"Hello folks, today we're here with a anonymous source. Now I'm certain that many of you have heard of this boy called Kamijou Touma." A picture of a young child, no more then four-years-old appeared on screen. His hair was flat instead of spiky, and he had a bandaid plastered to his cheek. "His most common nickname around this place is the 'Plague God of Misfortune' due to his ability to bring back luck to himself and those around him."

The second newscaster picked up smoothly, as clips began to play on screen. "Now, I'm certain that you may be wondering, 'How can a child be such bad luck?' Well, here's how. In this past year alone, Kamijou has been on the scene of an 'accident' for a grand total of one-hundred times- and that's just the documented cases! If you take a look at the pictures here- street sign falling and hitting several people causing several minor injuries the youth is standing in the background. A fire that broke out in a clothing store- he was there with his parents shopping. He got out with minor burns, but a few others weren't so lucky- there was one girl that was hospitalized for several months."

Accelerator's hands began to clench as he looked at these pictures flashing across the screen, a tiny little Kamijou Touma circled in each of the pictures.

"What- the heck is this?" Accelerator whispered to himself. "Bad luck and he's getting this sort of treatment-"

The newscaster spoke up again. "As you can clearly see he's been quite the hareld for bad events. In fact, we even interviewed his teacher, and here's what she had to say-"

The video cut to a mosaic image, as a young womans voice spoke. "Kamijou Touma? Yes, I have him in my class. Truthfully, there are some days when I'm fearful of going to school to teach him because he brings such bad luck… None of the other kids will go near him anymore, because if he gets too near you then his bad luck seems to rub off on you-"

Accelerator stood up from the couch to turn off the video, with the express intent of burning it. Pah, what were they? Children? As if someone could bring bad luck with them.

"Thank you Ma'm. Now then, we have here a businessman who claims that Kamijou Touma was the reason why his business failed."


The video was calmly shut off. Accelerator pulled out the tape, and hefted it in one hand, staring at it.

He had two choices- he could give it to Kamijou Touma, and let the youth clear up some of the mystery of his past life. Or, he could burn it because no one needed to know about this.

In a minute cleaning robots gathered around a shredded pile of filmstrip.

In three hours a news archive building was merrily burning.

In six hours, Accelerator was curled up on the couch, sleeping peacefully, smelling faintly of smoke.

Touma could not recall a time he had been seen naked. Touma was used to seeing girls naked. Although he'd certainly never admit it to the girls he did see, he generally liked said views he got.

But Touma could not recall a time when someone walked in on him.

One pair of surprised red eyes and one pair of surprised blue eyes stared at each other as the door was cracked open.

Index and Last Order panicked in the background, and Accelerator slammed the door shut. "You- JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING SHOWING THAT TO LAST ORDER?"


"Ah! Misaka Misaka cries, while panicking over this love-comedy situation."

As the noise echoed down the hallways, a frog-faced doctor looked up from where he was filing paperwork, before shaking his head.

At last the door slid open to a completely dressed Kamijou Touma. "S-Sorry."

"Grr-" CHOMP


Accelerator smirked as the youth wailed in pain over the bite, and Last Order clung to his legs. The surrounding patrons were looking at them oddly, which Accelerator ignored in favor of watching the two people before him interact. He could really get used to this.

Screw the video that he had seen last night- Bad Luck? Even if the youth did have bad luck, it wasn't like Accelerator was that much different.

Slowly the place quieted down as Last Order and Index ran off to get food. Accelerator collapsed into the stiff metal chair, grimaced, and moved to sitting on the edge of the bed.


"So… do you remember last night?"

Touma shook his head slowly, brow furrowing in concentration. "No- I don't-"

Unnoticed by the two, the door slowly slid open, as Misaka Mikoto, Kanzaki Kaori and Hinegami Aisa peeked in. Touma brightened up. "Ah- I remember something- You made a very cute girl."

Silence. Accelerator trembled slightly, before clink!


Kanzaki and Mikoto instantly reached for their respective weapons, when Touma threw up both hands. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please be careful with this injured patient-"

"Accelerator! No use of ESP powers in the hospital. You're interfering with delicate instruments."

The wings disappeared, and Touma sighed with relief on the bed. Accelerator hissed, "Don't think for a second that I've forgiven you- I will get my revenge."

"Please no fighting. This Kamijou Touma is already injured."

"Your concussion was that serious?"

"Yes. Apparently it was compounded by some drug that managed to get into my systems from somewhere-" Touma groaned. "I don't understand what happened."

Accelerator snorted. "You were kidnapped by a black-market hospital and nearly taken apart for extra organs. I found you before it happened."

Mikotos' eye twitched. 'Found'? That implied one was looking-

"Really? Then do you want me to make you food in repayment?"

Two of the girls gaped, as Hinegami muttered, "I see, his flag has been raised. Someone is proceeding down the Kamijou path. But- not a girl."

She paused. "A boy love galgame?"

"He-He's…" Mikoto stuttered, and Kaori's head snapped up as Stiyl's roar could be heard bellowing down the hall.


"I refuse. Touma is Touma. Besides-" A slightly creepy tone crept into Index's voice, "I want to see where this will turn out."

Mikoto, still twitching, turned around and left the hospital. Kanzaki turned to see Stiyl attempting to convince Index that staying with Touma was probably a bad idea, which she ignored as if he were a humming cicada.

"Touma! Accelerator!"

The girl waved as she put on an extra burst of speed to catch up with them. Last Order scowled as she was being left behind, and put on her own extra burst of speed with, "Wait cries Misaka Misaka as she struggles to catch up."

Index didn't wait as she rushed into the room, jumping on top of Touma's bed. Accelerator scooted over to make room for her, and Last Order scrambled into his lap, pouting adorably.

For a single moment, Accelerator had an innocent smile on his face, something that completely took Touma's breath away. His heart skipped a beat, and his hand automatically reached out to cover one of Accelerators that kept him propped up on the bed.

The smile faded slightly, traces lingering as Accelerator turned a confused look at the teen. Touma grinned in response, as he said, "Thanks for keeping me awake in the alleyway and rescuing me from the hospital."

Accelerator turned away instantly, the faintest red on his cheeks. "I wasn't about to take care of that nun- that's your job."

"Give me a break here!" Touma cried, but both girls noticed with self-satisfaction that neither boy moved their hands.

Of course, there was still going to be a lot of work in the future. The love events would have to come fast and furious to prevent either of the two from slipping into 'just friends' territory, even if they had made a step in the right direction.

But- The two girls traded nods and looks. Even if they had been together for barely a day, it was hard to imagine life any different. And besides- this promised to yield lots of golden comedy.


Ten Years Later

Touma groaned as he heard giggling from outside of the bedroom. Beside him, a white haired man stirred as well, eyes slowly opening, asking, "What's going on?"

"The girls are outside. They're probably counting down the time until they can open Christmas presents." Touma said as he levered himself up onto one arm, and Accelerator grunted in response.

"We should get dressed," Accelerator sighed.

"It's nothing they haven't seen before." Touma carelessly tossed off.

Accelerator growled, "I can't believe you actually did that."

"What? Take you against the table? You weren't complaining then-"

"You didn't give me a chance to say anything!" Accelerator protested, and was broken off by a smothering kiss.

"Next time we'll make sure those two are out for the entire day before we do the table."

"You are incorrigible."

The door flew open as the two girls tumbled in, shouting, "It's six in the morning! Presents! Presents!"

"Out with you! We gotta get dressed. Hey, Accel, where's the video camera?"

"You left it on the table near the tree, remember? Sheesh, after nagging me for an hour straight-"

The two girls, already mostly out the door shouted, "Hurry up!"

The two looked at each other, before Accelerator shrugged and stood up. Touma followed suit, and both pulled on pajamas. Within seconds they were pulled into the warmly lit living room.

As they were being pulled, Touma casually leaned across the distance to plant a kiss on Accelerators cheek. "Merry Christmas love."

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