worst possible moment.

The ten story apartment rose into view, and Touma stepped onto the lift, pressing the eight button.

Instead of sticking like it normally did- it worked.

A dark aura was beginning to gather around Touma, as he wondered just what was going on. What sort of misfortune was he going to face-

He opened his apartment door, mouth opening to automatically say, "I'm home!" when the scene registered itself.

The entire room was completely and totally trashed. Sheets had been pulled off the bed and rigged into a tent, the small table moved, the mattress dragged onto the ground in the sheet tent, cans lay littered around in various positions, the books were stacked semi-neatly in piles on the corners of the tent-

Two smiling faces poked out of the tent, smiling sweetly up at him. "Welcome home Touma!"

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