Touma yawned sleepily as his head rested against the desk. He had left behind food for his unexpected guests (and no, he so wasn't thinking about what it was like sleeping next to Accelerator) and what he hoped was enough food for Index.

He was slightly surprised that his morning had been as lucky as it had been so far. He would've personally thought that he wouldn't of been able to get up that morning in time to properly cook anything- instead he even had a bento. "Sock Unfolded Speed Drift will now take place in the hallways! Everyone ready?"

The answering roar shook the windows with its ferocity. Touma, curious, stood up to go walk outside when the door slammed open violently.

A frazzled looking Komoe-sensei stood in the doorway, carrying a stack of papers almost as big as she was. "Ah- Komoe-sensei- Hinegami! And… Yomikawa? It's not your turn to teach class so why are you-"

"Actually, I came here to drop off notes for the substitute teacher." The woman smirked as she hefted a large envelope, filled with papers. "I have Anti-skill work unfortunately."

As she waved the envelope, a picture fluttered out, landing face up on the floor. Touma bent down to scoop up the picture- it was the picture of a young girl, no more then twelve to fourteen hears old. She had wide blue eyes, and short blond hair. "Huh? Who's this?"

"Wannai Maaya." Yomikawa paused, before smirking, "You wouldn't happen to know her, would you?"

Maybe once upon a time he did, but he no longer did. He shook his head in response to her question as he handed the picture back. "Did she get into trouble?"

"Ha- it would be nice if that was true. She is suspected of being kidnapped and consorting with some darker elements of Academy City. Really…" Yomikawa was about to go on, when another roar from the hallway drowned out the words.

Instead of a roar of approval, this was a roar of fear. "It's the Principal! Run!" "Quickly, it's Fukiyose next to him!"


At the dreadful proclamation of seeing the girls' forehead- only seen when she was serious- the door was opened, and students swarmed into the classroom, sweeping the teachers off their feet, and Touma found himself inexplicably crushed among the girls.

Out the door he could see more students running down the hallway in their socks, before using their socks like ice-skates to go fast.

One of the espers, probably a level two, gestured to the ground, and the people started going faster.

A cheer rose up from the escaping students- before they slammed into an wall, unable to turn fast enough. Fukiyose kept marching forward, principal right next to her, both about to bring down wrath upon the students heads. Komoe flailed among the packed students, and a few of the boys drooled as they said sweetly, "Komoe-sensei, are you alright?"

Touma groaned slightly, wondering if a certain somebody was having a much better day then him.

Accelerator didn't know how this happened. One moment he had been arguing with the nun about why she wasn't going with them, then next moment, he was out and walking along the street with the nun and Last order laughing and talking with each other.

The two girls practically ran circles around each other in their boundless energy, and the small cat perched on top of the nun's head meowed pitifully every now and then. Accelerator solemnly swore that no matter what, he was going to get the nun out as soon as possible-

It was very likely the other boy would go looking for the girl, and it wasn't like the nun had a cellphone-

The nun pulled out the cellphone from somewhere on her person, and began to exchange numbers with Last Orders own, glossy cellphone. The two girls grinned at each other, before turning to Accelerator with sparkling eyes.

Accelerator wondered if he was soon going to go broke.

"Ne~ Accelerator~" The nun sang out his name, as she and Last Order pointed to a vending machine. "Drink."

"No." Accelerator kept on walking, aiming to go right behind them. Maybe if he kept on walking they'd give up and let him sleep in peace on a couch back at the apartment.


Accelerators heart nearly stopped beating when he heard the nuns stomach growl in hunger. Really? She had eaten just before they had left! "Grr- How on earth can you be hungry all of the time?"

Accelerator roared this at the girl, even as he tossed a note at them. Index caught it skillfully, before approaching the machine. Her mouth puckered into a frown, and she cautiously looked at the machine. "Buttons, buttons, buttons-"

Accelerator scoffed. "Haven't you ever used a vending machine before? How silly can you get?"

Index turned around, arms flailing, "I've only ever heard about them! I don't think I've ever actually used one except for once when I met Hyouka, but Hyouka told me the proper way to use them." Index paused, and turned back around.

"I may have used them before, but since I don't remember anything for a year ago, it doesn't matter."

"You don't remember anything?" Accelerator sounded slightly skeptical, and Index nodded seriously.

Her back was to him, but instead of her usual bouncy tone, instead she had a softer, much more solemn tone. "I met Touma for the first time when I was being chased and nearly killed. They were going after the 103000 grimgores I have. Touma stopped them from erasing my memory again."

So… this child had their memory continuously erased? It would make sense for the boy to act to save her- Last Order grabbed Index by the hem of one of her sleeves, tugging hard. "But you can remember everything now, right? Misaka Misaka states worriedly, hoping that no more memory loss will occur."

Index grinned as she finally fed the bill to the machine and pressed the button. "Of course not! Touma took care of it all."

And just like that, the hero took another step above where he could reach. Index pressed the button a second time. A third time. "IT'S NOT WORKING?"

"Really? Misaka Misaka inquires as she jumps up eagerly to press the button! Whoa! You're right! Misaka Misaka shouts as she presses the button multiple times. Perhaps if I shock it like onee-san does? Misaka Misaka inquires, while charging up the electrical energy-"

"Wait!" Accelerator began, before the electricity jumped into the machine.

The machine was ominously silent for a moment, before a shrill alarm began. Accelerators eye twitched, before he flicked on the choker, grabbed the two, and manipulated the vectors to send him shooting up into the air and away from the area.

No sooner had he done this, then a girl teleported into the area, flashing her green band for the world to see. "This is the Judgement-!"

She looked around as she spotted nobody. "What- did another teleporter do this?"

She walked up to the screaming machine, before shrugging. Now she could go off and enjoy Onee-sama's love. She turned away as the machine spat out a can, slamming directly into her head.

Slowly she turned around, as the machine shook, and spat out another can towards her head.

She instantly teleported to the side, as cans began to pour out, piling up.

The girl drooped, mouth gaping. As a member of Judgment… she would be expected to clean up all of this… "OH NO! ONEE-SAMA!"

Accelerator swore at the two in each arm as he landed slightly heavily. The Misaka network hadn't been able to completely handle the calculations as the battery spluttered softly and almost died.

He flicked off the choker quickly, and staggered, leaning heavily against the cane for support. Last Orders mouth puckered into a small frown, as Index looked to Last Order for what they should do. The battery dieing was an almost perfect way of setting up what they were going to set up…

"Are you alright? Misaka Misaka inquires worriedly, pulling at your shirt."

"I'm fine you stupid brat! Let's just get back to Yomikawa's place and let her feed the nun."

Accelerator stomped off towards the nearby building. He had no idea that Touma's place was so near where he was staying at…

The albino brutally shoved the idea aside as he focused on getting to the building ahead of him. The second he entered, he flopped down on the couch, and began to drift off to sleep, ignoring the two girls that piled in after him.

The nun would undoubtedly clean out the fridge, and then the two girls would end up either watching TV shows, or talking to each other- either way…

Accelerator quickly flipped on his choker and gestured to the door. The lock slid home behind the two girls, locking them in. It wasn't perhaps the best anti-escape idea, but it should be enough for him to be able to take a nap. He flopped backwards, and let his eyes close.

The two girls peeked out of the kitchen, waiting as Accelerator fell asleep. "Should we do it now? Misaka Misaka inquires evilly, chuckling to herself."

"No, not yet- we don't want him to suspect anything- we'll wait until its almost time for Touma to get out of school."

The two girls settled down to watch TV, Index keeping up a running commentary about the magic, where it was based from, comparing it to magic she herself knew- it was enough to make Last Orders head spin, and steam to rise from off of her.

Slowly time trickled by, the fridge quite quickly emptying of several weeks' worth of food as Accelerator slumbered on, his sleep relatively undisturbed as the two girls kept each other occupied. He had a random thought of how he could definitely live in this arrangement. Last Order was close, where he could keep an eye on her, and she had someone who kept her interested.

Of course, he didn't like the thought of being replaced but…

"It's two thirty-five. Touma should be getting out of school soon."

One of Accelerators eyes cracked open as he glanced at her. Index grinned slyly as both she and Last Order looked at each other. Accelerators eyes popped open, and he started to sit up, started to ask what was going on.

In a movement surprisingly fast for such a calm looking nun, Index leaned over, and switched off the choker around his neck. Accelerator flopped over, unable to move a single step. Wait, what?

"It's off. First we should put on the skirt, right?" Last Order shook her head.

"Of course not! Misaka Misaka declares proudly- We need to take him to the bedroom. Misaka Misaka declares, wanting to make certain the mode will be right."

Index nodded, looking around. Espers couldn't use magic, but- there were several other things that they could do to get him into the bedroom. He didn't look that heavy anyways.

Kamijou Touma knew he was an unlucky boy. That was why he had been having a near nervous breakdown all day as it turned out the homework he had forgotten about wasn't due until Monday, the Principal had decided that he wasn't one of those racing in the hallways, and the weekend was left open with absolutely no homework…

"Kami-yan, why so nervous?" Tsuchimido laughed as he watched his friend twitch.

Aogami Pierce tossed his head proudly, blue hair ruffling in the wind as he leaned conspiratorially close, "My, my, my Touma! Did you add another onto your harem? You have so many different types- I know, did you get a shotacon this time?"

"No. Absolutely not! Besides, this Kamijou Touma isn't that lucky with girls. It's simply I left behind Index with someone I barely know. I'm worried about how it will turn out-"

The cellphone stuck in his pocket began to ring, and Touma blinked as he pulled it out- it was from Index. "Hello?"

"Touma! I'm not at our house right now, I'm with Accelerator."

Geh. Crap!

Index began to rattle off directions to where she was, as Touma tried desperately to remember them. Turn right, right, left, right- "You better come quick Touma."

"Yes, yes." Touma sighed as he clicked off the cellphone, and after bidding goodbye to his two classmates, he left.

Tsuchimido and Aogami looked at each other, before Tsuchimido sang out, "I know a great shop~"

Touma on the other hand simply began the long trek to get the buildings Index had described. To his stunned surprise, despite the fact that the streets were busy, there was no one in need of help, nor was there any point where bad luck visited him.

Dread in his heart, he opened the door Index had described to him. "Touma?" Index's voice floated through the doorway, "Come over here, the second door to your right."

Confused and puzzled, Touma entered the room, and started walking towards the aforementioned door. He stepped into the room-

Only to have the door slam shut and lock on him. Startled, he turned, banging on the door. "Hey, wait a second! What's going on? Index?"

He turned around, eyes sweeping the room for something to use to break down the door, when his attention was caught on a huddled mass on the bed. Curious he approached it, and it slowly took the shape of a young girl curled up on the bed, wearing the school uniform of his school. Her short white hair spilled onto the sheets.

"Excuse me miss, do you know what's going on?" As Touma spoke, his hand reached out to brush along a black ring around the girls' neck.

There was an ominous click, and Touma felt all the bad luck that had been building up pour out at that moment as furious red eyes turned towards him, in a face that could belong to one person, and one person only.

"Accelerator." His mind stopped working, and he uttered the first words that rose to his mind. "You look pretty cute like this."

"I'll kill you."

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